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First. The full Cast of Saintias Has been finally revealed!. From This:


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Now Let´s Get to the Chapter!.

Chapter 19.


Sho And Xiaoling are in Shock after hearing the News of the attack at the Academy.

And Saori comes...To Give more bad news.


That, as they may know, the Sanctuary is finally making his moves (The Katya Incident, the destruction of the Saintia Academy and other stuff of the original Saint Seiya Manga). So more attacks will Come and...

The Saintias are too weak and won´t be needed in this fight.

That came as a pill hard to swalow. Shoko Asks her then who will protect her?.

Saori answers her that if she can´t protect herself. Then she won´t be able to comand all of the Saints Army.


Mii then reminds Saori that Shoko is still a Saintia in Training, so how she will fullfill her train?. Saori answers her that she has contacted someone who will help her , and the others, to train and become stronger.

That Person is...


Aquila Marin! (A Female Saint and the Master of Pegasus Seiya) She ask our three Saintias that give her all and try to punch her, the one that can do it will have a real fight against her. So our Saintis go and attack her!.

And Marin beat them with a single move. She say that will they have grace, their attacks have lots of holes, that the enemy won´t see them dance or anything.


Also that the Attacks made by Shoko are too frontal and predictable, so the enemy will easily read her and destroy her.

Also she states that she her suspects about he Saintias were true, that they are nothing more than Glorified Maids and as Maids they would be better making the food and cleaning the House.


A Beated Shoko still keeps fightning, Marin looking her determination says that she has pretty eyes and ask her name.

Shoko responds her, obviously saying her name.

Marin says that Mayura told her about her. And Now she is preparing her technique.


The Meteor Punches! (Ryuseiken or Meteoros) . Marin states that this technique is about giving punch quite fast, and someone with a strong Cosmos can make this technique have an unlimited Power. And that this Technique could be ideal for her.

Then Marin says that if they want to be useful and fight alongside Athena, it´s better that they get up and give her all!. Shoko, Mii, and Xiaoling prepare to keep thei training!.


Meanwhile Saori is looking at the ruins of the Galactic Dome, now destroyed by the Saits of the Sanctuary, Tatsumi tells her that she has to call the Saintias to protect her.

Saori tells him that She has "fired them", and that she doesn´t want to be a baggage, but to fight alongside her Saints, and support this batle for justice.


Meanwhile at the Sanctuary. The Patriarch has gathered his Gold Saints (with the exception of the ones that represents: Geminis,Sagitarius,Libra, Aries ). Specifically: Taurus Aldebaran, Virgo Shaka, Leo Airoria, Cancer Death Mask, Aquarius Camus, Scorpion Milo, Capricorn Shura, Pisces Aphrodite.

The Patriarch tells them that a fake Athena, an embodiment of evil has risen in Japan and that person is menace and a diessieving person, someone who will try to destroy the sanctuary alongside her traitors Saints.


The Patriarch calls to the Maxim alert in order to destroy this Menace, not only to the Sanctuary, but for the world itself!. So he orders the Gold Saints to destroy the enemy!.

After That, Milo is wondering...Thinking that something weird is happening inside the Sanctuary...The Fight against the rebels Saints, the weird ruours about the Patriarch, and...A strong and weird Hunch he has.


The Epic Battle for the Sanctuary will Begin soon!

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My Impressions.

It was quite a Good chapter!. We see how Shoko will know about her technique, the Equuleus Ryuseiken! (Minor Horse Punch or Meteoros de Caballo Menor). Also, the fact that the fight for the Sanctuary will begin. We will see if the Saintias will have something on this fight or we will finally reach the Prologue chapter (which situates itself litle after the Sanctuary Arc). Anyway. ¡Something good will come!.


Also Kuori is having more details to the fights, which in the begining were somewhat boring. So thats a good thing.

Anyway. My 2 cents.

So see you next time and happy reading!.

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