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Chapter 8: Don´t Stop Believing


The chapter starts exactly where the past one left off, the Shinobi Master has finalized and Fubuki has declared the war against Shinobi, both good and evil! Homura goes to attack, but such act of violence is blocked by the Youma (who calls itself as Rasetsu)! Fubuki then says that evil and good Shinobi get together in order to fight the Youma…Why is that? The answer is obvious, because the Youma are a menace to everyone! Fubuki then says that maybe the Youma were defending themselves…

Miyabi goes to attack and Fubuki blocks! The leader of Hebijo yells that her Mother was killed by a Youma! For her these demonic beings are a menace to mankind! The attack ends and Fubuki says that the Youma have families too…The being alongside her adds that they are just protecting themselves. Also Fubuki adds that the event of Kikai Island has opened a door to the other world, so a lot of Youma will come here.

Asuka stops her and tells her to stop telling lies! Asuka activate sher ultimate form! But Fubuki is not interested to fight her, so she leaves and leaves a warning to Kagura, that her time to watch on the sidelines is coming to an end…Her only goal was to declare war and she did. Gekkou and Senkou were ready to go after her, but she stops them, leaving the twins disheartened.


After such incident, Asuka rescues her friends and she is happy to see them well, maybe somewhat hungry, but well… Katsuragi, by seeing Asuka all concerned decides to relax her by… Groping her boobs, thing that somewhat worked because it distracted the Hanzo´s team leader from such thought and let her relax, then Katsuragi went to Ikaruga…So everyone is well. Also both Yumi and Homura re happy that even if for a moment, Asuka went back to be herself again.

After that all the girls are dressed in their normal outfit and Suzune (who now serves asa general leader in the absence of all the other superior authorities) tells them the situation, about the Island and the portal to another world, that´s why a lot of Jonin went, including Hanzo, Kiriya (Hanzo team teacher) and Daidouji… So it´s up to the Shinobi students to defeat the Youma and pray that Kiriya and the others come back safely, Homura says that they should come! She always wanted to beat some Youma asses! Still, Miyabi brings the theme about Fubuki and that they might face her again… When such topic came both Gekkou and Senkou decided to get out.


Seeing that, Yumi went after them. And tries to talk with them, especially about Kurokage, the twins just tell them that they went and searched for an unknown protégée that Kurokage had before the arrival of Yozakura and the others, and their search led them to Fubuki, that is all… After those words they disappear.

The twins went to a waterfall and start remembering this was the palce they found Fubuki and how they joined her since she had the Kurokage teachings in its most pure form, but that was a lie… Realizing that they never understood Kurokage and were used by Fubuki has made them felt empty and alone, suffering…Not wishing to go back to the empty days of before, there is only one option to them… Suicide. The twins were ready to jump in the waterfall and let themselves drown. 


Until Yumi comes and tells them to stop, suicide is not the answer! It will never be! Still the twins just wants to be left alone and dead, but Yumi tells a similar speech that Kurokage did when she lost against Asuka… That the ideals are not worth to die for because life has a lot of other things, and some of them are filled with light and love. She takes Senkou hand and tells them if it´s cold? No, it´s warm embraces Gekkou and shows them that the world of justice that Kurokage wants is one filled with love and warmth. Yumi then invites them to talk about Kurokage in the future.

Both twins start crying and have stopped their desire of killing themselves, in the distance… Asuka and Homura are watching and are glad to know the middle schoolers won´t do a foolery like killing themselves. Asuka still thinks they should be on suicide watch, so she ask Homura to tell Ikaruga to be checking on them; Homura says it´s ok, but…Shouldn´t be Asuka herself to tell her that? After all, she is part of her team… Asuka just cuts the conversation and says that if what she said that time they fought is true? About she would accept her feelings? Homura says that yes, she will; Asuka stops her again and tells her that if that´s the case, then she must watch her on her path of Shinobi. Saying that, she disappears. 


