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Chapter 2: PBS


The chapter starts with some warning with Asuka about theā€¦ Several Plots we will see today, anyway, letĀ“s get started!

Yumi is training with Yozakura, a Ninja who has short hair and a bunch of little brothers and sisters. Both girls get in their Shinobi form and start fighting each other; Yozakura is able to see that Yumi is not very focused on her training so she ask her leader what is happening with her? Yumi says that she might get a smartphone and starts explaining about her little adventure with Asuka in the last chapter and how Asuka never went to the rendezvous point.

The Gessen girls tells her to not be worried, besides she will eventually see Asuka again, so she must be fine. Suddenly an arrow is thrown at her and Yumi catches it, the arrow had an invitation to a Spaā€¦ a familiar trap they found in the past.Ā 


After that, the girls are resting and the rest of the Gessen girls: Minori (who loves sweets and is very infantile), Shiki (A Gyaru who will go to study abroad) and Murakumo (A masked girl who draws doujins) are excited to go the Spa! Yumi and Yozakura are doubtful about entering such endeavor, since itĀ“s an obvious trap.

In any case, then the girls want to go and convince Yumi by doing a weird form of Rock/paper/scissors using their boobs to make the symbols becauseā€¦ Yeah. The result was with the victory of Shiki over Yumi, so the Gessen girls are going to a Spa!Ā 


In another part, the night has come, hidden between the trees, HomuraĀ“s Crimson Squad are in the middle of a mission, they have a target, a corrupt politician who they will capture, kidnap and record his confession over the nasty stuff he has done on his career. The plan is simple, Mirai (the little one) will shot the tires; Hikage (the green haired girl) will get rid of the body guards; Yomi (blonde girl) will defeat the mansion guards; Homura will take the Politican and Haruka (brown haired girl) will put him a drug that will make him tell everything they want while Mirai records everything and uploads it to the internet for the world to see.

The car comes and Mirai shots the tire, the body guards come out and Hikage quickly dispatches them! The guards from the mansion comes out and Yomi takes care of them in a fashionable way! The politician is scared and suddenly Homura tells him to take it easy, if he collaborates she will not injure him, the dude gets out of the car and clashes with Haruka who is ready to inject him with the drug, the cold steel of the needle was about to reach the nasty politicianĀ“s chest until a projectile makes the needle explode. Homura watchesā€¦Just as she expected, they werenĀ“t the only ninjas in the area.


Neo Hebijo has appeared! The group that substituted Homura and the others when they decided to become rogue Ninjas! Leaded by Miyabi (a 21-year old girl with white hair and the daughter of the principal), accompanied by Imu (another 21-year-old girl, now with glasses); Murasaki (the girl with purple hair); Ryoubi (girl with twin tails) and Ryouna (blonde short haired girl). These ninjas are here to protect the politician from any treat that he might encounter!

Homura goes directly to attack Miyabi and both women start fighting each other! The fight is intense and both females get their clothes torn apart!


Suddenly 2 arrows stop their fighting, it seems there is a third party on the scene. Miyabi decides to stop the fight and forces the politician to start a press conference right now, one where he will tell all the nasty things he has doneā€¦ Or else; that way Hebijo will accomplish their mission to protect the target, while Crimson Squad will accomplish theirs of taking to the light the corruption of that person.

The next day the Hebijo girls have decided to go and check that shady invitation to the spa. Ryouna is very excited for her new swim suit since she wants to be seen by both lecherous eyes and offended looks; Imu, for her part, is more eager to have a closer look to MiyabiĀ“s anatomy.


In the lockers, they find the Gessen girls who also decided to come, by looking each team shenanigans both Yumi and Miyabi got to understand a little more the other since they have it rough by dealing with the different characters that form their teams. In any case, Yumi is doubtful that they should be enjoying since they need to be on guard for the trap they are getting into!Ā 

That is until Homura and her squad comes into play and say that they should do both, enjoy their time and wait for the enemy to reveal itself, then they will kick itĀ“s assā€¦ Just like the other time! Having decided that all the girls start changing in their swim suits.


In the pool, Yumi is concerned about Asuka since if we go by the story, it seems these 4 groups (Hanzo, Gessen, Hebijo and Crimson) tend to end up together for some reason or the other; Homura tells her to not to worry since Asuka and the others might as well appear later.

