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Chapter 35


The Chapter starts with Aioros, who was sleeping, suddenly an Owl wakes him up and he detects that something bad is happening!

Meanwhile the mysterious Saintia is in front of the Patriarch´s Imposter. She reveals to be Olivia the Chief Saintia, the “Patriarch” warns her that if she steps in his way she will get killed! Still Ilivia has a clear resolve to not let him pass.

Also she warns the Patriarch that he can´t kill Athena, nor her. That´s because she is the owner of vital information regarding Athena´s body care, knowledge that has been passed generation to generation via oral tradition since the era of Myth. If the Patriarch kills her and all of that information disappeared, that would be a mortal sin.


A Huge amount of Cosmos is appearing within Olivia. The Fake Patriarch is amazed to such power. Still he has his own plans and agenda so he won´t be stopped!

Meanwhile Aioros has reached Athena´s temple and is running at full speed trying to avoid a tragedy!


Back with the Patriarch, the doors have opened, Olivia is nowhere in sight. The Patriarch´s imposter goes close to the baby with Dagger in hand, a grave crime is about to happen!

In another part, a younger Mayura is looking at the Sanctuary from a near village; she hears the cries of a baby, she turn around and see a Mother and two daughters. The mother is dead, the older sister is a mystery if she is alive; but the baby is alive and well.

Back on the present, Mayura is looking at the Sleeping Shoko. Mii and Xiaoling enters the room and greet her, Mii says that when they were investigating the records of the Sanctuary they found out that Mayura took a role in that fatidic night were the Patriarch and the Sagittarius Gold Saint were killed and the baby Athena disappeared.


<<<Mayura-Sama… Could it be that you know something about the Saintias that were used as sacrifices…?>>>

Meanwhile, at the moon temple, Elda wakes up after having a nightmare were she repeats the events of the day when Death Mask destroyed the Saintia Academy.


Elda can see that the arrow is still inside of her and tries to take him out to no avail; while she tries the image of Death Mask comes to her min with the words [Hatred and Jealousy]. Pit…I mean Ryuthus steps in and tell her that it´s impossible.

Ryuthus (after a little argue regarding the word “Brat) says that he came in here to check up on her. Elda asks where is Katya and Ryuthus tell her that she is in another prison. Also that those arrows weren´t throw in order to kill them…


Ryuthus continues saying that Callisto realized that killing them would be troublesome and could start a war between Saints and Satellites so the best is to make them purify and when that happens they can come back and ask again.

Ryuthus is happy with the idea and says that those arrows are cleansing them of their impurities and when they are pure again, he will happily remove those arrows! Pretty cool, huh?


Elda starts laughing.

She can´t believe those words, her hatred for Death Mask is just too much to be erased! Even more! She vowed that he will be killed by her own hands, and still a Bronze Saint just came and kill him instead in the 12 temples battle! And now she is still here, with her revenge, her hathred, her frustration, everything with her; she tries to convince herself that Death Mask died by Justice; but...

The anger suddenly takes the Cassiopeia Saintia she is angry for Death Mask, for how mightier than thou attitude the Satellites has! For everything surrounding this thing!


Elda tries again to put the arrow away from her chest! Ryuthus yells her to stop it but she doesn´t want to listen! She can´t stop hear the awful laugh of Death Mask! The Bastard that killed her friends and destroyed the Saintia Academy!

Meanwhile Callisto can feel a weird Cosmo…Just as she expected. Those girls weren´t not only impure for her attachment to a man; but they also have Evil Seeds implanted by Eris herself, those things get inside a human and start to root little by little, awaiting to the right moment to awake.


Back with Elda, from her chest something starts coming out, a flower that blossom and from it he has come back!

Death Mask has appeared in front of her!

End of the chapter.

My Impressions

A Good and short chapter! It was good that we got to see the a little more of Elda and how she thinks. Also I knew it! The Jealous is because she wasn´t the one who killed Death Mask, rather a Bronze Saint. She also was about to confess that she in truth didn´t wanted justice; but revenge, revenge against the one who killed her friends and school, and since Death Mask was killed by other person, all her frustration the disappointment and every other emotion inside her begun sprouting.


Now we will see her fighting against Death Mask or something for that matter.

On the other side we got to see some hindsight regarding the night that Athena came to this world and well…As of right now there it isn´t much sense; but I trust we will get to know more in the future chapters! Also what happened to the past Saintias and what was the “sacrifice” they keep saying.

More mysteries comes around then!

Finally…I have a gut feeling that by the end of this arc Ryuthus will have a especial attachment to Elda (<3)


Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time and happy reading!