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Chapter 5: Reverse Grid


The chapter starts in the same way the past one started, with a dream where Nagisa is a Sadist while Izumi is the masochist, she has messed up something so she gets slapped and now has to kneel on the Sidecar… Then the girl wakes up and it´s… Izumi?!

Back on the realm of reality, Izumi tells Nagisa that they must split up. This incident becomes the topic of conversation on the passenger´s team and the drivers team.

On the passenger side, they are chatting about that and that Izumi truly must bully Nagisa, still Nagisa says that is not the case at all since she and Izumi are childhood friends since forever and they had fights and arguments before; but it wasn´t until when she decided to enter this Sidecar business that she decided to give her life to Izumi… 


Nagisa starts remembering when Izumi offered her to be her partner on the Sidecar racing and she denied at first, then after that she got in a problem with a Biker girl who tough that she insulted her, then Izumi went and saved her… and she got her ass kicked, still she was worried about her, so when they went back home Nagisa was the one crying.

Back on the present, Nagisa says that Izumi is in truth a nice person, maybe a little rough; but nice in the end… Some of the girls says that Izumi is in an abusive relationship where the beaten wife says that her Husband is good just because once in a blue moon he is nice with her…That makes them think about how her future husband would be… Anyway, Nagisa is sort of Ok…


Nagisa might be Ok; but Megumi is not! Megumi says that the Drivers are selfish and they should listen to the drivers! If not they are jerks who steal your pudding! …And Man adds the news team, in any case Megumi tells her that if something is wrong with her partner she should be speaking up! Heck Megumi herself will support her even! Nagisa agrees.

On the side of the Drivers, Izumi says that Nagisa´s life belong to herself and herself alone, she is the one with control; the other girls are a little not so Ok witht hat…Except Yuri who says that Passengers must obey all the orders that the Driver gives! And totally not to eat the other snacks and stealing her man! In any case they keep talking and both Kanae and Tamae start talking about how they get together as a team, Tamae says that Kanae lied to her when she invited her to it because she tough everything would be calmer! Kanae says that it is exercise since she wanted to lose weight no?! In any case the rest of the day goes as normal. 


On the next day, Nagisa goes to talk with Izumi…All the other girls are looking on the vicinity on what might happen? What sudden development might occur now that they will speak their hearts out? Nagisa says to Izumi that while she ordered her to not to speak to her anymore, she can´t obey that order! Because there is one thing she wants to say to her! And those words are…

<<<I´m Sorry!>>> Yeah, everyone fell after hearing that. Just like that both girls have make out and are at peace with each other.


Meanwhile both Mao and Hitomi are on a lonely café and are saying how good their relationship is and even try to make a test with the SPI Deck and… They miss each and every time; but let´s move on! 

All of the team are checking their gear, Nagisa is doing it alone, like always, Mutsuki, the Mechanic of our Heroines, comes and talks with her, she says that everyone tends to do it as a team; but she does it alone. Nagisa says that is because when they did it together in the end both girls made everything twice. Mutsuki says that Yuri and Megumi makes the things… Like a chaotic control, like they don´t speak with each other and just do what they feel like it; but in the end they just cover everything and they don´t overlap or do something twice. Izumi interrupts and ask her if everything is ready? And it is!


Meanwhile Megumi and Yuri are arguing about some snack since it´s the last one and everyone wants it for herself! They keep arguing until her teacher comes and tells them that there won´t be any more treats until they start being good with each other! Both girls blame the other one for this punishment! Suddenly the “SadoMaso” team has come and challenges them to another race, now with their respective partner! 

The Race starts and our Heroines are on the first place, while the girls on the purple car are just mere intimate centimeters behind the ones with the white one! The girls with white uniform are making their way blocking any opening that the ones with purple might get, they aren´t letting anything to luck!


Our heroines starts remembering a time when they were arguing… Again, and the Coach came and eased them up, he told the duo that they must act as one, because the life of one depends on the other…

Suddenly a curve comes and an opening opens for the “SadoMaso” duo! She opens it up and…

A Crow appears, both girls loss control and they hit themselves with the security walls! Might they be hurt?!


Nagisa is Ok and ask Izumi if she is? Izumi is in shock and can´t respond, Nagisa slaps her and she gets out of it; both girls raises their hands showing that both are Ok and in conditions to keep going. Still on Izumi´s mind, she reflects that this accident wasn´t as mortal or with dire consequences thanks to Nagisa, who looked the Crow and she moved in order to avoid that such anime would hit the bike, Izumi or Herself… Izumi doesn´t have Nagisa´s life on herself; but the other way around can also be applied. 

The girls in purple resumes the race and continues! Meanwhile Megumi and Yuri has finished the race already and wonders what happened to Izumi and Nagisa? Mutsuki then informs them about what happened; but also that on this moments they are having better time records!


The “SadoMaso” team continues although Izumi is too afraid to accelerate like she always do because she is afraid of hurting Nagisa! Nagisa detects that and it´s somewhat delighted that her friend cares for her… Still they are unable to finish the race, Izumi just can´t keep going.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

A very funny chapter, this chapter truly showed an improvement compared to past ones! The character development was good; the comedy parts where quite good, heck I laughed more than once! The race was exciting And the Drama –alongside the psychology- of the characters was truly well done. All in all it was an amazingly well done chapter; but let´s go in parts.


First I will say what I think most people are thinking after finishing this chapter: Yeah, the “SadoMaso” team story is still far from over so most likely we will be seeing more about them on the next chapter; at the very least from a part of the chapter.

Other interesting point is how most of the girls that are there juts to give more light comedy, get developed in their own way. I am talking about. I am talking on the Osaka Ikoma Girls (Kanae and Tamae) and, to a lesser extent, the Hyogo chicks (Mao and Hitomi) especially since their objective as of right now it´s to make us laugh, we get to know the chemistry of their relationship in a truly enjoyable way, especially with Kanae and Tamae since Mao and Hitomi are as of right now just a one joke with slight variations of it.

Now the race part and the drama about the bird incident occurred in it, was quite good, I mean Izumi acted accordingly and it made us see her as a less of a “Beach” (Yes, you know what word I am referring to!) and more likeable and complex, especially because now it is obvious that she truly cares for Nagisa´s well being.


All in all, this chapter truly upped the bar on the quality of this show and I hope that we get to see more of it!

Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!