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Chapter 52


The chapter starts exactly where the past left off, with the Cancer Gold Armor appearing in front of Elda, Pione though that the armor was protecting the Saintia; but soon it realizes that it´s not only that since a will is using the armor.

Soon the armor divides itself and Death Mask spirit appears using it! Elda is impressed and flabbergasted by such thing, while at the same time it´s amazed by how shinning it´s the armor right now.


Death Mask is impressed by seeing that Elda is still here, still he is just a little thankful that she helped him to open his eyes… Which he could do anytime because he was just faking it that he joined with Eris… Or something…


In any case now that Death Mask is in here, he has somethings to do to the Dryad in front of him! The Dryad tries to attack him; but the Cancer Gold Saint stops him easily! Death Mask then says that since he is already death and he will kill the Dryad in front of him… He doesn´t want to see the face of this being for all eternity so Death Mask uses his technique and vanishes Pion before dissapearing says that during the brief time they where together the Dryad could see that Death Mask was sort of Okay with Eris Objective; the Cancer Gold Saint says that it was an interesting dream… nothing more.


Later Shoko and the other Saintias start waking up; Shoko starts remembering what happened… although her train of though is stopped by seeing that Elda still hasn´t woke up!


Meanwhile Elda is the last Saintia to go, she is seeing Death Mask, her face looks that she wants to tell something to the previous Cancer Gold Saint. Death Mask sees her and wonders why she hasn´t leave the place, if she is too tired from the fight Mu can take her back.

Elda says that is not the case, it´s just that she realizes that powerful people like him are something necessary to bring justice and good to the world, still… What he has done when he was alive wasn´t justice at all, just merciless power and a proof that sometimes the powerful or the winner aren´t in the right… And she recognizes that the Saintias might not have such powers; but still… They are decided to keep protecting Athena, so She ask him to look from the underworld how even weak people can get the things done!


Death Mask just smiles while Elda´s spirit disappears back to her body. At the same time, Mu is looking at the already deceased Cancer Gold Saint; Death Mask ask him what he is doing? Mu just is grateful that thanks to him he has found some counter measures against the Dryads… That is all. Before leaving, Mu just says that he can see that while Death Mask can be a pain to deal with… He has a soft side inside of him; Death Mask ask him what did he said? Mu just says that the Cancer Armor is the one that suits him the best and leaves… In the end Death Mask looks at the sky and yells that He is indeed the Cancer Gold Saint!


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

An overall Ok chapter, I would have loved that Elda had defeated Pione instead of Death Mask; but I sort of understand that the guy needed some redemption (especially if we take into account the role he will have on the Hades Arc in the original manga), still… I think it could have been better.


Now… After various chapters the fight against Death Mask has come to an end and it´s time to keep going; now taking that into account I hope that the next fights are either shorter or the chapters longer since 20 pages long it´s too short for a monthly manga! (that thing is fixed on the volumes BTW where the chapters gets a lot of new scenes) still… I hope that Elda gets to fight another Dryad and she show us more what she is made of and reach (for a second time) the Seventh Sense! At the same time I hope the other girls reach it too, and that their fights gets cooler and cooler!

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Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time and happy reading!

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