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Chapter 9: Burn


The Youma has started their attack, the citizen is running for their lives, the Shinobi has started killing the demonic beings, still the quantities of the enemy are so big they canĀ“t do much. Seeing that, Kagura has decided to activate a Ninja barrier, one that is bigger than normal, this barrier will make the Youma to not to spread outside of the zone, so the citizens, reaching some point will be safe from these demonic beings. Still, there is some after effect of such barrier, the Shinobi will be in ā€œFranticā€ mode, which increases their attack, but reduces their defense andā€¦They will be fighting in Undies, sadly for Ikaruga she was going commando soā€¦ She is naked now.

Meanwhile, Gekkou and Senkou has decided to go and confront Fubuki! Rasetsu wanted to intervene, but the person who wants to kill all the Shinobi stops her. Fubuki confess that she was using them for her own purposes, the Twins decide then to attack and give their all! Still, they are no match against her and are soon defeated.Ā 


The battle continues and when it looked like the girls were finally getting the hang of it, the Youma starts joining together and make a giant Youma! The girls start fighting the enemy, but itĀ“s too big and powerful! Still itps not until Homura, Miyabi and Yumi start using their especial techniques and they defeat the giant being! (Of course, before that they tied the enormous being in a sado-maso way thanks to Ryouby).

Nowā€¦There is only one thing, to kill it. Before giving it the death blow, Asuka comes and she stops them, she says that she has another methodā€¦


Asuka uses her Ninja art and seals the demonic being! Everyone is happy and relieved that finally that madness has come to an end, although Homura is able to check a mark that is growing on AsukaĀ“s left breast.

Back with Fubuki, she goes her own way and leaves a defeated Gekkou and Senkou behind.


After that, as if anything has ever happened, the life has gone back to normal. Homura and the other part of her squad are working as the sexy santas giving promotions for gifts and stuff, still HomuraĀ“s mind is elsewhere, Yomi warns her that if they go to this pace, the Turkey dinner that Homura wants so much might be impossible.

Suddenly, the Hebijo girls comes and ask them what are they doing? If that is their job or what? Homura says that for a Rogue Ninja, the part time jobs are an important part of their lives! The Hebijo girls say that it also looks like their suits arenĀ“t truly warm, although the public and the core audience that these costumes are made in order to attract is not working. So Ryouby brings a plan with her scissors! To reduce the costumes so we can see some under wear and underboob!Ā 


The plan is a success and now all the girls are surrounded by interested and potential customers who has been attracted by the charms of these beautiful women! Homura is able to get out of the mob and starts talking with Miyabi, about Asuka and the things she is hiding, since she is clearly in pain, butā€¦She doesnĀ“t say anything. Also Miyabi has a message from Suzune, that Homura must be wary and check things up while on her job as a civil.

Meanwhile, Asuka is passing through and finds Yumi who invites her to drink tea or something, both girls start drinking and Asuka says that this was a regular place she used to come since itĀ“s close to her house. After this, Yumi is trying that Asuka tells her the truth, which she at first didnĀ“t wanted until Yumi menaces her with a childish menace, but one that will be effectiveā€¦That if Asuka canĀ“t trust her with this thenā€¦They will be no longer friends.

Asuka was about to tell the whole truth to Yumi until Fubuki appears and tells that it would be better if she is the one who tells the truth.Ā 


It is revealed that Asuka wasnĀ“t killed that time because Fubuki wanted her to be the survivor...The witness and preacher of the evil that itĀ“s the so called Justice of the Shinobiā€¦

Fubuki then explains that the Youma can feel love, they arenĀ“t mindless monsters who attack and kill everything at their sight, but rather beings who are scared and just want to protect themselves against those people who just want to destroy them, the Shinobiā€¦ Fubuki then shows them the proof that the Youma can feel love.Ā 


Herself, Fubuki is the result of the forbidden love between a Human and a Youmaā€¦

Meanwhile with Kagura, she can feel an ominous presence, a door of the other world will be open in the hot springs!


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A very solid chapter! The action was intense, although I have seen better in this series, still it did itĀ“s job and that is a good thing, still the feeling that this chapter was just a transition chapter until the next story development comes canĀ“t get out of my mind, nonetheless it was enjoyable.


There were a lot of fan service and IĀ“m happy for that, especially because we could see Homura and the rest of her team in underwear and with sexy santa outfits!

Now going back to the story development, It seems more chapters will come before the final battle, so I hope we get a lot of good fan service and funny moments!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!