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Chapter 10: Two hearts


The chapter start with the Gessen girls reaching the hot springs town, Naraku and Kagura are with them; the being who will eliminate all Youma tells the Shinobi that she doesnĀ“t know when the door to the other world will come, but it will be soon and it will be better if the Shinobi are in the area in order to close it the moment it opens! Still while such thing happens, Naraku has made the arrangements in order to book an inn for the Gessen girls and the other 3 groups that will be on this mission. So the girls have entered the inn and the first thing they see isā€¦

Fubuki, she has come to this place too, while having bad eyes from Shiki and Minori; Yumi calms them down and the leader of Gessen ask the half youma if she knows when the door will open, which Fubuki tells her that no, she doesnĀ“t. Still Fubuki says that there is no need to keep chatting so she will go.


The Gessen girls are now in their room and truly Murakumo, Shiki and Minori wants to go and battle with Fubuki! Still Yumi stops them and is decided to tell them the whole story, about Fubukiā€¦ In any case the trio accedes to forget about fighting her until the moment comes if they can play all day long!

After that, we see that Homura is playing ping-pong with Miyabi and the fight is intense between them! Still Homura got distracted by the apparition of the Gessen gils and lost, so Miyabi reveals that this is strip-pong! But Homura still has clothes, her cloth underwear! So the match continues and even Crimson Homura makes an apparition!


Meanwhile the Hanzo girls are relaxing in their dorm, and Asuka start feeling the pain for the seal, and the other girls detect its till Asuka relax them and decides to get out.

Meanwhile the Gessen girls have decided to go and bath, Yozakura and the others goes to the open bath while Yumi, who might need some alone time, goes to the pot bath. In there she finds Fubuki who is going to the same place, while they enter to the changing room, Kagura and Naraku are in their way out.


While they change, Yumi can see that Fubuki has the same pin of the sword and shield, the half youma reveals that Kurokage gave it to her when their paths got separatedā€¦

After that both of them enter in the pot and Yumi tries to give some small talk, but to no avail. Then Fubuki, maybe out of boredom or as a reward for YumiĀ“s intents, reveals her story. Her dad was a Shinobi and her mother a Youma, between the Youma some of them are smarter and have emotions, her Mom and Rasetsu are that wayā€¦ So obviously if a being can have emotions then they can feel love, and she was the fruit between the love of a human and a Youma. It was told that her mom was the ultimate Youma, so powerful it couldnĀ“t be defeatedā€¦So they sealed it with the same technique that Asuka did, without never letting her see her again, for thatā€¦ She will kill the Shinobi! For her mother!

After that Fubuki leaves, not without reminding one time when both lived together and their relationship was more like sistersā€¦Still until Yumi keeps being a Shinobi both will never be friends or family.


After the incident, Yumi tells FubukiĀ“s story to the other team leaders. Everyone understand her position and that yeah, if they can seal them it would be better, everyone except Miyabi who is dead set on killing the Youma so she decides to leave them; Homura understands her since her Mom was killed by the Youma so she understand why she only wishes death to themā€¦ Still, sealing instead of killing the Youma can give them some problems, not that rogue ninjas could care, but the official ones?

In any case, the conversation comes to an end and Asuka gets out and is received by the other Hanzo girls, who heard the conversation and agree with her, and if they get expelled? No matter! They will be together, heck they might apply a Homura and be rogue ninjas and even call themselves ā€œAsukaĀ“s royal guardsā€ or something! Asuka is moved by her friends and all of them embrace them. Still Asuka knows that she might get killed doing thisā€¦


In the night, Kagura alongside with Naraku encounter with Fubuki and Rasetsuā€¦ They will settle this thing once and for all, just a brawl between Kagura and Fubuki, not interruptions, nor Naraku or Rasetsu can get in and help!

Both beings start fighting each other in a fight that looks equal in strength!

Meanwhile Yumi canĀ“t fall asleep so she goes with Kagura and find her dorm empty, she gets outside and is able to witness the fight so quickly she goes there!


The fight is equal and both combatants are giving their all! Still Kagura has decided to end the fight and activates her Susanoo technique!

Still the being who will eliminate all Youma sees Yumi and understands somethingā€¦ This is not her fight, so she decides to end her technique and let herself lose.


Kagura has lose her fight and now is a child again, Yumi comes and Fubuki says that she will not kill her yet, she want to see her face when all the Shinobi are eliminated. Kagura tells Yumi that is her duty to stop Fubuki.

Then the door to the other world gets openā€¦

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A relaxing chapter with one last scene filled with action, still the tone of the chapter was the relax and just putting the las parts on FubukiĀ“s past in order for the big finale.


Now we know about her past and that maybe, just maybe, she might get a chance for redemption brought by Yumi, due to the past they have togetherā€¦ Also for some reason I think there might be a way to bring FubukiĀ“s mom back, but it might as well no, but well see what happens.

Finally, I will call bull on the fight between Kagura and Fubuki, and about being equal in strength, because Kagura is the most stronger character in the Senran Kagura multiverse! Heck if she truly was serious about stopping her she just needed to do what she did in her previous encarnations through the ages, which is self destruct, that way she will kill Rasetsu, Fubuki and all the other Youma in the worldā€¦Of course due to the nature of the technique that would have taken Naraku, the other shinobi and the rest of the population in the town, but that was a solutionā€¦ if the youma problem were so big, still I sort of understand why they did Kagura to lose, since she is more like Beerus in Dragon Ball Super, the strongest character but more often than not will just dedicate to give insight, watch and maybe train the ones bellow him, and Naraku has a similar roleā€¦ Still it doesnā€™t justifies at 100% such move they did, but oh well, it is what it isā€¦

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!