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Chapter 8: Engage


The chapter starts with our announcer girls Nene and Ai, Nene was sleeping and has been woke by Ai; the always smiling girl asks the pink haired one if she got up early? Which Ai denies, in truth Nene overslept… Also Hitomi and Mao are covering them BTW.

In any case these both girls are eating breakfast and soon enough Tsugumi and Hibari from the news team joins them; in here they start talking and it seems that Ai is not a morning person and can only talk when she has a microphone and if she feels like it. In any case the roads have been closed so if they want to get in their positions they will have to walk… a 10 Kilometer walk. Good thing that Nene has a story to tell! 


Nene starts telling the story in how she and Ai became friends. It all started when Ai parents moved to the island; Ai was a very frail child and she was very quiet so she didn´t had any friends. One day while seeing at the road with boredom written all over her face, Nene appeared in front of her and decided to start talking with her without worrying too much about Ai´s short answers. After watching the racing kneelers/ side car motorbikes run, a pair of riders stops nearby. Those girls are some locals from here and are none other than the persons who would be the teacher and the police officer. Nene then asks them to give them a raid to the paddocks, which they do; it seems that Nene is having fun while Ai is very quiet.

After that, Nene explains Ai that every year they have a race they call the TT so it is like a festival; she also asks her if she liked the ride? Which Ai said it didn´t although she couldn´t explain why. In any case they eat some ice cream and after that they follow the girls. 


The Biker girls are having dinner and a party, which means lots of alcohol; they talk about bikes, men, husbands, alcohol and sing karaoke, in any case while they are partying Ai looks at the bikes and goes to the kneeler, her favorite part, she tries to make a turn and utterly fails. While she is in the ground she sees a young Yuri and Megumi playing like they are racing until their Moms come and bring them home.

Suddenly Nene comes and do the same thing Ai did and falls. After that Nene ask her if she wants to do racing? Ai says that she can´t because she is too frail and even though the people say if she try she might do it…she just knows it is not true, after hearing that Nene says that she might be right and she is the same…Although she think that if she tries really hard it could be a reality; but as of right now…nah.


Meanwhile back in the present, Mao and Hitomi are narrating and they have received some letter from the fans! One fan says that they look really gracious when they ride, although out of the bike they don´t look in sync like they miss each other guest and they hardly look like friends; but rather like wannabes…After hearing that Hitomi breaks the letter and the end…

Anyway, going back to the past, Ai and Nene have become closer and closer they are very good friends now and hang out a lot. They have seen the racing teams go to party every day and get drunk and a lot of stuff… We saw also Megumi and Yuri doing their work and that from time to time Yuri comes in and helps on Megumi´s inn. In any case one day like any other Nene and Ai are holding hands while seeing all the rider chicks having a party…In one moment they decide to include the little ones in their conversation and tries to put them apart.


It is obvious, except from that group of drunktards that Nene and Ai doesn´t want to be separated, still they do it and Ai, trying to grasp Nene´s hand she grabs a Karaoke microphone and speaks her mind!

She says that all of these riders are a bunch of drunks who does nothing but complain and party, and she has tried to be nice and be quiet because it seems they work hard on their race and she respects them for that, although at the same time she doesn´t respect them for their behavior outside the track and now they try to put her away of the only friend she has in the world?! Give her a break!

After hearing all of that, the riders congratulate her and even says that she is on point…although they were too drunk to even understand what was she saying; but good job! Also both Nene and Ai makes a good team! Even if they aren´t too interested in driving a racing kneeler. 


Back on the present, Ai says that not all of the story is true because the one with no friends was Nene… Now the other girls of the news team wonders how much was the truth on that story. In any case they find Yuri, Megumi, Kanae and Tamae. They have stopped a little. There they ask a ride for the paddocks, our racing girls accepts. Nene remembers and tells Ai if she likes riding now? Ai says that no, she doesn´t like because… It just gives her the desire to ride again.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

A very… Okayish chapter, lining almost on the boring part if it not were by some scenes that upped the bar by a little on this chapter in particular; I mean now we saw the news team, in specifically in Nene and Ai, still let me say that it wasn´t very interesting seeing how they became friends and to make things worse in the end the whole tale wasn´t 100% true, so… Yeah, it´s like some background information in order to understand a character; but at the same time such info is not trustworthy and it´s not like this is an intrigue series so…yeah.


In any case and leaving the bad parts aside for a little, I truly liked the moment when Ai found her voice and the small parts of Yuri and Megumi; other scene that truly made me laugh was the one where Mao and Hitomi regarding her cards, and I have found that the section of these 2 chicks is either a hit or miss, some of them are quite funny (like the cards one) while others aren´t as much and can be quite boring, luckily this time it was a fun one!

Finally while this chapter was a bit of a letdown and to add more salt it will most likely be inconsequential, let us hope that the next chapter is better!...Also adding more general story or some stake would be rad too! Just saying.

Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!