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Chapter 3: Rocket Dive


The chapter starts with a foreshadow of what we will see...Which is girls in the bath!

Anyway, after that, we are back with Yumi and Asuka. Asuka tells Yumi that the whole Sword and Shield are bollocks, after that she gets on her Shinobi form and attacks Yumi who transforms herself!

While defending herself, Yumi tries to explain the whole Sword and Shield to Asuka! The girl who understood all of that more than anyone! Asuka didnĀ“t listen and both Shinobi used their secret techniques hurting each other!


After that Yumi is back home, she has taken care of her wounds and is with the other Gessen girls who are eager to participate and rescue the Hanzo girls! Yumi is somewhat down and her partners can detect that, so for that Murakumo invites her to read her Doujin! One with some Kamen Rider-esque team! Yumi said that she is not into manga, but Murakumo insist by saying that this time her story is SFW, so she will enjoy it!

Yumi starts reading and after seeing the corny dialogues, she laughed and gives her thanks to Murakumo for cheering her upā€¦ That didnĀ“t sit well with our masked lady since she wanted that scene to make the people get hype with the action and decision of the characters, similar results are coming from Shiki and Minori.Ā 


Meanwhile in Hebijo, Miyabi has informed her teacher, Suzune, a former good ninja and Hanzo student (who also is in love with Kiriya, the teacher of Hanzo), Suzune says that she has never heard of anything like <<<Shinobi Master>>> besides all of this is way too suspicious. In any case, Hebijo is not truly interested in rescuing the Hanzo girls, and even Imu adds saying that those are problems of Good Shinobi, not the evil onesā€¦ It is not because of Murasaki who says that she thinks that Good and Bad Shinobi are the different sides of the same coin, therefore if something were to happen to the Hanzo ninjas, that means something could happen to them nextā€¦ Witht hat, Suzune has put that new mission for Hebijo, to enter that Shinobi Master thing!

Back with Yumi, she was checking the neighborhood in search of a certain establishment, HanzoĀ“s Sushi restaurantā€¦ She wanted to ask AsukaĀ“s Grandfather (Hanzo) if everything is alright with herā€¦ Sadly the place was closed for the time being due to certain circumstances. Soon she finds that she is not alone, Homura is there too.


The leader of Crimson Squad reveals that she came for the same thing, still Yumi has put her on the day about the other time she found herā€¦ Homura canĀ“t believe what she is saying, although there is no reason for Yumi to lie to herā€¦ Still it is very weird that the typically cheerful girl who believes in justice and can make friend even in the weirdest of places had such a drastic transformationā€¦ Homura starts remembering the duel she had with Asuka back when she was a Hebijo student, the combat that destroyed the Hebijo school and brought the Youma Orochi by the hands of Dogen. Still one thing is certainā€¦ Asuka is both friend and rival to both Yumi and Homura, someone who while having a different philosophy, they are able to understand and hold dearā€¦ Yumi trie to throw a rock to the river (something that Homura has been doing for a while) until the pain of her wound disturbs herā€¦ So for that, Homura invites her to a bath place, one where she can go and relax and heal her wound!


With that, HomuraĀ“s Crimson Squad takes the Gessen girls to a bath house, one that is quite good and a place that the Crimson Squad likes to go from time to time. In any case, the girls start having some good time all while we the viewer enjoy the parade of boobsā€¦

Meanwhile in an alley, a mysterious girl whose body is surrounded in bandages sees a Youma, those demonic beings who live only to destroy and killā€¦She is not afraid, nor she attacks the monstrous being, instead both of them look eye to eyeā€¦

Some more goofing and boobs and groping boobs and more of that laterā€¦Ā 


The mysterious girl has reached the place where the Mikagura sisters areā€¦ These 3 priestess are cleaning the temple and in the past they held alongside AsukaĀ“s Grandma a festival made in order to bring peace to all the souls of the Shinobi who died violently in battle.

The mysterious girl ask for a especial someoneā€¦ Kagura, the being who cleanse all Youma. The Mikagura Sisters try to defend her, but the little Kagura comes alongside Naraku, her protector, the girl has only one purposeā€¦ To invite Kagura to the Shinobi Festivalā€¦ She will be interested because the winner might as well face the biggest Youma.


Back with Homura, she is drinking some chocolate or coffee, after finishing her drink she goes outsideā€¦ The one who she was waiting for has finally comeā€¦ Asuka! Homura tells her that she knows what she wants, to prevent her from going to the Shinobi Master thing, she understands her because she knows that Asuka would like to save her friends herselfā€¦ So she will back down in participating IF she can have a match with Asuka!

Homura gets in her Shinobi outfit and both girls start fighting each other! The fight start equally and it seems that Homura will get the edge, until Asuka start using some deceptive tricks! The leader of Crimson Squad says thatĀ“s not AsukaĀ“s fighting style! It looks more like her own way of fighting!


The battle continues and Homura activates her ultimate form! Crimson Homura, her true powers have awakened and she can use her 7th sword! The sword of her family! Homura keeps fighting while trying to change Asuka, to get her back from the darkness she is in! To be again her strongest rival and friend! Her equal and exact opposite!

The battle goes again favor of Homura who keep attacking Asuka and it seems she has cornered her opponent! Homura is ready to give her final attack while encouraging to Asuka to open up to herself! All she has to say, all her feelings she will accept them and help her in any way she needs!


That is until Asuka uses other cheap trick and defeats Homura and heavily wounds her! Being unconscious. Asuka looks with sadness the damage she has done to her friend and leaves.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

This chapter was a roller coaster! The action and story beats got me intrigued on what is coming, while the relaxing/funny/sexy parts didnĀ“t do much for me, except the part with the manga, that made me laugh a lot! Still it was nice to see the different faces of the franchise on a single chapter.


Continuing with thatā€¦ Man what is happening to Asuka? I mean being depressed and all of that due to the events of chapter 1 was one thing, but attacking her friends just because?! And even more, using dirty tactics?! ThatĀ“s not the Asuka that I know! So it makes me wonder if Asuka is alright or if she is acting that way because some reason? Or anything!

The fight between Asuka and Homura was intense! And I am glad that we got a more serious Homura, since in the past games her role was more like a funny skits, while her ā€œserious roleā€ was more to get to know the whole world building and metaphysical beings of Senran Kagura (The Youma and the different realities) so even if her role is still as support, it was nice to see her ina serious situation for a change! Still I am rooting for Crimson Squad when the tournament begins!

Also the story beats were quite good, especially because we need to know about the identity of that mysterious chick! And I think that since she was kind to a Youma and she knew about Kagura and even more went in person to summon her, I think that she is like an Anti-Kagura!


For the ones who donĀ“t know, Kagura, while imitating a human, is not a human, but rather an entity that comes when the world gets very influenced with the Youma so she comes and sacrifices herself (and everything surrounding her) in order to clean the world of those demonic beingsā€¦ So what would be an Anti-Kagura? ThatĀ“s terrifying! Although I am just theorizing, but we have to take into account also that the Youma that he mysterious chick was talking about is Shin, that gigantic Youma of the Versus timeline that looks like a fetus and is bigger than a continent! All in all things looks exciting!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!