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Chapter 11: Life is Beautiful


The chapter starts with the door opening, the Jounin in the island are still fighting and both Fubuki and Rasetsu hopes that the last Youma will finish the work and kill them, so they will only need to take care of the Shinobi students.

Meanwhile Yumi and Narakua re protecting Kagura who is unconscious, Yumi then tells KaguraĀ“s protector to take her to away, she will cover for them! Still the battle continues and the numbers are very high, the Youma have the upperhand and it seems Yumi is done for!Ā 


Suddenly the other teams and YumiĀ“s teammates comes to the rescue! The plan is to seal the Youma using AsukaĀ“s technique, although Miyabi is set on killing them.

The battle continues and everyone keeps fighting with everything they have! Miyabi is slaying them, but she got careless and was about o be attacked by one of those monstrous beings, until Katsuragi saved her and tells her that killing them one at a time wouldnĀ“t work on this high numbers, but sealing them all in one big way is better. For that, Katsuragi has a plan!


She has reunited Ikaruga, Ryoubi, Mirai and Shiki, she has put together different tastes in womenā€¦ The serious Class representative, the Gyaru, the flat is justice and the pervert! That is because for her the Youma are obsessed with the Ninjas because, just like her, they love cute girls! So bringing them all will do the work! Quickly Katsuragi ties them up and yells the Youma to come! Which surprisingly work!

The Youma comes and Asuka uses the Fuma Korin, the technique that seals them! Most of the work until Rasetsu comes. Fubuki is with her, the powerful Youma defeats all the Shinobi in the are and has Asuka at her mercy, Fubuki tells her to break her hands first, so she wonĀ“t do her technique.Ā 


Asuka was screaming in pain until Homura, Miyabi and Yumi comes to help! Yumi will fight with Fubuki while Homura and Ikaruga will take care of Rasetsu! The fight continues and both parties are giving their all!

Yumi is fighting Fubuki with all she has, but still the half-Youma is too powerful for her!


Various years before these eventsā€¦a snowy night, Rasetsu is heavily damaged by her fight with the Shinobi, a party has come for her and for FubukiĀ“s momā€¦ Fubuki quickly runs towards her mom who just defeated a lot of Shinobi until a known figure comes, her Dad, he is part of the team to eradicate them.

Both of them start fighting and congratulate the otherĀ“s skills, even saying that is to be expected from the person they love! In the end, the Shinobi beats the Youma, still he wonĀ“t kill her, he says that he will seal herā€¦The Shinobi council has promised him that if he does that, their daughter can live in peace. Both of them embrace each other and tell Fubuki that they love her.


With pain, the Father seals the Mother and fell dead, soon Fubuki is surrounded by different Shinobi until Rasetsu comes and saves her! The Youma takes the girl away with the hopes of saving herā€¦

The wounds on Rasetsu has made itĀ“s toll and she falls, unable to move suddenly a man comes, Kurokage, he can recognize her as a Youma, Rasetsu ask him if he is a Ninja? Which he responds yes, but a rogue oneā€¦He then makes a promise to raise and take care of the girl until RasetsuĀ“s injuries are completely healed.

After that, the days of Kurokage, Yumi and Fubuki living as a family startedā€¦ Although inside the half Youma, there was lots and lots of hatred in her heart towards the Shinobi and what they did to her family.


Back in the present, the battle continues and Fubuki is having the lead, giving little to no time to Yumi to even catch a break! Still while fighting memories of their youth start coming again and again, having birthday parties, sharing and being happy together as a family! Fubuki then remembers when she parted, Rasetsu was completely healed and came for her, give her thanks and Fubuki did it too, Kurokage then gives her the pin of the sword and shield, a memento of his best friend in order to remind the little one that while hate exist, so does love and compassionā€¦ That she must not follow the same path as him when he was young.

Yumi asks Fubuki why hasnĀ“t she finished her? She has had a lot of opportunities, nowā€¦ Could it be becauseā€¦ In her heart there is not only hatred, but love too? She has the pin after all!Ā 


Finally, Fubuki uses her Youma power while Yumi uses her ice queen form and both girls clash with each other! The pin of the sword and shield falls and it begins by being covered by the snowā€¦

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

An amazing episode! I loved basically everything in this! I mean we are indeed at the last part of this saga, and what a good climax is this! I mean the chapter was filled with action, and the feels part truly made its part, which caught me off guard since I though it would come as cringy, but instead it actually worked, I t moved my heart and made me felt sympathetic to Fubuki, and to some extent to Rasetsu, so I hope both of them survive this ordeal, yeah, their plans foiled, but alive and maybe with hope of having a life of peacefulness.


Next week is the final chapter and IĀ“m excited to know what will come of it, but everything points out that it will be epic!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!