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Chapter 33


The Chapter starts with the last thing of the destruction of Eris Temple. Mii is guarding Athena´s body alongside Muu, while Mayura is destroying big parts of the temple in order to avoid them from clashing and make big damages to the earth below.

Mu Wonders why suddenly Eris and Saga decided to disappear, it might be that their work is done and now the next step on their plan is going to come, maybe…The true battle will begin soon.

Mii sees that the body of Athena/Saori starts crying and she say the names of Shoko and Kyoko. Mii alarms herself; but the Aries Gold Saint calms her dow telling her that even if Athena´s Soul is no longer fully on her body, she is still fighting against Eris… Still, as of right now, Eris has the Upper hand. Mii ask the Saint what should they do? Mu responds telling the Saintia that they need is believe in Athena and protect the Earth with all their might.


Some Hours later, the Saintias have clean themselves up and now are on her “Sanctuary Clothes” (Also all of them look gorgeous…) Xiaoling, who was fainted all the past Arc, is nursing Athena with a worried face.


At the same time, Mii is nursing Shoko. Suddenly Elda comes in and asks how is the Equuleus Saintia. Mii responds saying that Shoko has been having Nightmares; but as of right now she has calmed down. Elda says that Shoko is lucky for having confront Eris and having too little Injuries.

Mii says that might be because of Kyoko´s Will, since when a Human becomes a Vessel of a Deity, the personality of the human remains… And that might be good ; But…


That only makes Shoko´s fight harder, since Eris not only looks like Kyoko; but acts and speaks like her too… And now She has to fight her.

Elda says that having all of that into account, she can´t help; but feel bad for Shoko. Mii concurs and says that she wouldn´t be able to do what Shoko is doing…To raise your hand against a loved one.

Elda changes the topic towards Evil Saga, and wonders what was that thing? Did Saga revived or what is going on with him?!


Mii responds saying that the Gold Saints have the theory that the Patriarch Saga they sought on Eris Temple is the embodiment of the Evil Side of the already deceased Gemini Gold Saint… And if that´s true then…Athena and the Sanctuary have a harsh battle ahead.

Xiaoling comes in and cuts out all the Doom and Gloom behind, by bringing some delicious looking Manga food! Yum!! Elda indulges herself on the delicious food; while Mii asks Xiaoling how is she? Since the Ursa Minor Saintia has been moving, cleaning, cooking, doing chores and more the moment they went back. Xiaoling says that she is alright, that she still has all of her Strength since all she did on Eris Temple was being fainted and play dead… Still, there is a shadow of sorrow and regret in Xiaoling.


Elda asks about where is Katya? Mii responds saying that after she came and cleaned herself she went out, so she doesn´t know where is she.

Meanwhile Katya is with Aries Mu, who it seems is doing the work of an Interim Patriarch since Athena is not in conditions right now and the Past Patriarch…Well…You already know :P


Katya is asking for permission to go to Star Hill, a place that is off limits by everyone except the Patriarch and Athena; that place is the place where the Patriarch sees the Stars and predicts the Future, also it´s his private study.

The Aries Gold Saint asks the Corona Borealis Saintia, what does she want to do in that place?

Katya says that after what happened on Eris Sanctuary and since Athena is not waking up, then they are on the losing side. Still she believes that the Patriarch Saga (or Saga-Sama as she says…If you ask me, she was in love with him; but that´s just my normal Shipping :P) have left something in there.


Mu concurs that in the past the Saints and Athena have used divine objects in order to defeat formidable enemies, The Athena´s Seals, Poseidon´s Urn, Sagittarius Arrow, and even Athena´s Dagger (that can Kill Athena herself) are some examples. So is not crazy to concur that some records of an object that can defeat Eris might be in there… Still, The Aries Gold Saint asks if Katya has any evidence that have led her to such conclusion.

Katya responds saying that one time, when she was serving Saga-Sama, the Patriarchs Usurper confessed to her that when Athena comes back to the Sanctuary, and if he is no longer here anymore, he wants that the Corona Borealis Saintia tells the Goddess of War to pay a visit to Star Hill…Since both his Greatest Sin and something that belongs and must be returned to Athena are in there.


Katya believes in Saga, on his good side that loved Athena, justice and the world, so she believes there is something in there that might help Athena. And if that is the case, she has to go and recover it!

While Mu and Katya talk, Elda is overhearing in the shadows…

Mu continues and says that while he sees her point, Star Hill is still a very difficult place that even the Gold Saints have difficulties to go there… And the information in there, the knowledge of Past Wars, Past methods, Confessions, secret and forbidden knowledge…Those are things that a mere Saint (or Saintia for that matter) shouldn´t know.


