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Chapter 34


The Chapter Starts with Katya and Elda in front of the Moon Temple…Which means one thing. That Owl took them to where Artemis, Athena´s Sister, is.

That Owl, it is said that an Owl has always accompanied the Goddess of War since the Mythologic Era. This Owl must be Athena´s partner!

Katya believes that was what Saga-Sama (her Hasubando) wanted, to go for the Owl and then that animal will lead them there since Artemis can help them in order to save Athena…Elda is not so sure about that since first: She doesn´t trusth Saga, and second she had high expectations to see Star Hill and look other more…Human possibility, rather to enter in a God´s Realm where they don´t know how to get out!


On any case both girls will have to keep going forward Katya adds that Artemis can be a little troublesome to deal with. Still the plan now is to go, get her help and then going back home!

That´s a plan which Elda approves by the way.

Our Heroines keep walking until the Artemis Sentries (Some Bunny girls with arrows) step forward and start attacking our Saintias! Those things doesn´t listen to any reason and just keep attacking!


Our Girls use their Cosmo and destroy the arrows with both Fire and Ice! Elda is pissed off from such “Rabbots” (SKD awesome made up word :P).


Katya tries to speak with the Rabbots; but it´s useless. They don´t hear to any reason and Elda starts getting inpatient; still Katya tells her to chill, since if they fight all hell will break loose especially because the Satellites (Artemis warriors) still haven´t appeared yet…

The Saintias start running from the Arrow attacks!


Suddenly different arrows are coming at them! Those aren´t some mindless attacks like the Rabbots do!...But truly strategic ones…

Who could be doing them?


Pit?!...I mean a Kid?!... I mean Not Pit?! On any case, such youngster is impressed that the Saintias avoided and even blocked the attack. He confess to them that he understands that the Saintias are the weakest of the weakest inside Athena´s ranks so he thought it would be funny to bully them for a little while… Still they are better than he gave them credit for.

The Kid still believes he has the upper hand and is talking like he has everything under control…


Until Elda decides to deal with him… and grabs him. Not-Pit starts crying and yelling, he says some rude words to our Girls here, which causes Elda´s anger…Still the kid is very scared. She yells for “Calisto-Sama” (Satellites leader) to help him!...And his voice is heard…

Someone comes; she calls him by his name, Ryuthos. She tells him to not to speak with such pitiful tone.


Callisto, Satellites leader and Artemis attendant has appeared! She apologizes in the name of Ryuthos. Elda says that they are sorry too for being rude with the Kiddo.

After the introductions, both Katya and Elda says that they have come in the name of Athena, who as of right now has been out powered and outnumbered against Eris Forces…They were searching for something that might help them, and then the Owl appeared and lead them to this place. So now they ask for help in order to defeat the Goddess of Strife.

Callisto understands and says that while she doesn´t know who or what lead them here, and even less their reasons, she says that Artemis is very happy that her Sister has reborn… Even the other day she went to pick flowers because she was so glad about that!


Callisto adds that Artemis loves her little Sister a lot and she is always guarding her and checking her. So… An alliance between the Sanctuary and the Satellites is not something too crazy to ask!

Our Heroes are relieved about that. Callisto also adds that she knows about some weird rumors surrounding Artemis and how she treats people… But that´s a misunderstanding! She is a supporter of all pure ladies out there!


Which our Heroines aren´t…

Both Elda and Katya are flabbergasted by such words…Callisto says that the Saintias are supposed to be ladies who has no impurity in both body and heart, virginal women who has sworn loyalty to Athena, and since they are supposed to be pure then there shouldn´t be any problem with them entering this place.


…Still, these two girls in front of her (Elda and Katya) are none of that!

Katya and Elda says that they are pure! they have sworn loyalty to Athena! They can even die happily protecting her!

Callisto says those are lies, since she has seen their hearts…They are impure, filled and obsessed with a Man!


Katya´s heart is filled with Love and adoration for Saga; while Elda´s is filled with hatred and jealous for Death Mask! Both hearts have been grabbed and obsessed by a Man! Disgraceful!

Those who aren´t pure and dare to enter this place will be given death…

Before our Saintias knew, an arrow was thrown to their hearts.


Both Girls will have to face a new test…Now their life once again is in danger!

