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Chapter 6: Shinovi Versus


The chapter starts not with the preset, but in the past… The moment of the final fight between Hanzo and Gessen. The Shinobi of Gessen seek a fight against the Hanzo students who put to shame all the good shinobi of the world by befriending the evil ninjas of Hebijo (now Homura Crimson Squad)… Now only Yumi and Asuka remain. Yumi is decided to defeat Asuka and show to the world that the true paradise is one without evil! Evil must be destroyed! Obviously Asuka thinks differently… Yumi tells her that she doesn´t believe anything that Asuka says about the two sides of the same coin and whatnot, because she doesn´t know the pain of losing someone dear! Yumi confess that she and the rest of her team were taken by Kurokage and they will continue his legacy!

A bloody battle between 2 good ninjas with different philosophies is about to start. 


Back in the present, Yumi and Asuka are allies and they will fight the last stage against Senkou and Gekkou. There is no rules, gimmicks or stuff that will make you naked; just a simple fight! Asuka tells Yumi that she knows something about Fubuki, and promises Yumi that she will tell her everything when they win, thig that encourages the ice Shinobi.

The fight starts and Yumi starts attacking Gekkou who tells her that Yumi and her friends are a disgrace that put the name of Kurokage to shame! They instead follow his dreams of a world of pure justice where all the evil is extinguished!

Meanwhile Asuka is fighting Senkou and she is having some hard time dealing with her, but still she is not the same Asuka she fought in the past so even if Senkou is hard to deal with, the Hanzo leader is still able to hold her ground!


Meanwhile Homura, her team and Suzune are near the Hanzo girls and with a guardian Youma, they can´t attack the monstrous being directly since they can hurt the captive good ninjas. So they will have to search for another route.

Back in the fight Gekkou tells Yumi how they got into Kurokage´s philosophy… Gekkou and Senkou always felt emptiness, even though everyone looked up to them, even though they were part of the prestigious Gessen institution; it wasn´t until they found the prohibited diary of Kurokage, both twins started reading it and fell enchanted by his philosophy about destroying all what is evil! A world of only good!


Those words bring again the memories of Yumi, she can understand her and the feeling she gets…

Back in the past. Yumi has lost against Asuka, still she doesn´t want to give up! She prefer to die doing what she believes than living with the shame and a shattered dream! Asuka tells her that she does not hate Yumi, nor does she want to keep fighting her..Instead, she wants to talk more with Yumi! Maybe over a coffee or a tea, hang out…be friends. Yumi smiles and recognizes that Asuka is indeed an splendid person who can make friends everywhere… Still, her resolution is absolute and will keep fighting her! Asuka doesn´t see other way and the fighting was destined until one of them ends up killed! Until Kurokage, who has just a few months left in this world, comes and stops them!


In the present, Gekkou can´t understand why Yumi is like that when she understood Kurokage! She must be with them and not against them! Yumi says that Asuka helped her and she believes the things she says…About a world with only one kind of people wouldn´t be a happy one…

The fight continues and Asuka is starting to have the edge against Senkou, even though she has been damaged in the fight, she still has some advantage against the middle school Shinobi!


Meanwhile, Homura´s Crimson Squad and Suzune are in the air ducts, they are searching for a new route… They are talking about the plan until something stops them and makes them put their noses in other people´s butt…literally speaking. In any case a weird sound is heard, Hikage says that is the air duct crying someone has a lot of weight, Yomi says that is a rude thing to say!

In another part, the Hebijo girls are put of the bath and Yumi is bothered by the fact that they lose the battle, but there is not much they can do about that. After some goofing with Ryouna and Ryoubi the air is lighter and Miyabi is out of her slump… Suddenly the ninjas in the air duct fell in the room! There Suzune gives the mission to Hebijo, they will join forces with Homura and her squad and will rescue the Hanzo girls! 


Back with the main fight, Yumi and Asuka are ready to finish their opponents! They join forces and Asuka will block and put the twins in place in order for Yumi to do her special ninja art and defeat them!

The plan is successful and both Gekkou and Senkou are defeated! Still, Yumi won´t kill them nor Asuka will do that, the rest of the Gessen girls come over. Yumi starts remembering again…

In the past, when Kurokage stopped them to keep fighting, the legendary Ninja embraced his granddaughter and told her to stop, she has done enough, he doesn´t want her precious granddaughter and the person who keep bringing light to his world keeps fighting and getting injured, not anymore… Yumi starts crying in the arms of her grandpa. Kurokage tells Asuka that she has won, but Asuka with tears in her eyes says that no, it´s the other way around, she has lost because… She has seen a world with nothing but good, one filled with love right in front of her.


Kurokage understands and tells Yumi to be like the moon, in the shadows and unnoticeable for the sun, but always there. 

Back in the present Yumi tells that to the twins and Yozakura offers them some blankets to cover themselves, but they refuse and put themselves out of their way… The next fight will be against Fubuki and the mystery she hides…


Meanwhile with the other ninjas, Miyabi is provoking the Youma to come over while they distract her, Homura and her team are hidden in order to rescue the girls! Then the Youma do something that they never imagined it would do… It spoke, these beings are bloodthirsty demons and rarely spoke, they only focus on killing and following the will of their master, so having a Youma to communicate with a human is something strange and a testimony of it´s power… 

Back with Yumi and Asuka, Yumi will face Fubuki alone, since Asuka is very damaged by the attacks of Gekkou and Senkou. Asuka didn´t want Yumi to fight Fubuki, but there is not much she can do… Yumi goes towards her destiny.


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

Man an incredible chapter this time too! The ending of this arc has been nothing short of awesome! With the little exception of the licking part, there was no dull moment in the chapter, and even then I can pass such scene because it was made in order to bring the Hebijo girls against the mysterious Youma, which while it might not seem like much stuff; but the fact that it can talk it´s something weird because the Youma aren´t truly reasonable beings, they attack and kill, can follow orders of their masters; but aren´t truly talkative. So yeah, the fact that it can talk is something unexpected.


At the same time the fight was intense! I loved everything about it and how while fighting Yumi was able to reach some form of understandment with Gekkou and Senkkou while at the same time Asuka was able to show her luser; sadly she will not fight against Fubuki since that´s Yumi´s job and part of me feels that it´s also some form of telling that yes, Asuka was the face of the franchise in the beginning; but we are living in a Yumi world now, and in my opinion it´s not so bad especially because the other girls still get to shine! But yeah, is a little sad that Asuka is a little demoted in favor of our ice user whose dream is to be someone´s bride!

The past parts about Shinovi versus were quite good! Especially with the apparition of Kurokage and the fact that it was somewhat weird to hear him talk since more than 99% of the cast is female! Still the scenes were quite good and I am very satisfied with this chapter!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!