The next day both Gekkou and Senkou are indeed at Hanzo academy with Ikaruga, Hibari, Katsuragi and Yagyu. Katsuragi says that it´s time for lunch and she wants ramen! Yagyu responds by saying why Ramen? They can go to the cafeteria and pick any other thing, but well Katsuragi is set on such food. Ikaruga adds that they can´t do much until either Kiriya comes back or Suzune gives them more orders, as of right now they will be taking care of the twins.

Ikaruga ask the twins if they are right with Ramen? Which both of them says that anything is ok, Yagyu comes and offers them the squid ramen, her favorite.


Soon all the girls are in the roof eating, everyone is hanging around, until Gekkou ask how aren´t they mad and nasty with them after they did to them? Katsuragi answers by saying that she is mad, mad because she lost, not because they got kidnapped or anything… That´s business as usual. Ikaruga says that there is not bad feelings, and they will train harder so if in the future they path crosses again and have to fight, they won´t lose! Yagyu adds that she thinks she is better at them, so she can fight them now and prove it, but Hibari tells her to not say that! Everyone here is her friend now and if she continues, she will stop licking Yagyu. Scared for such thing, Yagyu apologizes and tells the twins that the best is if everyone do their best! After some groping from Katsuragi to the twins, Senkou brings the point that Asuka is missing, still the Hanzo girls believes in her and that when she is done with her things, she will come back.

In the evening, Asuka has reached Kagura´s place, she wants to see the being who will destroy all the Youma, Naraku stops her and tells her that Kagura is resting, gathering her energy for the upcoming battle against those demonic beings. Still, Asuka insists and Kagura attends the call, Kagura has one petition, to let her taking care of the Youma… Kagura is doubtful about that, although the decision on her face reminds her to when she came to her with a strange petition…


In that time, Asuka asked her if there was a way to seal Youma? To avoid killing them, Kagura says that yes, it exist, but it´s easier and more practical to just kill them, still Asuka wanted to know such way.

Back in the present, Kagura tells her that maybe she might let Asuka take the spotlight this time, but… Has she ever sealed a Youma? What if she can´t do it right? For that Kagura opens a little door to the other world and a Youma appears! 


Asuka quickly seals it with her new secret technique! Seeing that, Kagura gives her approval. Although she wonders if Asuka could take such toll on her body since that technique consumes your life force… Asuka leaves saying that she will continue her path of the ninja, even if it takes her own life!

In other part, Fubuki is watching the humans from the shadows, how a mother and a daughter are having a good time celebrating and enjoying the Christmas season… After that she goes on her own way and says that the Island were the door to the other world was open it´s connected through the ley lines to Japan, so open other doors is something that she can do!


Fubuki starts opening various gates in all of Tokyo, the Youmas will spread and so the war against such beings starts…

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

While not as exciting as the past chapters, it was still quite good! From the suicide decisions and that both Gekkou and Senkou are now on suicide watch under the Hanzo girls although if I would have called this chapter in a short way would be: “Boob Grope” , but leaving that aside (and enjoying the fan service it came with it) there were a lot of good development on this chapter.


First it´s nice that Gekkou and Senkou are now on the good side, at the very least for the time being, and how Yumi used the same technique that Kurokage used with her, to show love, not a cold justice, but something that is warm. They must not walk in a path of solitude, but one filled with company and love.

Another important point is that Asuka for some reason or the other wants to seal the Youma, not killing them, even though Kagura herself knows that it´s easier and more practical to just end with their lives, but still Asuka wants to get rid of the Youma and not killing them, even if it´s at the cost of her life… I mean this is not like in 2 (which is another reality BTW) where both Asuka and Homura decided to get rid of the Youma (plus Dogen) so Kagura wouldn´t have to sacrifice her own life in the process, because Asuka will not put her lfie in danger, but this time…Its seems she is on a suicide quest.

Also it was nice to see the cameos of Hanzo, Kiriya (who is Suzune´s beloved) and Daidouji (Suzune´s rival). So that stuff it´s nice.


Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!