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Chapter 12: Hometown


The clash between Yumi and Fubuki continues, Yumi ahs grabbed the sword and shield pin and both girls keep aiming at each other throats!

Meanwhile Rasetsu is fighting not only against Asuka, Homura and Miyabi, but against all the girls now! Who uses their Shinobi form and are ready to go all out against the Youma! Asuka says that she wonĀ“t kill her, but will seal her!

The fight against the power Youma continues and the girls arenĀ“t having a walk in the park! Still they wonĀ“t give up!


Back with Yumi and Fubuki, their fight continues while fighting, FubukiĀ“s mind is starting to get filled with mem the past, when she lived with Yumi and both were like sisters. Sill, FubukiĀ“s hatred towards the Shinobi is too big and she has conquered over Yumi, making her fell to the lake. Effectively eliminating her.

The world went silent, no sound, no rejoice, just silenceā€¦ Still, Fubuki wasnĀ“t done, behind her, Gekkou and Senkou were, they have come to rescue someoneā€¦


Back in the fight against Rasetsu, the girls have finally found their pace and are doing some serious damage to the Youma! They have cornered her and Asuka uses the sealing technique! Rasetsu was about to get sealed until she decides to gain more power! Even if it means she would lose herself in the process!

Rasetsu gets bigger and bigger, to the point where she is able to break free! Losing all her reasoning, the Youma start attacking without mercy or planning, just with a violent intention of a killing spree.

Homura then tells Asuka that maybe one sealing technique might fail, but two will do the trick! Asuka tells her that she doesnĀ“t know how to do the Ninpo, but Homura says that she has seen her doing it a lot so she learned it through symbiosisā€¦ Or something! Besides she wonĀ“t get killed for something like this! Nor Asuka will succumb to these dire consequences! Both girls activate their ultimate forms and do the Ninpo!


Still they are far from over and Miyabi decides to join them! She hates the Youma with passion, but she knows that she wonpt become the ultimate ninja with a decire for revenge that will cloud her vision! For that she does the seal too and the three seals makes the way!

Rasetstu gains consciousness for a second, and she says that she has no regrets. Asuka wanted to tell her something, but it was too late. The Youma has been sealedā€¦ Their work is done.


Meanwhile with Fubuki, the half-Youma tells the twins that they have come too late, there is no one to save, Yumi is dead; the twins corrects her and tells her that they arenĀ“t here to save her, but to save Fubuki instead. Fubuki says that there is nothing to save, but both twins takes her hand and say that they will save her from the desperation and solitude she has! With technique they learned from Yumi, the warmā€¦ The human touch Fubuki tries to expel them and tells the girls that she canĀ“t feel warmt since her Parents arenĀ“t with her! Still no matter what Fubuki did, they never let her go. Suddenly Yozakura and the other Gessen girls have come.

Fubuki tells the recent arrived girls the same thing she said to the twins, Yumi is dead; but the Gessen students check the water and they know Yumi is aliveā€¦ Soon they are proven right and Yumi appears again!


The battle continues and this time Fubuki can feel that Rasetsu is not on this world anymore and loses the fight while at the same time Yumi realizes what is the justice of the moon and her path of the Shinobi! While on the ground, Yumi comes with a smile and gives her the sword and shield pin and leaves.

Meanwhile Kagura and her team are closing the door and eliminating the remaining Youmas.


Back with the other girls, they finally can rest, Haruka is receiving the call from Suzune that the Jonin have triumph over the Youmas and have closed the gates, The vast majority of them were sealed thanks to the efforts of Hanzo and his Wife Sayuri. Now Kiriya and Daidoji will come back soon.

Meanwhile Homura, Asuka and Miyabi are happy and resting after seeing that finally this mission against the Youma has come to an end.


Finally, its Christmas eve and the Hanzo girls alongside the Gessen ones are having a party, although Yumi and Asuka are on their way there since they went for the gifts. Everyone is happy that their lives have come to normal.

The Mikagura Sisters alongside Naraku and Kagura are enjoying their time at the temple and making a big snowman and some fireworks. Miyabi and the Hebijo girls are training, especially Miyabi who has set the objective on being the ultimate shinobi and never forget the lesson that her Mother taught her!


Meanwhile Homura and her team are still working, due to all the shinobi missions, they couldnĀ“t cover enough shifts to buy turkey and other Christmas-like food; still Homura hasnĀ“t given up hope since the Manager has told her that if they work hard today they can get all the turkey and cake leftovers! So with more vigor the girls start working!

All of that was happening while Yumi and Kagura were walking and talking, enjoying this time of peace they haveā€¦ Yumi confess that her justice is like the snow, pure and white, but when it touches the ground it melts and get mixed with the dirtā€¦


While walking they find Fubuki who was observing the population. Fubuki says that she wonĀ“t fight for the time being, maybe in the future, but not now and gives Yumi the word and shield pin saying she wonĀ“t need it anymore. Fubuki says that now she will focus on searching her place on this world of humansā€¦ Before leaving Asuka says that she never had the chance to fight her and that she would like that another Shinobi Master in the future!

While walking awayā€¦ Gekkou and Senkou appears. They will follow Fubuki and be her friend, she has her Mother and Rasetsu in the other world checking her and on this world she will have the company of the twins.


Yumi and Asuka keeps walking towards the futureā€¦ This is the story of the Shinobi, those people that lives in the Shadow, these young females who walks for a world of light while shrouded in darkness, running towards her own path of the Shinobi!

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A very solid ending! I quite liked the destiny all the girls faced plus a very good fight against Rasetsu, the fight between Yumi and Fubuki was more or less boring, but thankfully the focus on the action against Rasetsu made up for it in spades! I especially liked that Rasetsu got sealed, since it was unable that she would keep going forward due to what she did in the story and if she would have continued, FubukiĀ“s war would have kept going.


Other point is how the series while this is a solid finale, it can be expanded into a new season, which is nice since more often than not the anime endings either have a very conclusive ending where doing a new season would be a disservice or either one feels that there is more since the story is clearly not finishedā€¦ You know the type, the ones you feel like they tell you ā€œBuy the manga/Light Novels in order to find out what happens next!ā€. With this series that didnĀ“t happened, I mean we saw the whole story; but at the same time we can see that the world can be expanded and a new season could be made.

Now, that the series has ended, I have to say that I quite liked it! The action was nice, the touching moments were good and the fan-service, for its major part served as a good addition to the whole thing rather than being the whole thing the series used! Of course the second chapter and the third one were somewhat slow, but in general the whole series was quite good! Truly a recommendation for any Senran Kagura fan!

With that, that is all I have to say and I hope that you keep going with me in the Saintia Sho chapters and any other anime that I will get the fortune to cover, so until next time and as I always say:

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!