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Senran Kagura is a video game series published by Marvelous entertainment and XSeed in the USA, tehs eries centers oin the lifes of different young Shinobi and the struggles they will face both as young girls, Ninjas and the violent and emotional fights they will encounter in their lives.

Chapter 1: Change the world


Christmas season is happening, the people is enjoying a cold and white winter while the music of famous Christmas themes is heard; a beautiful girl with various bags is searching for her last Christmas gifts for some of her friends; soon another beauty, a white skinned short haired light blue girl stops her. These girls are Asuka and Yumi respectively, Asuka says hi to Yumi and both girls start chatting, in that moment Asuka tells her friend about the problem in finding a pair of cat ears as a gift for a friend of hers; Yumi smiles and tells her she knows a place where some items like that are sold. Both girls go to that store.

These two normal looking high school students are in truth Shinobi, beings that move in the shadow and die in the shadow; never seen by the light of the world, their destiny is to either be good (part of the government) or evil (private companies and rich people) and do the will of their master at gathering intelligence or killing any potential treatā€¦ This is the violent story of these delicate flowers destined to wither away from the sun.


Asuka a good ninja from the public high school Hanzo academy has reached her destination with Yumi, another good ninja from the Private Girls Academy Gessen High school. Both girls start searching and Yumi has found a nice pair of cat ears, she tries them and makes a cute cat sound to say after it her motto : <<<Cuteness is justice>>>

Asuka does something similar with some bunny ears and even joke by saying that she will use them in her Ninja suit! Just kidding because if Homura (her mortal enemy, now rival) saw her with those she will scold her very harshly.


Meanwhile, dressed like Santa Claus; a beautiful tanned girl with green eyes is dressed a sexy Santa alongside other group of young beauties; they are doing promotion for Christmas. Homura, the leader of the rogue Shinobi ā€œHomuraĀ“s Crimson Squadā€, neither good nor bad just following their own desires; can feel in her heart, that her rival, Asuka is talking about her. She wants to train since if Asuka becomes stronger than her it would be the end! Mirai (the short one-eyed girl) tells her that all of them would love to leave this sucking job, but they are doing this because Homura herself wanted to eat turkey this Christmas.

Homura then starts thinking about her choice for having a nice and good Christmas dinner or training and become stronger! Soon, her eyes have come with a realization! She can do both! By moving her legs very fast she will be training her body!


Soon all of the Squad is doing the same thing while promoting the Christmas event.

Back with Yumi and Asuka, they are trying various clothes and itĀ“s eye candy time for us! After that itĀ“s time to eat and both girls start eating some pancakes, Asuka with big and unrefined bites while Yumi with small and delicate ones. Asuka starts taking a photo of her food, while Yumi says that she doesnĀ“t have a smartphone since she use letters of a telegram if its something very urgent. Asuka then says that if Yumi had a smartphone she would be texting her all the time, like she does with her friends!


After eating both girls have stated that they are enjoying this quiet time they have, one without fights or anything that put their lifeā€™s at risk. Yumi says that it might be similar to the <<<Sword and Shield>>> that Asuka always say: That analogy comes from her grandfather Hanzo (also he is a big pervert) who says that power can be a sword; but a sword only hurts, therefore one needs to make it a shield in order to protect what you love while destroy what might harm themā€¦ That is justice for both.

Following that analogy, Yumi says that when itĀ“s time to relax one must relax and enjoy it their fullest; but when is time to duty or train one also has to give their all. Both girls were ready to separate until Asuka detects that the cat ears she bought for her friend Katsuragi arenĀ“t thereā€¦ So both girls use their ninja abilities to search for them!


The search starts and Homura can feel the presence of Asuka and challenges her for a battle; but ultimately Asuka turned her down since she is busy right now and leaves; meanwhile Yumi ahs found the gift and is ready to tell Asuka, although she doesnĀ“t have a cellphoneā€¦

Meanwhile: Ikaruga, Katsuragi, Yagyu and Hibari are walking together, they went buying giftsā€¦They are AsukaĀ“s team members and the ones who she fight alongside against Hebijo, Crimson squad and even Gessen in the past, her comrades at arms and friends for a lifetime. In front of them two mysterious girls are watching them, their uniforms have shown their alliance, they are from Gessen in their middle school division. One of them ask what is justice to them? Ikaruga tells them the sword and shield analogyā€¦ Such answer is mocked by the twin sisters, who are ready to show them what they believe is Justice!

Back with Asuka, she has been contacted by Yumi via paid telephone, she has the gift and is checking where see her in order to give it to her. Suddenly the call stops and the young Shinobi is able to see some Youma, beings from hell whose only purpose is to bring pain and destruction to the world!


Meanwhile Yumi is on her way until she clashes with other person, and a pin with a sword and a shield falls from such beingā€¦

Back with Asuka, the twins have appeared and mocks her for how much problem she had by dealing with those weak Youma! The twins present themselves as Senkou and Gekkou! And they want to teach the girl of the <<<Sword and shield>>> nonsense the true meaning of justice! The fight starts and Asuka starts getting damaged, not only the enemy is bigger in numbers; but they arenĀ“t weaklings either! Soon they show her HibariĀ“s hair band now stained with blood; Asuka, damaged and bloody, gets up again and starts attacking them!


Sadly for her the twins starts beating her to the point where her clothes, body and mind gets damaged! Soon the girls leave a beaten up Asuka in the ground, near a car, leaving her for dead.

Meanwhile Yumi gives the pin back to the girl who receives it; such being looks at her and it seems she knows her from somewhereā€¦


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

We have started a new series!! Welcome, welcome and thanks to read and watch with me Senran Kagura Shinovi Master: Tokyo Youma-Arc! I has been a fan of the series since the first game (that got localized) on the 3DS and have bought almost all of the iterations, sans the ones that appeared on the PSVita; in any case I was a little nervous since the original anime was somewhat boring, and was afraid that the same case would repeat again. Luckily that isnĀ“t the case and it has been shown in one heck of a chapter!


While the animation and art was clearly cheap (Just compare it to either the animeĀ“s visual key, yaegashi nanĀ“s artwork or the anime openings of the games) it still was good enough to give it a pass and enjoy the interactions, the cuteness, the sexiness and that amazing fight sequence!

Man I have to give some honorary mention to that last sequence and how gruesome it was, that change in tone was truly fantastic for me since while I enjoy the more lighthearted tone that the Shinovi games (Aka the Playstation games) I actually loved the more darker story that was featured on the 3DS titles and it seems this anime is aiming for a middle ground, which is something that I wonĀ“t complain!

Finally, seeing Homura and the rest of her squad is pure loveā€¦ Yes, IĀ“m a fan of HomuraĀ“s Crimson Squad in general and Homura herself in particularā€¦I canĀ“t have enough of that beautiful green-eyed tanned hot-blooded tomboy!


Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!