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Chapter 4: Be Honest


The chapter starts with the announcement of the Shinobi Master tournament! 3 teams are in! Gessen, Hebijo and the one composed by Kagura, naraku and the Mikagura sisters! The 3 teams will face different competition that will test their skills, all the competitions will be in teams and before each competition they will choose a leader, if the leader is defeated the whole team loses! Simple, no? About the competitionā€¦ Those will be revealed before each competition.

Fubuki then detects the presence of another ninja, Asuka, who is not invited so she will stay in the bench and watch the spectacle.

Meanwhile, Homura is explaining the situation about Asuka to the rest of her team, still, she can feel the uneasiness and the remorse in her heart, and if those things exist then she can still be rescued from the darkness she is in! Alsoā€¦ When is the Shinobi masters thing? Haruka explains that they will not participate since Homura was out cold, Homura is disappointed, but she understandsā€¦ Still even if they are no longer invitedā€¦ Theyare Rogue Ninja and follow no rules! SO they will go and rescue the Hanzo girls in order to take rescue AsukaĀ“s heart!


The first match starts! A Naked Dodgeball! The teams will throw bombs in the form of ball at each other, if a bomb touches you it explodes unless you grab it with some gloves with the form of cat hands! The match will be between Gessen with Yumi as their leader versus KaguraĀ“s team with Renka as the commander!

The match starts and the action starts spreading! While throwing the bombs at each other, the girls take any chance in order to use their ninja skills and atatcks in order to defeat their opponents and open a way in order to throw them the bomb!... Which results ends with the person ending up nakedā€¦ No complaints from my part!


The first to fall is Murakumo! And the actions continue! While fighting Kagura advises Yumi to be wary of Fubuki, because that girl has something mysterious surrounding her! In the end, YumiĀ“s team is able to win due to Renka trying to avoid any danger for Kagura.Ā 

The next match is about to begin! Hebijo Versus KaguraĀ“s team! The fight is a cavalry battle! The team that makes the rider fall will lose! Plus if they touch the pinky water they will get nakedā€¦ Because, why not? The leader of Hebijo is Miyabi while Kagura will now be the leader for the match!


In any case the fight is intense and the combination of the Mikagura sisters plus Naraku and Kagura is a fierce one! The fight is so intense that Hebijo is having certain troubles untilā€¦

Kagura let herself loose, she went straight to Fubuki and watched her, she accepts her loss, but now is closer to her enemyā€¦ Still the looks they gave to each other didnĀ“t ended up in a fight.Ā 


The final match is about to begin, Hebijo vs. Gessen in a take the flag match! Miyabi will be leader while Yozakura will serve as the Gessen leader! The match starts and Yumi goes straight up against Miyabi! The leader of Hebijo quickly realizes Gessen strategy, which it was that Yumi will entertain Miyabi while Yozakura gets the flag! Unfortunately for her Yozakura is having problems with the attacks of both Ryoubi and Ryouna!

Meanwhile in the shadows, Suzune is checking the place, she has received some frightful news, the Youma on that island has started to become crazier and their numbers are getting bigger, at the same time the expert Ninjas has been vanished, only the student ones are available now.

The teacher at Hebijo soon finds herself in front of Homura and her squad, they inform her that they are here in order to save Hanzo, and Suzune says that she is here for that same reasonā€¦ So they will be joining force, Homura also adds that even if they arenĀ“t Hebijo anymore, Suzune will always be their teacher, so they trust her.Ā 


Back to the fight Minori and Murakumo has fallen! Meanwhile Shiki gets rid of Imu and Murasaki while sacrificing herself at the same time! Now itĀ“s the moment that Yozakura makes her move and she uses her powerful gloves to move the water behind her and uses that opportunity window to take the flag while defeating Ryouna and Ryoubi at the same time!

Gessen has won! But itĀ“s not the endā€¦The final stage are Gekkou, Senkkou and Fubuki herself, they will fight themā€¦ Gessens ay that is not fair! They didnĀ“t has had anytime to rest! Fubiki then warns them by saying that this was an event where the safety of the participants wasnĀ“t secured, so the fight will occur. Suddenly Asuka appears and she is here to fight Fubuki and her team! Yumi says that she will join her, but Asuka denies such help!


Meanwhile with Suzune and Homura, they have found the Hanzo girls with a frightening revelationā€¦ There are Youma in here.


Back with the Gessen girl Yumi ask for a little of a time out and she takes the opportunity to give her the gift that Asuka didnĀ“t found back at the first chapter, that day, was a day filled with light and smiles, where it existed no difference and they were just 2 girls hanging out like friends; she remembers that time fondly and also she remembers the time when Asuka saved her from when she had a twisted sense of justice, so for that she is in here, to help her now, her words reaches Asuka who accepts her help. Yumi uses her Shinobi form and both girls go to the final stand of this Shinobi master thing!

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

An amazing chapter this time around! Filled with action and quite good entertaining fighting sequences! I liked how well the fan service was put since it didnĀ“t stopped the acion or was more like an added bonus instead of the main event or distraction from the events that were happening.


Having said that, I truly laughed at the random boobs movement at the beginning of the chapter and at the implied joke on the camera starting with the breast and then going to the face, since with Kagura that trick didnĀ“t worked, making for a fun non spoken joke.

Continuing, We are at the climax of this part! Although itĀ“s obvious not the end since the basis for the upcoming arc are coming with the Youmas, the disappeared Ninjas and all of that, which make this only the end of the first arc of this epic saga!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!