The girls start having some pool fun and it seems that some girls want to participate in a water gun, like that one time they fought on the Peach Beach Splash thing. The team leaders start arguing over something and Haruka decides that they should fight, but with a rule! She has a special ink that makes any cloth invisible, so this fight will be a battle royale where the last girl with a visible cloth in her will be the winner!Ā 


The match starts and everyone starts firing each other! Soon the first losers start appearing, one for each team! And after those the defeats of everyone, including Haruka the arbiter, starts being defeated and showing us her birth suit!

In the end the showdown was between Homura, Miyabi and Yumi! The 3 girls shot each other and finally the 3 of them ended up naked; Homura protested that she was the latest, that they need to see the video! But sadly there is no video, so a tie it will be! Haruka explains that the ink will be out when they put the clothes to water, thing that the girls do so soon enough they end up with their swimsuits again! Homura and Yumi ends up talking how about Asuka and the other Hanzo girls never appeared.


Suddenly a barrier has been sent, the people that wanted them to be there has made their apparition! Those people are Gekkou and Senkou! Homura attacked them with a Kunai, but that attack didnĀ“t worked; Miyabi did the same but with her sword which led to similar results!

Soon the twins reveal why they summoned them hereā€¦Ā 


The 3 groups of ninja are invited to participate in the event Shinobi Master, where the winner will get such title, also they canĀ“t say no because if they deny then the life of them will be in danger. The twins show the image of Ikaruga, Katsuragi, Yagyu and Hibari, the Hanzo girls, tied and captive by the organization that these 2 girls follow. They say that soon enough they will get the basis, rules and dates for the event. After that they flee and the girls are left to go.

The Gessen girls are going home until Yumi hears a familiar voice, it was AsukaĀ“s, she tells her friends that she will go back home later and goes where the voice indicated her.


In there she finds Asuka, she looked sad, it seems that the leader of Hanzo knows all about the Shinobi master. She tells Yumi to not to participate sinceā€¦ the Sword and Shield is just bollocks, that kind of justice doesnĀ“t exist.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

Really enjoyed this chapter, Especially the fight between HomuraĀ“s Crimson Squad and Neo HebijoĀ“s team! The rest of the team was still quite good, especially the swimsuit parade we got! Especially Homura and Miyabi nice stuff all around with them!


The chapter was somewhat weak on the story department; but that was to be expected when I saw the titleĀ“s name <<<PBS>>> as in <<<Peach Beach Splash>>> and if you have played the game, the story was the weakest part of the whole package (especially if we take into account that the game is supposed to be the way where the different timelines get converged, but I wonĀ“t explain that here).

Now going back in the story, Man those twins truly effed up Asuka, although itĀ“s understandable for how badly she was beaten up and what they are doing to her friends, she wasnĀ“t able to defeat her opponent, nor protect her friends, still I am confident she will get out of that slump.

Finally, and while not related to the anime, but with Senran Kagura, the news about the removal of certain feature on the upcoming game ā€œSenran Kagura Burst Re:Newalā€ due to SonyĀ“s new policy and provoking a delay to the game launch for both PS4 and Steam is something that I actually donĀ“t likeā€¦


Make no mistake, I have played ā€œCensoredā€ games and enjoyed them a great deal. Examples are like Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (I hope a Switch port comes!), Fire Emblem Fates or Xenoblade Chronicles X. So when I eventually get my hands on this newest entry of the Senran Kagura franchise, I will be playing it and enjoying it too, which it will be on my PS4 due that my Pc is not powerful enough to run it.

Still, this kind of things arenĀ“t of my approval due that on the case of Fire Emblem and such those where games either published or developed by Nintendo; but when the games are from a third party, they tend to not mess with them as far as I know, mixed that with my loyalty to the Nintendo brand and love for their franchises, has made me bear the bad things since the good ones are bigger, at the very least on my case.

None of those cases happens with Playstation or Sony and while I respect their opinion and way of making business or politics, they have meddled with third party games, either forcing to remove features or banning games completely; adding that I have no love for SonyĀ“s mark, the Playstation brand or their franchises (sans Bloodborne) have made me get the decision that until Sony changes their ways, when the next generation comes I will either buy MicrosoftĀ“s offering or gear up my Pc and use my Steam account, not touching or considering the Playstation branch for the upcoming consoles.


Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!