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Chapter 53


The chapter starts with Elda, she has opened her eyes, calming both Shoko and Xiaoling who were afraid of the worst; still Katya and Mii ask her what happened with Death Mask and if she was able to defeat him? Elda says that no, she wasn´t able to do the job, it was Mu the one who was able to stop him.

Still, Elda explains that when it came the moment she was able to separate the Soul of the deceased Gold Saint from the Dryad which then made that Death Mask defeat the Eris servant… That was that Dastard… No, that Gold Saint overwhelming strength.


The weird smile and the relief of her eyes impress her companions, where Shoko says that she could only see him as a bad guy all this time; Mii for her part wonders if Death Mask had a change of heart now… Whatever the case Katya is pleased to know that there is no more hatred and desire for vengeance inside Elda, since that means that the Cassiopeia Saintia no longer has an evil seed inside of her.

Xiaoling then enters the conversation and ask her how was Elda able to separate the soul of Death Mask from the Dryad? Elda says that she did it by stabbing the Golden Kanzashi on his forehead, making clear that these sacred objects indeed have power and they need to give them to Athena.

At the same time Xioling then says that if that´s the case then they could rescue all the souls that have become Dryads now! The human souls can still be saved! Elda tells her that is nonsense… Since if one makes the enemy well being their priority they will end up dead…That time with Death Mask she was able to do it because of the circumstances and a lot of luck, so yeah… Better not to worry about that and now it´s time to keep going!


Meanwhile Eris is putting Saga…No, Ares body near Athena in order to be healed by the tree… At the same time, on Earth, Shaka is communicating himself with Milo, Aioria and Aldebaran who are in various different locations of the world in order to destroy the meteorites. Shaka explains them that Athena was able to defeat Saga, although soon enough after that the cosmos of both Saga and Athena vanished, so that might have been a trap from the Goddess of Discord. Aioria says that he has had enough and demands Shaka to transport him to Eris temple! He will defeat Eris and will rescue Athena! Shaka says that it´s not possible since there is a barrier that doesn’t let anyone enter such place. Aioria says that is bull! Especially because after Saga was defeated the barrier surely weakened so he just needs to explode his Cosmo to break it!


Suddenly Roshi, the old master of the five old peaks and the Libra Gold Saint, enters the conversation and says that it would be just a wasted effort; that the barrier is stronger than ever and if any human tries to enter they will be sent to an alternative dimension without any chance to return back… So right now the only thing they can do is trust Athena and protect the Earth until her return. Milo then asks if the meteorites aren´t over then? Shaka enters and says that something big is coming, something filled with grudge and hatred… One feed since the Myth Era.

Back with Eris, she keeps nurturing Ares and starts calling him “Little Brother” and that he can nurture himself by using the life of Athena, she also that he is beautiful… But lets focus on the story part on this moment :P


Eris also says that it is indeed a miracle that both of them have reunited on this era, and that he, when he was human, followed his warrior instinct and fought Athena under the disguise of the Patriarch and the Gemini Gold Saint

It is said that in the era of Myth Eris and Ares where Brothers, both Gods of War and conflict, participating on the human conflicts and getting intoxicated on the blood and violence that comes from the battles… That is until Zeus decided to put his Daughter Athena, another Goddess of War, in charge of this planet…And the she just decided on her own ego to decide what was good and bad on this world! Therefore Athena decided to exile both of them; Ares fell on her trap and was damaged, sending his soul to somewhere far, far away!


Then Eris made a vow that she will defeat Athena, will take the Earth from her and will make this planet on a paradise engulfed in conflict; that she will bring back her beloved and beautiful brother… Sadly for her soon enough her soul was trapped too in that apple was sent far away in the universe; but now It is time for revenge and Ares soul is coming in the form of the Comet Neo Repulse!

While Eris says that an enormous celestial being is approaching to Earth.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A very interesting chapter! It didn´t had some cool action scenes like the past ones; but that´s understandable since the fight against Death Mask has ended and we are in between battles, at the same time it was also necessary to explain more things about the story and to make it clear the connection between Saga and Ares, since in the beginning it was more feasible to theorize that Eris was just manipulating Saga by boosting his ego by calling him Ares and all of that in order to have him dancing to her tune; but now, we know that Eris real plan was to use Saga´s body as a vessel to the real God of War, which will it totally destroy my theories it is actually kinda cool in a way!


My only complaint in that regard (and it´s more of an obsessive guy who has read this manga like 5 times already) is that the memory showed us Eris on her “Kyoko” form, when it was revealed back in the first story arc that Eris soul (and most likely true body form) was more similar to Shoko, it´s no biggie though especially when the form of Eris has been linked to the one with Kyoko for so long; but still it´s something I detected… Oh well.

Another point and I will make a little theory is that when Xiaoling´s turn to come to fight enters (mostly with Yu-Fa) she will try to save her separating the human soul from the Dryad, and… I don’t know what will happen after that, it could go either way really… But yeah, I think that will happen with Xiaoling!


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Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time and happy reading!