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Chapter 48


The Chapter starts exactly where the past left off. With the Saintias in front of Death Mask, the former Cancer Gold Saint, now resurrected thanks to the Seeds of Discord! Elda tries to wanr her comrades; but Death Mask doesn´t let any minute to be wasted and quickly makes his “Infernal Waves” technique!

He has sent their souls to other world, the link between our reality and the land of the Dead, the Yomotsu Hirasaka! Death Mask believes his work is already done, the girls will soon join the hundred and hundreds of souls awaiting to fall in such place to end in the land of the dead… And sadly that seems to be the case…


Except for Elda, she has seen and experienced such attack in the past and the same technique won´t succeed a second time once it has been seen by a Saint!

Meanwhile Saori was able to defeat Saga, his cosmos has exploded; but someone came to rescue him, Eris who now has him on her arms


Athena has had enough of Eris manipulating the poor Soul of the one who once was the Gemini Gold Saint! Eris for her part says that she won´t let Athena to keep damaging the beautiful being that is now on her arms, the one who would conquer the world and be the new divinity of her world.

Eris suddenly Attacks Saori and it seems that Nike´s staff starts to crack! Eris then says that what Athena is doing is cruel… To deny the marvelous potential of Saga, the one who would led to a higuer evolution for humanity, the chosen one to rule a world filled with conflict. Suddenly some tree roots starts covering Saori.


Back with Elda and her fight against Death Mask, the former Gold Saint says that she is that Lad who resurrected him, still he says that she must be just lucky for having survived his technique, and the corpses of her friends are getting lonely, are yearning for her. Elda turns around and see the bodies of the other Saintias scattered on the ground.

Elda by seeing such picture can´t help; but remember that this same scene she watched it when the Saint Academyw as destroy by the hands of the Man who now is in front of her!

Death Mask says that their mission is futile, they won´t be able to save Athena! Elda says that if he doesn´t care about Athena even then he was a Saint before?! Or the humans who now are in grave Danger?! The former Cancer Gold Saint says that he doesn´t care for Athena and the human lives are just trash that needs to be disposed of… Death Mask says that now that this has a new life he will live however he wants!...This Life that Elda gave it to him!


Elda has had enough of him! She says that if she is able to defeat him, her friends will be saved! Their souls are still at Yomotsu, so there is still time to save them! Death Mask just mocks her and says that the difference in their power is gigantic, she won´t be able to do nothing against him!... Like those other 2 times.

Elda says that the person in front of him it´s not a human, nor a Gold Saint, just a Ghost that was born from her own hatred! So she will vanquish him! Elda Attacks!


Elda´s Greatest Eruption is stronger than before! Death Mask is quite impressed, really…

Although in the end the attack didn´t make a dent on the Former Cancer Gold Saint, he says that Elda has gotten better since he was able to burn some hairs of his… Death Mask returns the attack to the Cassiopeia Saintia and she gets damaged!


Death Masks says that there is now say that a girl like her could ever defeat him, Elda, who now is out of energy, wonders if she won´t be able to ever defeat him? To save her friends? To save Athena?!

A Memory of a distant past comes to Elda, when she was a Child and saw a town completely destroyed… Death Mask then grabs Elda and says that since she is so obnoxious that resist in going to the land of the dead then he will bring her there himself!


Death Mask carries Elda and both of them start going to the Yomotsu Hirasaka!

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A good chapter all around, I like that the fight between Death Mask Vs. Elda is going to be intence, still I have hopes that Elda will be able to defeat him, I mean this guy even doesn´t have a Gold Armor (that´s a look a like) Still I am a little worried that Elda might not make it or ended up dead; but I will take that front on a future paragraph.


Other important point is that Saga- Ares is now all damaged, I think still that Eris will heal him since she wants him to be “her Patriarch” since it has been obvious that even with a double power-up, Saga is still far bellow of a true God, so he ended up half- dead now. Still I am eager to know what Eris is planning.

Now going back of the fate that Elda might face, I am not saying it because I think she would lose, on the contrary, I am sure that she will win! What I am worried is the consequences of it, because she (and other Saintias on their respective fights) will ended up not just in a very bad shape; but straight up dead! And yeah, I don´t want that. This fear it´s alimented by the facts that Olivia said that they most likely be the last generation of Saintias and it´s possible that not all of them would survive; adding to that, everything points out that this will be the final arc since it´s the true test for the Saintias, there is no Gold Saint or other force of the Sanctuary in there, this IS their fight and they will have to face it alone now!

Whatever the case I hope that Elda survives (she is my favorite BTW) and the things are looking exciting.


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Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time and happy reading!