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Chapter 38


The Chapter starts exactly where the past left off, with Katya looking at the other side of Saga, the side who is filled with evil, the Patriarch´s imposter tells the Saintia that since now she has sought his face, she has to die and attacks her! Suddenly the Corona Borealis Armor appears between the 2 and stops Saga´s attack!

The Armor is filled with Athena´s Cosmo, she is protecting the Saintia, such Cosmo helps the good side of Saga to start gaining the control of the body, both parts of the personality of the Patriarch Imposter. Suddenly Klaus embrace the Patriarch and tells him that Katya needs to be safe, since she is an Athena´s messenger, someone who lead him to her and face what he has to face! Katya is able to leave that place.


After that Katya is thinking on what just happened, was that the true face of the Patriarch? No, it can´t be! Suddenly…


Aphrodite, the Pisces Gold Saint, has come and tells her that she is has to go, she is no longer needed in the Sanctuary. Katya agrees; but she wants to have an audience with the Patriarch one last time, Aphrodite tells her again that she has to go. Still Katya manages to go where the Patriarch is…

..Katya has found a new resolution, she wants to follow the Patriarch, she wants to devote her life to him, she knows that he is suffering and wants to help him…


The Patriarch ask her if she is not afraid of him? Which she says she isn´t…Instead, she says that her life is his property now, he can do what he wants with it…

...And so the Patriarch has a mission for his new recruit, to go and bring that Kid, Saori Kido to his presence… Now all the doubts in Katya´s heart has been dissolved, she now knows well that the only thing her beloved Patriarch wants is to be saved by Athena!


Now Katya, for the sake of the man she has come to love, will bring Athena to his presence and help him seek his redemption… Even if by the eyes of her comrades she is a traitor, she will help the Patriarch in his fight against the evil that is inside of him!


Suddenly Katya wakes up with a tremendous pain. Calisto, the Satellites General, is in there. Katya, still confused, asks Calisto about where she is? Which the Satellite answer by telling her that she is in the Lunar Palace, that Katya and her friend where supposed to be purified; but Elda was too rebellious and ended up bringing an evil being to this place, so she had to get rid of her… And now with Katya, the same luck will come for her since she will only bring more evil to this land…


Calisto attacks the Saintia; but Katya does a freezing barrier protecting herself! Katya tells Calisto that she can kill her if she wants; but first she needs to make sure that Artemis lends a hand to Athena! Artemis and the Satellites would bring so much help against Eris!


Calisto refuses to pass such advice if it comes from the mouth of the filthy maid in front of her!... But she might change her mind if Katya shows that she is sincere by makes a sacrifice…


The image of an Angelic Saga comes in front of the Saintia… the physical form of the “Veneration and Indoctrination”, in other words, all the love that Katya has for Saga… If Katya is able to destroy this image, Calisto will pass Katya´s request to the Goddess Artemis; but there it is to say that the moment Katya does that, all her feelings, memories, everything that has to do with Saga will be forgotten, she won´t recognize his voice, nor his appearance or face… This is her sacrifice, her punishment…

Katya´s eyes wide open…Her heart is beating hard…

<<<Can you do it?>>> Calisto Asks.

Katya looks with sadness the Angelic image of Saga…Her Patriarch.

<<<An answer is unnecessary…>>>


With pain in her heart and the power of the Cosmo, Katya destroys the image with her technique!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Ok… I will start by saying this… Calisto surely is a heartless witch! Although considering how has she treated the Saintias since she clashed with them it is to be expected from her…


Now talking about Katya, man she can be a good actress since now that we know her reasoning and why she sided with the Patriarch in the end, it truly is clear that she just wanted to bring Athena/Saori to the Patriarch and free him; but in the chapters that happened it seemed like in truth she only wanted to take Saori to the Patriarch in order to kill her since in that time she was a “Fake Athena” for the Sanctuary. In any case, it is somewhat sad the big sacrifice that she had to do in order to help Athena in her fight against Eris, although knowing how the things tend to go in Saint Seiya, I think that in a matter of time and by either the hand of an ally or an enemy, she will end remembering Saga.

Also… While Callisto has said that she has killed Elda, and now Katya, it is more than obvious that both girls will come back at some point in the future too, heck even in the next chapter!


No that the part of the moon it seems is over I guess the next batch of chapters will turn back a little about what is going on in the Earth, and I think it wouldn´t be too farfetched that this arc will shift focus instead of Eris to Evil Saga (AKA Ares), who will be the main baddie, I mean it is almost obvious that Death Mask is going with him because reasons… In any case the things ahead look promising.

Talking about the future, I think also it is time that we go back to know a little more about what happened that night when Athena was born and Aioros died protecting her, since it is obvious that there are more things than we know right now about the events that occurred that night, especially what role Mayura had in all of this, who was the baby? What happened to Olivia? Why she looks so much like Kyoko/Eris? I think that with a little more insight we can make a good conspiracy theory!


Anyway, that´s my two cents…So see ya next time and happy reading!