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Chapter 43


The chapter starts with a night sight of Tokyo, a meteor shower envelops the city filling it with lights, the citizens little did know that these meteorites where the messengers of a tragedy, the born of the greed and strife are coming to this world and the Bronze Saints that stopped the Patriarch´s intentions and stopped the Civil War can´t do anything on the condition they are in, injured and damaged the only thing they can do is to try to recover as swiftly as possible.

Meanwhile at the Sanctuary, the Saintias are flabbergasted for the sudden disappearance. Xiao enters in panic because she feels it was her fault for her disappearance since she gave her the medicine; the other Saintias convince her that wasn´t the case since there is no way that a medicine could have done that, Shoko says that surely this is Kyoko´s… Eris doing! So they need to go and confront her right now! 


Mii gives her opinion and says that must not be the case either, since when Athena opened her eyes, she could feel her Cosmo so that means that Athena regained her consciousness… Maybe Athena decided to go on her own free will? But Where? Couldn´t be?! No!

The fears of the Saintias are true and Saori went alone towards the enemy, she is decided to end all of this once and for all, and by not harming any other Saint, not anymore!

Athena is in front of Eris, who confess that she was feeling a little nostalgic remembering the times when she was a Saintia; Saori ask if Kyoko is still in there, and it is not only a shell…Eris, no, Kyoko says that she has always been her, from when she was Shoko´s sister to a Saintia and Athena´s protector to transform on the Goddess of Strife, the only difference is that she has left behind all the love that she has felt for Shoko now… So in truth she has reached the full Goddess status. 


Athena then says that she had some hope that Kyoko could be rescued from Eris intoxication she even held the same hope and desire as Shoko had waaay back when Kyoko was possessed by the Goddess of Strife; but no, not anymore! She is in here to destroy Eris no matter if Kyoko dies in the process!

Eris is not amused by Athena´s decision as a matter of fact that idea is laughable for her! Since there is no way that Athena, in the state she is right now, could even hope to defeat her in a one-to-one fight!


Athena says that may be right; but still, she is able to burst her whole cosmo, and if she does that the explosion would be so great that not even Eris could escape from it, therefore killing both Goddesses in the process! Saori has made her decision to stop her even if it at the cost of her life! 

Eris doesn´t feel any true killing intent coming from the Goddess of War, as a matter of fact she is just seeing a frightened and cornered child, maybe she could half-believe her if she had like some Saints with her; but no, she is alone!


<<<…Are you that scared? That the Saints would get hurt?>>>

Suddenly a lightning strikes Athena! Letting her unconscious, Eris greets the responsible of such action…Ares.

The former Gemini Gold Saint looks the unconscious body of Saori, Eris tells him that he can do whatever he wants with her, even tearing her body apart; wouldn´t that be a good revenge against the bratty Goddess that defeated him when he was still human?


Ares says that he is not interested in any of that, as a matter of fact he is disappointed in how weak Athena is. Eris says that he is right, as a matter of fact the way in how she was ready to throw her life reminded her to certain pair of Sisters she knows.

With her Cosmo, Eris rises Athena´s body and recites the next:

<<<O Poor Goddess trapped in the shell of a Human Heart … At least thou shall go into a peaceful slumber… And thou shall continue to produce the seed of conflict for all eternity , as the cornerstone of this tree…>>>


On Eris temple a mysterious Singer start chanting and between the roots of the giant tree, the Dryads start appearing they are getting more power: Athe, Phonos, Dysnomia, Yu-Fa and other Dryads start appearing in there, Eris army is getting ready to attack.

Back with the Saintias, they could feel an impressive amount of Cosmos coming from Athena; but this…Suddenly disappeared, something must have happened to her!


Shoko and the others decide to go head on to the battle! They must rescue her this instant! Suddenly a voice stops her and someone appears in front of the Saintias. 

Kyoko… No, Olivia, the deceased leader of the Saintias has appeared in front of them!


My Impressions

A very good chapter! This new arc starts amazingly well, and well founded for the motivation of the characters! From Saori´s actions to the Saintias who now will have to go and rescue, not forgetting also that it seems that Kyoko now has left all the love she felt for Shoko behind and now her only objective is to destroy the mankind.

Talking about objectives… I have a feeling that Evil Saga/Ares, it isn´t in truth evil; but rather a double agent, I mean… The original Evil Saga did everything in his power to Kill Athena; but this one? Nope, he just knocked her out and that was about it, adding to that fact that before Ares tried to convince Eris that she should free Athena from her slumber, and a somewhat painful face that he has it makes me think that maybe… This “Ares” in truth is not trying to kill Athena; but to protect her on the measure of his capabilities, since he can´t betray Eris right now.


Also I think that we will very soon get to know the whole mystery behind Olivia´s appearance and why Kyoko looks so much like her! Although I am more curious on what was what truly happened the night when Athena was born and Saga tried to kill her, what do the Saintias in General and Olivia in particular did that night? What was the “Sacrifice” that happened for them? There are still a lot of mysteries, that, if we go literal with the last words of the chapter (Final battle) needs to be addressed since we might be on the face for the final conflict against Eris!

Finally the Dryads are coming back and more powerful than ever! Athe, Phonos, Disnomia, Yu-Fa and a mystery one that could or could not be Mania since…I don´t recognize her! So now both teams have their own fighters plus including the Phantom Saints and Ares + DeathMask combo! So get ready because this arc there are going to be lots and lots of fights!

Anyway, my two cents so See ya next time and happy reading!