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Chapter 7: WeĀ“ll Meet Again


The chapter starts with Yumi going to face Fubuki, Asuka is worried, but the Gessen girls tells her that Yumi will do a good job, so no worries; but thatĀ“s not what she is worried about, the real reason isā€¦

Meanwhile, Kagura and her team are watching the events and the being who will destroy all Youma says that she knows some of the story of Kurokage and his rival Hanzo, she says that both of them were stupidā€¦ but pure, like clean water. The fight between Yumi and Fubiki is just about to begin!Ā 


Various years before these events, a young Kurokage has finished a mission with Hanzo, AsukaĀ“s grandpa is happy that the mission went well and invites Kurokage to drink with him, not as partners, but as friends! Kurokage says they arenĀ“t friends, but rivals; Hanzo just answer by saying that rivalry is another form of friendship, so both of them go.

In the place both of them are drinking and chatting, Hanzo is happy while Kurokage is serious; suddenly a beautiful woman with the same eyes as Yumi and a similar name, Yume, comes and sits between the two.Ā 


Hanzo reveals that he invited her because he wanted to celebrate that his buddy finally has a girlfriend and is a very beautiful girl! Kurokage is somewhat embarrassed that some part of his personal life has been exposed, but still the trio celebrates together!

Later, they find a lot of good Shinobi dead in a brutal way. Hanzo detects this was a work of evil Shinobi, Kurokage is very mad and wants to destroy them! Both Hanzo and Yume tries to stop them, but KurokageĀ“s mind is filled with hate towards the other side of the ninja world and doesnĀ“t listen to their words! Certainly, Kurokage has started a path filled with loneliness. Hanzo explains that KurokageĀ“s parents were good Shinobi that ended up captured, tortured and killed by evil Shinobi, so the reason of his hatred is understandable, stillā€¦Ā 


Back in the present, Hebijo and HomuraĀ“s team are in front of the Youma, who can speak, a shown of itĀ“s power since normally, these beings arenĀ“t intelligent, just violent and loyal to their summoned; but this Youma feels differentā€¦Like if its humanā€¦ The Youma tells them that they can fight if they want, but they will die!

Meanwhile, Yumi is having some difficulty against Fubuki who is able to counter anything that Yumi sends her! Then itĀ“s the moment that Yumi uses her final card, her ultimate power! The power of absolute Ice! Ice Queen Yumi!


Back in the past, Kurokage has started a path of violence, killing all evil Shinobi he can find, not because he was on a mission or there was no other way, but because he just found them and decided to destroy them. In one of those events he killed various of them and the mess he did was so big that the big Shinobi council summoned him and warned him to stop doing what he is doing, that evil and good must co exist , and sometimes help each other, nothing is completely white or black, but greyā€¦ Especially when the Youma appears in the world. Still their words donĀ“t reach Kurokage who even menaced them and accused them of being evil!

After that, Hanzo tried to talk with him, Hanzo told him that his desire of destroying evil is also evilā€¦ The conversation goes nowhere and both of them start fighting, after throwing some punches at each other Hanzo gave him a pin with the sword and shield, to never forget it and leaves. From that point on, Kurokage was faced by both good and evil ninjas, killing them without any difference. Kurokage now on his crusade against evil ahs become the demon himself, a monster that kill without remorse and lives escaping against the continues forces that chase him.Ā 


Sometime later, Yume is breast feeding a baby and Hanzo came to give her some stuff for the babies, since she is a single mother, and a mother of twins to even add more! Hanzo peeks a little of YumeĀ“s boobs, but apologizes it and tries to put his face away. AsukaĀ“s grandpa apologizes with her for not being able to support her more since she is all alone; but Yume says that itĀ“s ok, he has done more than enough. Also she tells him about her desire to make her children be Shinobi, just like her and her fatherā€¦And to be proud of their dad, because Kurokage is not evilā€¦ She knows he isnĀ“t.

A lot of time passed and a funeral service is being held, one of KurokageĀ“s children has died, he was a great ninja that had to carry the burden of being the children of the legendary Kurokage and had a lot to cover, the tragedy was so big that even his wife died in the incident, leaving their baby daughter behind. Kurokage went as incognito and was sad for what was of his son, a children of his that he could never met due to his life choicesā€¦


Soon, he finds a little girl, Yumi, the daughter of his son and therefore her Grandfather. Kurokage reveals that he is her grandpa although maybe she might not believe him, Yumi sasy that she believes him and alsoā€¦Both her dad and Grandma always talked good things about Kurogake and always looked proud to be related with him. Kurokage starts crying and decides to take the young Yumi under his wing, he will raise her to be a woman of good and a great Shinobi.

Back in the present it seems that Yumi has the upper hand against Fubuki! Although the mysterious girl disagree and decides that itĀ“s time to fight seriously and she makes her Shinobi transformation.


Fubuki then reveals her origin, she is a girl to whom Yumi lived in the past, when she was little, before Shiki and the other Girls of Gessen were taken by Kurokage. The leader of Gessen starts remembering Fubuki, yes, she lived with them when she was young, even her grandfather told her to think and treat Fubuki as a big sisterā€¦

The combat continues and now Fubuki reveals that she is way stronger than Yumi! Even with her Ice queen form! Soon she is able to defeat Yumi and decides to show to the whole world her intentions.Ā 


Fubuki reveals the Hanzo girls alongside Miyabi and HomuraĀ“s teams! The Youma is not damaged in the slightest and both leaders tell the other girls to be wary of them! Fubuki tells now her objective! To eliminate both Good and Evil Shinobi!

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

One of the things I like about Senran Kagura is the story and how twisted and messed up the things might get and this chapter showed us exactly that! An amazing story presented in the past of Kurokage and the relationship he had with both Hanzo and his girlfriend (which I only knew of her existence today) Yume. Well, with Hanzo I knew something that I saw in Estival Versus, especially their high school days and the love triangle between Hanzo, Kurokage and Sayuri (AsukaĀ“s mother, so obviously she choose Hanzo).


Also the action was very good, especially the scenes with Kurokage and how he deal with his enemies, and yeah, itĀ“s ironic how his search against evil, transformed him in evil himself, a monster persecuted by both evil and good ninjas, driven away from society and entering a world of solitude, which if we see that a world of ā€œonly justiceā€ and especially oneĀ“s definition of justice can only be obtained by living alone, away from anyone else.

Also it was curious that Hanzo didnĀ“t acted as perverted with Yume when he saw her boobs, but I guess they guy matured since high school and had a beautiful wife back at home, for better or worse he is now a horny old man though.

Finally, we now know more about Fubuki and her objective, and seeing Kagura acting like that it makes me think that the next time they see each other, she will aim for her head! Also it seems next chapter the Hanzo girls are back and that is cool!


Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!