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Chapter 20.


We Start the Chapter on Grecce, specifically on the East part of the Sanctuary, a forbidden part were the Temple of Eris is build.

Mayura and her Diciples are in there, she is explaining them that although Eris and her Dryads are death, the bad feelings of the people, their hathred, lust, destruction, jealously, and all of their evil deeds becomes something called "Soul Fragment", those Souls fragments are gathering in here and as the human hearth is like that and the conflict continus, evil beings will continue appearing and attacking the humanity. But Why?, ask one of her Diciples, Why are they here?.

Mayura responds him that those Soul fragments are gathering here because they are waiting for a New god.


Suddenly the stream of Soul fragments directs towards them in order to attacking them!.

But a Mysterious Person saves them...Sans Mayura since she is super strong and all :P.


And who is this Mysteripus person you say?!. Well Its...

Shoko!!, Alongside Mii and Xiaoling. The three of them are finally here!, and have gained a lot of habilities thanks to her training with Marin!.


Then we know that the day before Saori , alongside Seiya and the rest of the Main characthers of Saint Seiya, went to Greece to confront the Patriarch, Saori told her Saintias about these Soul fragments.

Saori also told them about her plans on going to the Sanctuary in order to chat with the Patriarch and solve their problems once and for all, that she has sent him a letter already anouncing her incoming to that place.

The Saintias are worried because she is going alone, but Saori told them to not to worry, that she is the Goddess Athena after all, and that maybe she can convince some Saints on her way.


Mii is still reluctant to let her go just like that, until someone appears.

Andromeda Shun appears!. He told our group of heroines that he believes in Saori, and that his Brothers-Seiya and the others- believe her too.


Shoko Recognices him from the Galaxian Wars tournament and Xiaoling is looking at him like "Whos this dude believe he is?! >:(" .

Anyway, Shun Retires and Saori has a final Say, that the Equuleus Armor has beed repaired and that Shoko is finally the Official Equuleus Saintia!!.


So Back at the present those things keep attacking them so is time to use their armor!!.

Shoko is kicking some asses, but she remembers something... a promise she made with Saori, that both of them will survive.

meanwhile with Saori. and her saints.


She has just arrived alongside Seiya and the others. A Guide from the Sanctuary receives them and tells Saori that the patriarch has received her letter and he also wants to speak to her. But then something happens the thing tha obligated that Seiya and the others entered violently in the 12 Zodiac temples and confronts the 12 Gold Saints.

Athena receives an arrow in her Hearth. This Special arrow has a poison, a poison made of Cosmos and will drain her life in 12 hours. The only cure is the Athena´s Shield which is located at the statue behind the Patriarch chamber and in order to get there, Seiya and the rest of the Bronze Saints will have to cross the 12 Zodiac Temples. A Violent battle is about to begin!.


When that incident happens, Shoko and the Saintias feel it, but theres no time to wonder what just happened since another enemy is aproaching!. So Now Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Swan Hyoga and Andromeda Shun will have to fight the Sanctuary.


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

An excellent chapter!. the drawings of Kuori, the mangaka, are something so delightful to see!. Too bad that the manga will enter in a Hiatus until June, the reason?, who knows. But i wish to Kuori the best if its an illnes or a nice relax if is for something like vacations or something.


The Chapter in general is well toned, and encompass very well with the original Manga created by Kurumada. Now is time to see what will happens now.

I will speculate a litle and say that i feel that its probably that we see some old faces within the Shoko side, im thinking on Orion Rigel, and maybe Eris could reborn, since Shoko wassupposed to be her vessel and those things are searching for a god and all.

Anyway, my two cents.

See you next time and happy reading!