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In The Latest Chapter Of... Saintia Sho (Ch.54)

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Chapter 54


The chapter starts in the Sanctuary, Jabu and the rest of the Bronze Saints alongside Shaina, Georg and Juan can see that the seeds of evil spread has been stopped, still they haven´t relaxed since now a giant star is coming to Earth!

Meanwhile the Gold Saints are talking about such situation, Shaka has calculated that they have 7 hours before the giant meteorite crash with the Earth; still Mu is convinced that if he and the Virgo Gold Saint join their forces they can slow it and then everyone can attack it and destroy it; still around the meteorite 5 evil cosmos can be felt…Could those ominous presences spread the evil seeds or will they deliver that bomb in the form of the meteorite?! Whatever the case, a violent fight is coming for the Gold Saints.


Back in Eden, Harmonia is singing until a manly voice shuts her, it´s a voice she recognizes, it was Deimos, the God of Terror and Harmonia´s brother; Deimos says that such song won´t help their Master Ares; Harmonia says that she was singing since she though that she could help Ares who is resting right now, healing himself while using Athena´s energy.


The God of Terror says that Ares will get healed in due time, with songs or not, she only has to worry about the protection of the Garden; Harmonia then says about her encounter with the Saintias and how her spells didn´t give a thing to them, although that might be because Artemis is protecting them; but still… They keep fighting, Deimos says that the Dryads will get them; but Harmonia is not so sure about that since they already defeated Phonos and Pione, so if they keep advancing is just a matter of time before they crawl out of the underworld and fight the stronger Dryads… and destroying this garden on the meantime.

Harmonia then begs her Brother for his help toa void such fate for the Eden; Deimos then reveals that Harmonia hates to fought and that is Ok, Ares land is for the people with a strong will to fight; the ones who don´t can live in the Eden and never worry about anything. Deimos then leaves and tells her that her anxiety will soon disappear, so she has nothing to worry about.


Meanwhile the Saintias are still climbing up and they can see the light, until Mii stops them and tells them that Saori´s Cosmo has disappeared suddenly a voice talks to them, Mii detects a Marigold flower, which means despair, the voice tells them that Athena has been sacrificed to Ares, so now they don´t have anything to fight for… Still our Heroines don´t believe in that voice and demand the Dryad to show itself!


The voice says that he is not a Dryad, not a brute being like those that compose Eris army; but rather he is something divine.


In front of our Heroines, Phobos, the God of Fear has appeared and it seems he wants something with the Saintias!

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A very short chapter, it wasn´t truly exciting in the sense that not much happened in both fronts from Earth and with the Saintias, still it is interesting that we got 2 more characters on, which are Phobos and Deimos and it seems that a fight is coming against them! Which is curious since I would have bet that the fights against the Dryads would have continued.


In any case we got to know a little more about the thinking of Ares in the voice of Deimos, who has said that the ones who will fight will be on Earth; while the ones who don´t will be on Eden…And that is something interesting since it doesn´t paint Ares as a personification of evil, just more about the desire of an endless conflict for the ones who wants such a thing. Also in the case of Harmonia I have a feeling that she might have some secret super power or something, although I might be wrong.

All in all it was a very okayish chapter; but waaay to short for it´s own good.

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Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time and happy reading!

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