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Chapter 56


The chapter starts with Shoko who has just woken up, she quickly remembers what happened and how Phobos took the Kanzashi and distributed them in all of Eden. Soon the servant of Ares appears and tells Shoko and the others that their treasure hunt has begun! Every Saintia has been transported to a different place on this garden, a place near to their dear treasure: Katya is in the River of Oblivion; Elda on The Valley of Atrocity; Mii in the Lake of Oaths; Xiao in the Forest of Famine and finallyā€¦Shoko is in the Mountain of Ruin. Phobos says his goodbyes and warns them to be prepared to whatever thing might await for our Heroines in such places.

Shoko then wonders how they would find such small things on places like those, especially now that they have been separatedā€¦ Suddenly the Lunar Hagoromo starts shinning, a guide towards the Kanzashi? With little guide, Shoko decides to continue and follow where the holy mantle wants her to go.Ā 


Back on Earth, Milo has found Rigel, who it seems has modified his Body, the Scorpio Gold Saint asks the former Orion Silver one what does he want? Rigel answers and says that he is not a Ghost Saint, nor he is called Rigel anymoreā€¦ He asked to his Goddes to be reform a new as a full-fledged Dryad and now he answers to the name of Pain Argea!

Argea attacks Milo, the attack is stronger than when he was named Rigel! Still Milo is able to survive the attack and admits that yes, Argea is different from Rigelā€¦ Rigel had honor and was a Man who would have done anything for the people he loved! Even throw himself to the deepest darkness! Argea is just a Tool of Eris that uses his power without any real determination!


The combat continues and the techniques of both combatants clash against each other!

Meanwhile, back in Eden, Katya is in searching for her Kanzashi, the Hagoromo ahs guided her towards a cave, she enters. The place is very cold, she wonders if a Dryad or a Phantom could be the culprit of all of this? She remembers the words of Elda and how thatā€¦person was at the Eris temple the other timeā€¦But who was it? Katya canĀ“t remember the name, face or anything about such personality; but thatĀ“s not allā€¦ She is forgetting everything nowā€¦ What is happening?Ā 


Suddenly Katya feel a presence and demands it to present itself! A female voice answers and says that she is the ruler of Oblivion, and the one who will kill herā€¦ItĀ“s only fair since she killed her when she was humanā€¦And her Sister.

A face that she recognizes comes to Katya! And she calls her nameā€¦ Maria.

Chapter 57


The chapter start exactly where the past one left off, with Katya in front of Mariaā€¦ Her little Sister; the Corona Borealis Saintia canĀ“t believe what she is seeing, her Sister is a Dryad! Maria says that this is not the first time she saw her like that thoughā€¦Since she was the Dryad that injured herā€¦Of course that time the Patriarch came in and saved her, but nowā€¦There is no pest that can butt in!

Maria Attacks and Katya receives it! Katya can only feel remorse while the memories comes into her mind.Ā 


Some years ago.

Two little Sisters have appeared in front of the Saint Academy: Katya and Maria, both have been selected to have the abilities to be a Saintia. Maria is worried and wonders if one day they could go back and see Mom again? Katya says that yes, they will see her, they just need to give their best and then everything will come eventuallyā€¦ Besides she is here, so she will protect her.Ā 


Some years later, Maria is facing problems in the fighting part, so much that her teacher is tired of her and is heavily considering another candidate for the Corona Australis armorā€¦

That night, Maria has woken up in the cabin where she and her Sister will sleep; Katya has been taking care of her, Maria reveals that she has heard what her Master saidā€¦ That she is going to be kicked out, she confesses that she does not like to hurt others and is too afraid to get hurt! Katya calms her Sister and tells her that while she might not be suitable for battle, she still has a big control of Ice, so there are ways where she can fight her opponent without really damaging it or getting hurt herselfā€¦ She can focus in defense or restrainā€¦ So she should ask the teacher for another chance and that time She is sure she will make it! Maria smiles and believes herā€¦Ā 


Sometime after that when both Sisters where in the Saint Academy in the middle of the night the emergency bells where heard everywhere, Katya wonders what is happening until Kyoko comes and tells her that her Sister Maria has committed high treason and tried to attack Athena! Katya canĀ“t believe what ShokoĀ“s Sister is saying! Katya continues and tells her that Mii is checking up on Athena, although the whereabouts of Maria are still unknown!

Katya starts searching for Maria, she cnapt believe that her Sister would do such actions! Soon she finds her.


Maria tells her older Sister that they all have been cheated, the Athena in here is not real; just a rich girl called Saori Kido, the real Athena is in Greece, in the Sanctuary! Katya demands answers and wants to know who has told her that?!

Maria Says that itĀ“s the True Athena through a divine interventionā€¦ She has invited her and Katya to come and join her, she will give them true armorsā€¦ Maria extends her hand towards Katya and an attack comes and reaches the Corona Borealis Saintia!

Maria snaps out and says that something weird is happening to her! Her body is moving on her own! She begs her Sister for help, Katya can feel an evil cosmo coming from Mariaā€¦There is something controlling her body! Maria attacks and Katya defends herself! She is not able to control her Cosmo while both attacks clashes each other!Ā 


Maria ends totally frozen, soon her whole body disintegrates with the Ice, leaving a crying Katya alone, a woman who has murdered her precious little sisterā€¦

End of the Chapters

My Impressions

Better late than never, but here we are with 2 chapters! These chapters where good individually, but together are quite amazing, although I have to say that the second one still has the only defect I have with Saintia Sho and is how it cuts you when the things start to get good since the chapters from some time ago has been of 20 pages at most; luckily the effect was diminished this time around since we got a lot of story development for Katya and came to understand Maria, her relationship with Katya and everything in between for the relationship between the 2 of them in a successful way in a span of a single chapter, so I have high expectative for the next one since it will most likely focus in the fight between the 2.


Now there is still the stuff with the fight between Rigā€¦I mean Argea and Milo, if you ask me, whatever the result will be Argea will continue to be alive and will go and fight against most likely Shoko, Since I think this will not be his last standā€¦ Of course , I could be wrong, but I would like to see more Shoko fights! And talking about herā€¦ Judging by the placeĀ“s name she isā€¦her opponent might as well be Ate, which makes sense since Ate has had a beef with her from quite some time.

Finally, and because IĀ“m already hereā€¦ This MonthĀ“s chapter will have information of the Anime! So IĀ“m hyped for it!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time and happy reading!

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