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Chapter 3: Practise


The chapter starts in a time past, Chiyuki was talking with her friends/followers on a Café; Misaki was working on such restaurant and brought their order, the crew didn´t noticed her and she went out of the picture silently; Chiyuki was going to give the first bite to her dessert until some marmalade fell on her dress, she quickly took it out with a handkerchief, although it seems such piece of cloth is now ruined, leaving it behind…Since it can´t be used anymore.

When Misaki went to clean the table, she saw the Hankerchief.

After that we are present where the past chapter left off with Misaki arguing with Chiyuki and wondering why she choose her if she is not going to trust her?!


After that it is dinner time and both group of girls are enjoying their meals, they talk especially about the Misaki and Chiyuki relationship and how they donpt trust each other, which is weird because a driver and passenger must trust each other in order to win; still Megumi and Yuri (both on their respective places) are saying that it is not weird for such things to happen since they don´t trust or like each other! They are enemies! Anyway, back to the Misaki and Chiyuki topic; Chiyuki explains what happened to her in the past and it was that her passenger before Misaki suffered an accident by a mistake of hers…So yeah, she has a little of a PSTD.

The next day the first practice is going to start so some streets are going to be closed from 9 to 5, which means that some people must do their groceries sopping earlier…Which includes both Megumi and Yuri mothers, who are really good friends. 


Meanwhile both Yuri and Megumi are checking their Bike with the news team, one of them wonders how it would feel since they have never used one, so Megumi and Yuri offers to let them ride it…And it seems using that thing is crazy hard since the Driver uses a weird control scheme, the passenger has to get used to weird positions and both of them must take care of the other since a single mistake might as well meant death! Also both Megumi and Yuri say that with a bright smile on their face…

Suddenly Yuri is called by her Mother who told them that they are sort of out of gas so it would be nice if both Megumi and Yuri could give them some…and they must hurry because the traffic and the times for the close ups are coming! So obviously our heroines go there somewhat annoyed to use the bike to do errands.


At the same time the practice starts and all the girls start racing. This is just practice for the real championship, in order to get to know the terrain, still on the Red Lightning team (Misaki and Chiyuki) they start driving and everything seems shaky for them, like their dull movements and weird speeds and turns.

Suddenly Misaki tells Chiyuki to stop because she can´t keep up with her anymore, she is really fed up and leaves.


Later Chiyuki is at the hot springs and she starts remembering about her life before Misaki, since it seems that she had all, the looks, the money, the grades; plus she is well liked by everyone… But all of that was just a masquerade, just an illusion, her relationships weren´t real, her “friends” were only followers and nothing else. She saw that when they started talking bad about her passenger when she had the accident since she was a friend; but after that everything went cold between them and Chiyuki´s followers started being cold towards her. Still, one day when she was alone, Misaki brought her the Handerkchief, all washed up and clean. Chiyuki was amazed and happy that someone look out for her, in a true way.

Back to reality, Megumi and Yuri enters the hot spring and invite Chiyuki to the fireworks.


All the girls have gathered near the track race with their bikes. The passengers have put some fireworks on their elbows so when they get driving they will ignite them with the pavement. Some girls start doing it, meanwhile Chiyuki and Misaki start talking about their problems, Chiyuki reveals the whole truth and it is because she cares for Misaki, she has been her first true friend and she doesn´t want to see her hurt. Misaki for her part says that she is also her first friend, and it makes her angry when she sees she doesn´t run like she should…Also when she invited her to be her partner on this, she was really happy.

All in all, both girls have made amends with each other and drive their vehicle making some beautiful fireworks! Now on the same place where both stopped and separated, there is a beautiful blue color.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

An entertaining chapter this week! The first half was more or less slow, although the interactions of Yuri and Megumi saved it. It was highly entertaining how they instructed about how a side car must be used in order to be safe…Because everything points out that those things aren´t safe at all!


At the same time it was well made the relationship and drama between Misaki and Chiyuki will and the reasons on why Chiyuki was behaving like that, and yeah it was obvious because she had an accident before, still it was nice to see them making out and be real and honest friends with each other; other important point regarding the relationship it is that Megumi and Yuri see themselves as rivals or enemies, although if you ask me those are only words and it is because they are in love of the same man, so obviously that makes them rivals, still their actions shows that they truly get along well. Such behavior makes it for some good humor and nice development from both of our protagonist.

Also…Yeah I don´t know if it was a misspelled mistake or something; but the real chapter´s name is “Practise” and not “Practice”, and since that it´s the chapter´s name I decided to leave it like that :P

Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!