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Chapter 46

The chapter starts exactly where the past one left off; with Mayura and Aison in front of Olivia´s body Aison is decided in getting the body as the new vessel for Eris; but Mayura is set in not letting him doing so!


Both Warriors attack each other! A big white light can be seen.

Meanwhile with Shoko and the other Saintias, they have reached the garden of Eden, the place is beautiful and a big peace can be felt on the place. Still, their Hagoromo robes have disappeared and the Girls wonder why that happened. Still, there is no time to think too much about it, they have to continue and find Athena!


Afetr that, Shoko was able to detect Athena´s Cosmo, it was faint; but still, it was there, she is still alive. The Saintias run towards the Tree where such Cosmo is!

Suddenly they are stopped by a Mysterious Lady, she says that the Saintias are being too noisy and are destroying the peace and tranquility of Eris Garden.


She presents herself as Harmonia, the witch of Eden, the guide on this garden. Mii then ask her to step aside and let her pass, Harmonia says that she won´t let them, since after her it is the land of the Dryads. Katya and Elda supposed as much, so they will have to force their way towards Athena.

Harmonia continues her speech and says that Humans will only mess the harmony of the garden, and therefore are not welcome here.


Harmonia open her eyes and makes her attack! She tries to convert the Saintias into flowers for the garden!

Obviously such thing didn´t happened and Harmonia wonders why that is? Katya detects that it was the holy protection of the Hagoromo, while it´s form has disappeared the robe is inside their clothes protecting them!

Harmonia then decides to use another trick. The earth cracks and the Saintias goes down.


Now they will be prey for the hellish beings living in the darkness of the Eden… Still Shoko and the other Saintias are decided to keep going, no matter what!

Meanwhile Ares is preparing to leave. Eris ask him what is he planning to do? Which the God of Wars responds by saying that he is going to the Earth and kill the remaining Saints, the only intruders are those 5 Saintias, they are not match for him, so he is going…


Eris tells him to not to be so confident, especially because Athena has the custom of pulling miraculous victories even against all odds, besides there is something she detected when Athena came and faced her, that while she was ready to give her all in that fight… It seems that she was ready to do something if something went wrong.

Ares wonders if Athena let herself be captured, in any case Ares is ready now to show his powers and he will go and Kill Athena this right moment if that is the case!


Eris just slightly laughs and says that if he thinks he can do it, then he should…

Ares flies and prepares his Galaxian Explosion! In that moment a huge Cosmos comes from Athena and she opens her eyes! The power is so big that Shoko wakes up in what it seems to be a dark cave.


End of the chapter.

Chapter 47


The chapter starts exactly where the past one left off, Athena has opened her eyes and with the Goddess Nike she reveals her true powers to the former Gemini Gold Saint, now the self-proclaimed God of War Ares!

Saori says that she will not let Saga do what he pleases, not anymore! Athena´s Re-incarnation attacks Ares! 


The Self-proclaimed God of War is severely damaged by Athena´s Attack! Still he says that he won´t be defeated so easily! He is no longer human, he is a god now!!

Meanwhile the whole Garden trembles and Shoko can feel it, she has to hurry and find Saori, she keeps walking she then finds Xiaoling, who is unconscious, the Equuleus Saint goes to save her friend; but Xiaoling says that she must not get closer… Too late.


Shoko finds herself trapped in Spider web, just like Xiaoling. She has a bad feeling about all of this.

Suddenly a familiar voice is heard, and Murder Phonos, the first Dryad that Shoko faced back when she wasn´t a true Saintia appears! He says that now he will be able to delight himself with Shoko´s Body, and her delicious taste… Or he should go with the other one there?

Shoko free herself with her Cosmo and says that she won´t let herself be eaten by a Spider! Phonos says that he is no Spider; but rather the lord of Eden´s Underworld. Shoko says that he should be dead, she saw when Milo killed him!


Phonos just says that the Dryads aren´t dead, nor alive…As long their souls remains on the confines of the Tree they will keep existing.

Now Phonos is decided in eating both Saintias! Shoko attacks with her Equuleus Ryuseiken (Equuleus meteor punch); but the Dryad is able to avoid all the attacks! Similar thing happens when Xiaoling attack with her technique!


Phonos says that the attacks of the 2 “Tomboy Princesses” won´t hurt him, he is invinsible in the darkness of Eden. 

Phonos attacks damaging both Saintias! Now he wonders which girl should he start devouring? Still Xiaoling and Shoko are able to get up; and the Ursa Minor Saintia has a plan! Shoko and Xiaoling prepares to attack; Shoko says that they won´t let them be defeated by a mere Spider!


Phonos laughs and says that of they cut their limbs by will he will make them his brides!

Xiaoling makes a new technique which is basically a Star full of light which blinds the Dryad! It was as she suspected, Phonos can´t tolerate the light!

After that Shoko prepares her most powerful attack the Equuleus Suiseiken! (Equuleus Comet punch) defeating the Dryad!


After that, and guided by the light the Other Saintias are able to reunite with Shoko and Xiaoling. Shoko says that it was thanks to Xiaoling that they were able to defeat the Spider.

Xiaoling says that it was nothing; Shoko insist and says that she is more confident when she is around a friend like her…Xiaoling is happy to hear that.


In any case, now that they are reunited Mii suggest that they should go together… Elda says that isn´t such a good idea, since if a very strong enemy comes it might as well defeat all of them, Katya agrees and says that their objective is not to defeat the Dryads; but rather to bring the holy objects to Athena. The Xiaoling suggest that while they be separated, they wouldn´t be too separated, this in order that a teammate could go in the help of the other if she needs it.

Some steps are heard, and a voice who is mocking them comes with it, it was a voice that Elda knows too well; the voice of the Man she has sworn to destroy…


Death Mask the former Cancer Gold Saint has appeared and he is ready to battle!

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

Both chapters were really solid, although I enjoyed 47 a little more than 46, maybe because the chapter 46 was more like the “beginning, beginning” of the grand battle and 47 is the Battle, or battles since Shoko and Xiaoling had one and now without a moment of rest the Saintias will have to face another one, now at the hands of Death Mask, which tells me that now it´s the time for Elda to face him a third time and maybe she will be able to defeat him once and for all!


At the same time I liked how Ares was so full of himself, heck even Eris knew that the fact of calling him “Ares” was just to feed his Ego when in reality in a fight against a true divinity he would fail and be defeated, which is something we get to see right now; still I believe Saga hasn´t been defeated; but rather just damaged/weakened in order for Katya or any other Saintia to defeat him, in any case I am happy that this guy got a taste of his own Medicine and by the hands of Saori!

Another interesting point, and I will theorize a little, is that I believe that Aison will get Olivia´s body, and Mayura…She won´t die; but at most she will get injured…This is because Aison said that she is the last person he would like to see hurt. In any case, What I think is that Aison will retrieve Olivia´s body, and at the given time Eris will pass herself to Olivia liberating Kyoko from her control, making it for the final battle one held between Shoko and Kyoko (and maybe Saori) Vs. Eris now in the body of their Mother.

Still there are other fights that will come too, like Yu-Fa Vs. Xiaoling or whoever will face Disnomia or that Guardian of the Eden chick.


All In all I am very satisfied and excited for this chapters and Can´t wait to know what will happen next!

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Anyway, my two cents, See ya next time and Happy reading!