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Chapter 4: ItĀ“s Showtime!


The chapter starts with the mysterious girl in front of the Mikagura Sisters, Naraku and Kagura herself, she has invited the being who will destroy all youma to the Shinobi Masters tournament. Still the group doesnĀ“t believe her, although Kagura says that she might change her mind if she can see that she is able to control a powerful Youmaā€¦ Thing that Fubuki, the mysterious girl, can do.

Seeing that, Kagura eats one of the spheres that makes her change her form into an adult one! The being that will eliminate the Youma is ready to fight and she starts throwing punches that destroy FubukiĀ“s clothes revealing a body completely covered in bandages, stillā€¦ After the attack KaguraĀ“s clothes were destroyed revealing her black lingerieā€¦ The Mikagura sisters werenĀ“t able to see the attacks that Fubuki provoked to the mythical being.

Suddenly Gekkou and Senkkou comes and picks Fubuki, she is the master of the twins and invites them to come and participate in the Shinobi Masters tournament.Ā 


In an abandoned bowling alley, the Crimson squad are checking the wounds of her leader, Homura who is unconscious; Haruka says that luckily the injuries in HomuraĀ“s body werenĀ“t life threatening, but checking that those where made by a sharp object, a katana, then it means that a Ninja was the guilty of doing this to herā€¦ A powerful one since Homura is really strong. In any case, they wonĀ“t participate on the Shinobi Masters now that their leader is in such state.

Homura wakes up and starts saying the name of Asukaā€¦Ā 


Meanwhile in Gessen, Yozakura is in the library and she decides to check the newsletter of the academyā€¦ A surprise comes to her.

Meanwhile Shiki is doing some exercise with the other girls, Yumi notes that those are quite light, although there must be a reason why Shiki was so insistent, Shiki is encouraging Minori and Murakumo to do it more! Yumi ask her why is that? Which the Gyaru Shinobi answers by saying that itĀ“s just to avoid getting fatā€¦ Thing that surprises Yumi especially since the Shinobi Master tournament will be soon, very soon.

Suddenly Yozakura comes with the newsletter, in there an article from the different cultural and sport events is held, in a sport meeting from the middle school division they see some familiar facesā€¦ Senkkou and Gekkouā€¦ Their enemies are from their same school.Ā 


Later that night, Yumi was ready to sleep, she watched the photo of her and her Grandfather Kurogane, a legendary Ninja from his age and HanzoĀ“s rival (AsukaĀ“s Grandpa), she starts remembering the training she went alongside other student of his, both kids got the knowledge and philosophy of Kuroganeā€¦ In the case of Yumi, she is proud to have Kurogane as her Grandfather and being the heir of his philosophy, one that the members of her team follows too.

Meanwhile Fubuki has reached her isolated room, she looks the only belonging she hasā€¦ A photo of Kurogane.Ā 


Meanwhile Asuka is watching the gate of her school, Hanzo.

The next morning, the Gessen girls have decided to go to the Middle school division of their school, unlike most of the other students, the Kurogane protƩgƩes entered directly into high school, without touching the middle school one.


Soon the girls are surrounded by Yumi fans, an obvious thing since she is the strongest Shinobi in Gessen and the leader of the strongest team, so itĀ“s obvious that her face is very recognizable.

After trying to pass as teachers they decide to occult themselves as middle school students. The team is divided in two teams. One made by Yumi and Yozakura and the other by Shiki, Minori and Murakumo.Ā 


After checking various places, Yumi and Yozakura find both Gekkou and Senkkou who it seems are members of the student council, soon they start following them.

Meanwhile Shiki and the others are at the cafeteria eating cake, they invite 2 other girls and start making questions (and some accusations) about Gekkou and Senkkou, they get to know that both twins are like the idols of the middle school division, they are pretty, good at studying and sports, plus in diverse chores and members of the student council; but thatĀ“s not all! They are truly nice and approachable! So everyone at the school loves them!

Meanwhile Asuka is checking what was the gathering point of the Hanzo Shinobi, where Kiriya taught them in the art of deceptionā€¦ Now empty, soulless, with only the dead silence what was once a room filled with happiness.


Back with Yumi and Yozakura, they keep following their enemies to the roof where they realize that the twins already knew of their presence. A battle is inevitable, but Yumi questions her why go to such lengths to even kidnap the Hanzo girls?! Gekkou says that Yumi is not worthy she is impureā€¦

A fight happens and both Yozakura and Yumi can see the abilities of the twins! Luckily for the High school girls, Minori, Shiki and Murakumo has come! Yumi then stops the fight and says that if they continue, the other students might be in danger! Senkkou then says it is because of those reasonings that Yumi is not worthyā€¦


Yumi then asks her what is justice to them?! The twins answer by saying that ā€œJusticeā€ is just a word that the powerful ones use to justify their doingsā€¦ Yumi is disgusted by that thinking, that Justice is only for the powerful while the weak gets nothing! Still both middle school students also reveal that Yumi is not a worthy successor of Kuroganeā€¦ They are with the true heir of his philosophy and are the true followers of his school of though. After saying that they leaveā€¦Leaving Yumi very confused.

In the night, the Hebijo girls are training and giving their all; Suzune can see that their students are strong enough to fight against any Shinobi that might participate in that Shinobi master thingā€¦ Still, there is something bothering her, the news about a hole in an island and the Shinobi council going there for some reasonā€¦ plus this event, everything is too wired and too suspicious.


Suddenly an arrow comes and Miyabi grabs it! There it is the date and place for the event!

The day has come, Asuka uses her instruments and reaches the place, she is decided to save her friends!


Meanwhile Hebijo and Gessen have reached the place, everyone with their uniforms as a team. The event Shinobi Master will be presented via online for any Shinobi in the world to see! Gekkou and Senkkou then present the one who organized this event, Fubukiā€¦ And she is ready to announce the start of this tournament!

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

Oh boy! ItĀ“s on! This chapter was so freaking good! Loved everything since the first second! While not relegated 100%, the fan service was put aside a little in order to focus on the story and that did wonders for this chapter since made the story to speed up at a great pace and now we are at the tournament! Although only two teams as of right now, Which makes me theorize that Asuka will find Homura and her team and they will save Hanzo and later the two original teams will join the Versus one.


Now we also know the identity of the mysterious girl, Fubuki, and she is connected to Yumi and not so much with Kagura as I though, but oh wellā€¦ No biggie. Still everything seems to get exciting for me!

Also those cameos of the New Wave girls were amazing! From seeing LeoĀ“s team, YuyakiĀ“s one, Milky pop and I think the metropolitan team was quite good!

Finally I hope the series continues with this pace, of course, not putting it away, like we can get the interesting camera angles and beautiful pictures of the girls; but as long as it doesnĀ“t take much time since the story and the stuff happening on screen is quite good and thatĀ“s what I want to see more and more!


Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!