Katya understands that and she is prepared to face any penalty –including death- when she comes back. Also this is a mission a Saintia must do, since all the Saints Army must be prepared for any contingency that might come, now that Eris is somewhere preparing God´s know what. Mu asks if she is sure. Which Katya says yes, and for that she begs to…

Elda Comes in and offer herself to help her, since this task might be hard for a Single Saintia; but two will do the work and fulfill the mission! Katya is surprised with that.


Mu says it is Okay…Also that he is just a mere Gold Saint, he is not Athena or the Patriarch, so he can´t give any punishment to the ones who broke the rules… Basically saying that when they come back nothing bad will be awaiting for them :P

…Still he entrust them with this mission…Saintias of Athena. Both girls say yes.

A little later, both Saintias comes back, the Corona Borealis one apologizes to the Cassiopeia one for dragging her to this. Elda says that it´s no problem since she is returning the favor she received back at Eris temple.


Still… Elda is pissed because Katya acted alone and didn´t consulted it with her and the others. Katya responds saying that Mii is Injured, Shoko can´t wake up, Xiaoling is not prepared (*Cough Incompetent *Cough) and Elda should be in there to protect Athena with the other Saints, so she thought that…

Elda can see through Katya´s words and ask her if she is doing that and saying that because she feels that she owes something to them?


Katya admits it and confess that she indeed feels bad for turning her back to the Saintias while following her Hearth and her own personal wish.

Elda confess that she was very upset when she heard that Katya was with the Patriarch´s Imposter Saga, since sent Death Mask to destroy the Saintia Academy. Still…


If Katya believes in Saga´s words, then she must believes the! And if she believes it was the right thing to do that time, then she must stay proud of it!

That way, Eda can get as upset as she wants without feeling bad that the anger is building deep inside her while Katya gets herself killed!

With those words the two Girls have mend some amends and return to their facilities.


The next morning both Saintias are saying their farewell to Mii and Xiaoling, the staying Saintias wish them a safe trip. Cassiopeia and Corona Borealis go to their way.


Mii was preparing to leave when Xiaoling confess her frustration, since she is in perfect condition, she didn´t fought, she didn´t used her Cosmo, she is 100% healthy! And still…She can´t be of any help, Mii tries to cheer her up by saying that she is helping way more than she believes; but the Ursa Minor doesn´t buy that…Since she is a Saintia too, right? Not only a Maid. Still she gives her thanks.

Meanwhile Katya and Elda are climbing Star hill and having a very abd time at doing it! Since besides the physical barriers, there is a Cosmo one that push them out and suppress them! So they need to use and Burn their Cosmos while climbing fatiguing both Girls.


Finally both girls reaches the top and sees the buding where the Patriarch´s Study is…

<<<Oh, Saintias… I was waiting for your arrival…>>>

A Voice directed to their minds speaks to them. A Noble and pure Cosmos starts enveloping them. The Saintias starts walking toward the Cosmos indicates them, Katya wonders if this was what Saga-Sama left behind.


Suddenly a Giant Moon and an Owl appears in front of them. Finally Katya has an Idea of who is the owner of the voice…

Both Girls stare at the Moon.


Meanwhile at the Sanctuary Mii and Xiaoling are doing her Maid Dutties…The other part of being a Saintia, you know? :P

Mii wonders what was what Saga left at Star Hill? It is supposed to be something that belongs to Athena… So he must have stolen something from her?...Something that was always at her side like her Staff… The eyes of the Dolphin Saintia wide open…Could it be?!...


Meanwhile Both Katya and Elda wakes up and are no longer in the Earth Anymore… A Castle is up in front of them. The Owl invites them to the Temple of the Moon… Artemis Palace.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

A very Good Chapter! We got more explanation on what is happening now on the Sanctuary and a proper excuse to give the Saintias more time on the Spotlight, leaving aside the other Saints, Specially the Gold ones who took way too much time in the past Arc.


Also I liked how the development of characters are coming, since Kathya, Elda and Xiaoling where very left behind in that aspect. First we have Katya and Elda it seems, and Xiaoling later.

With Katya and Elda I liked that we are seeing more how they work together and even if they are different on their point of view regarding Saga, they still will work together. Although all those things would have been better if we have seen some of it before this, then again, the past Arc was very rushed and with lots of Spotlight to characters that we have already seen a lot (Aioria, Milo and Saga).

Also, yeah, I am mostly sure that Katya was in love with Saga… It is my theory and I stick with it! :P


On the case of Xiaoling,she has some inferiority complex regarding that when the stuff was hot on the past Arc she was fainted, so she already feels she is not in truth a Saintia; but more of a Maid…Well, Saintias are Maids + Super power, still she feels she is nothing Special. So I have hopes that we ca see a good progression with her.

Finally. That Next Dimension scene! We might see Artemis, or her Satellites! Heck even Hecate!

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time and happy reading!