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Chapter 7: Side by Side


The chapter starts exactly where the past one left off, the Single duet girls are flying from their bike and to the ground; the emergency services have come and the bike is all busted, although both Maria and Yuria are Ok, so no worries there. Yuria and Maria starts talking about what happened and such chat suddenly becomes into an arguing, Maria then decides to leave… The police officer and the teacher saw that with a strange face since that was… Not like them, in any case the girls go back to where the others are.

Every girl gives them a warm welcome and they are worried if they are Ok? How it´s their bike? And a lot of friends do for other friends; the Twins says that yes, they are Ok. 


The bike has come and… It´s a mess, it is all busted, the helmets are also busted and…yeah everything is busted; they might take a week to repair the whole thing… Unless the other girls come in to help them! All the girls decide to give them a helping hand with repair parts, checking the engine and repairing the machine and the whole exterior of the bike, making a 1 week job into a half day one! Pretty sweet, don´t you think?

In any case Misaki and Chiyaki are checking the engine and it seems the thing can´t get one. It seems a part of it it´s busted, Maria should have the repairing part; but it seems she forgot on where she left it, Yuria and Maria starts arguing and the discussion seems that it will be heating up so Yuri and Megumi stops them from attacking each other. The moods calms down after one of the news team girls finds the cable needed for the repair on the helmet, since the suits don´t have any pockets.


Now the Bike is all shiny! Like new! So it is time for the Single duet girls to ride their bike again and try again! They go with renewed strengths and this bike that was dead; but came back to life thanks to the power of friendship…or something! They are nearing the curve that was the bane of their existence, now they are more confident, they know what went wrong so they won´t make the same mistake again, so they go and push their boundaries and…

They messed it up again and the bike is all busted… Again.

The night comes and Yuria and Maria can´t sleep so everyone individually goes to the garage, they see each other there and start talking and it seems neither of them are happy with all of these changes, still they want to change they don´t want another problem like what happened that other time…


Meanwhile Yuria and Megumi by accident catches a glimpse of them talking, they start hearing…

 The problem with them started back in their town, as we know they were exactly like each other, they liked the fact that they were so look alike, still… One day they had a secret from each other, Yuria had something to do alone; while coincidentally Yuria was on the same position. Both girls where excited, their secret was that Maria had a date and Yuria also had a date! A Boy has noticed her, fell in love and asked her to go out! Maria was so dreamy about all of this development; she finally has got a boyfriend! At the same time Yuria is in the same position, a boy has fell in love with her for what she is and has asked her out!


Both girls find themselves in front of her twin, they say they are awaiting for someone… Suddenly a fine looking man with a bouquet of flowers has appeared, he is flabbergasted for seeing two of the same girl he asked her out, he quickly realizes that they were twins so… he ask the only question he could only think of <<<Which one of you fell in love with me?>>>…

The evening came and both girls are crying tying to rationalize what just happened? They are so similar, so much that guy just though they were the same person, they are so similar that they acted on the same way the other would do, they are so similar that they both fell in love and accepted his invitation, and they are so similar that when he got so freaked out he dumped both girls at the same time. That moment it was when they decided to change… to be a different person as to how they were.

Back in the present Yuria and Maria start arguing since Maria wants to go back as how things where; but Yuria doesn´t want that! She doesn´t want to be a nameless twin! Someone that can be replaced by another person exactly like her! Yuria throws a tantrum and grabs a bike for the race and goes away!


Quickly Yuri and Megumi enters in action and alongside Maria goes after her! While driving, Maria says that Yuria is not used to driving so that´s even more dangerous since on a bike for these kind of races doing that it´s even more dangerous! Maria starts detecting how Yuri and Megumi are on the same point even though they don´t see each other, like a single unit.

The inexperience in driving comes in and Yuria gets in an accident, the bike fires itself. Megumi puts the fire out while Maria and Yuri goes to see how it´s Yuria, Maria ask her if she is Ok so… Suddenly Yuri slaps Maria in the face and both Megumi and Yuri starts scolding her for going out and do something so risky and immature like driving a bike like that! She is the passenger, she needs to know all the balance stuff and how such balance is important for the driver!...Wait…


Yuria says that she was the one who went on her way with the bike and is the passenger; Maria came with them and it´s the driver. Yuri and Megumi are all confused and tries to repeat the same discourse to Yuria, although it didn´t had the same impact; The single duet duo starts laughing and says that Yuri and Megumi are like peas in a pod… Our heroines says that it´s not the case at all!

Anyway, the dawn has come and both twins have come to the same conclusion, they are twins and will always be…


The morning came and both Yuria and Maria have the same hair style and then again it´s hard to see who is who again! Still our twin girls are Ok with that since they are their own individual person; but also they are exactly like her Sister! They drive the bike and have succeeded surpass that curve of the doom!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

A Very good chapter! The time went faster than I thought it would be; I liked how the whole drama carried on, although the finale it wasn´t much of my satisfaction. Mainly because it´s just a return of the Status Quo, when it would have been better that both Maria and Yuria should have welcomed the new while keeping the best of the old, and on this case it seems that they just went back exactly as how they were.


Still, back on the drama part, I liked how everything flew and how the whole thing exploded by seeing Yuria running with her bike and how Yuri, Megumi and Maria went towards her it was a very cool part that this show didn´t shown us in the past; so it was very enjoyable to watch that kind of development even if only a bit.

The rest of the chapter went more or less normal, although there wasn´t any dinner/bathing scene, thing that didn´t bothered me because such scenes can be easy replaced with others, adding more diversity (and no, the bath scenes aren´t truly fan-servicey since most of the time everything we saw are shoulders anyway) all in all it was a good new mix of stuff that we are already used to on this anime.

Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!