Back at the Sanctuary. Mii and Xiaoling are on the Sanctuary´s library. Theya re searching for some records of the Saintias, who where their predecessors? What methods did they use in order to serve Athena?


Mii ask Xiaoling if something is wrong? The Ursa Minor Saintia responds her saying that the Moon… It is beautiful; but scary…

On any case, both girls go back with a bunch of Books. Xiaoling says that it´s impressive that there aren´t any registers about them in the Library. Mii says that is because the Saintias have to take care to some things regarding Athena´s body and how to properly take care of it…So it could be troublesome that any Saint could get his hands on such information… Yeah, I am going to take a wild guess and say that such “Information” is about Athena´s lady parts…


On any case. Mii explains to Xiaoling that while the Sanctuary is Athena´s Place, a Woman, it is indeed a Society ruled and dictated by Man. The Woman has not much place for her… The only people that know of their existence must be Athena and the Patriarch…So she has an idea.

That if some registers about the Saintias exist they must be on Star Hill! The patriarch´s imposter must have left them there!

Mii also says that when the time this Athena came. There was an almost total annihilation of Saintias… Only few Saintias survived and passed what they knew through Speeches to the next generations…


And as Saintias, another mission for them is to recover their tradition! Their Heritage!

So both Girls have a mission now before Katya and Elda comes back and Shoko, Saori wakes up!

Meanwhile Mu is watching the night sky. Aldebaran joins him. The Taurus Gold Saint asks the Aries one about his worries… That he can see that the Saintias are on the move, so he is worried that if they get reckless and bite more than they can chew they might get killed…And if that happens Athena will be truly sad.


Mu responds him saying that while he understands him and it´s very kind of him for getting worried…This is not a mission for them, not everything can be solved with brute strength like they like to do. Still, these young girls are fighting with their lives on the line in a different way as how they would do it. They are protecting Athena! And because of that they can´t interfere since they go to places that a Saint would never go.

Meanwhile… In another place Evil Saga has awoken, he has a sword in his hands. Eris starts talking to him. She has given him the permission to conquer and dominate the World if he wants I, also he has total control of the Dryads to use as his personal army…


Saga denies to use such thing, since he doesn´t need it… Still he has a thing to ask to Eris…

To free Athena´s Soul!

The Goddess of Strife wonders why he wants that? The Patriarch´s Imposter says that he doesn´t wants to fight with an Empty shell that is now Athena, he wants to crush her while she resist with her whole body and soul! Only those who has such fire and will are the ones that he wants to rule!


Eris responds him saying that she still has some uses for Athena´s Soul… The first one is to demonstrate his power…

God of Battle Ares…

Evil Saga…No, Ares changes the topic and says that when he sees her he can´t stop remembering that night, that night when a Saintia stopped his plans… So many years ago…


Saga, dressed as the Patriarch, is walking with Dagger in hand; he has murdering intentions towards the Baby that has returned…Towards Athena!

Still someone is prohibiting the entrance to him.


A Saintia was the first one to oppose the Patriarch!?

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

A Fantastic chapter! I like a lot how this adventure of Elda and Katya is developing. Also I am going to say that Elda is going to face Death Mask, which seems fitting. Adding to that, I was wondering why Jelous? Why does she feel jealous towards Death Mask? I mean, the guy is Dead (Mask) so… After some analysis I will say that maybe she is not Jealous of the Cancer Gold Saint; but of the one who defeated him, the one who stole he chance to give her a Revenge she wanted! Of course…That’s if she doesn´t know who defeated him (Shiryu) which as far as I know she doesn´t know.


With Katya…I don´t think there will be a fight, I guess it will be more of a recognizing that while she loves Saga, he is not the embodiment of perfection or anything…

On another point, I liked how Chimaki is talking about one of the things that has the Sanctuary: It´s sexism… Since while she doesn´t try to change how the Sanctuary works, it gives a light on how the Women who reside in there might feel, also I like how Mii and Xiaoling will indulge themselves in order to restore the history of the Saintias, what was their work on the Sanctuary and maybe change the things just a little for the women in the Sanctuary and the Saintias…Besides being Maids :P

Another point i liked is that how different the things get done by the normal Saints and the Saintias, where the first ones just go, kill or attack something and leaves; while the others investigate and do even other tactics or estrategies in order to fullfil the mission.


All in all a very good chapter indeed!