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Chapter Extra

This chapter is a continuation of what was sought on Aries Mu´s Memory that appeared on chapter 28.


Both Mayura Diciples are asking to Mu to repair the Equuleus armor, Mu accedes, but he says that the armor is dead, so in order to revive it, they need an immense quantity of blood from someone who can control the Cosmos... A Saint, and not only that but since it´s an armor for a Saintia, it needs the blood of a woman… Because reasons and all of that.

One of Mayura´s disciples (the one with long hair) says that he is ready for it, and reveals that he is no a He; but a She…Ergo a woman.


She reveals that she has been with Mayura since her days on the sanctuary, and when she left it, because she didn´t align with the sudden change of the Patriarch´s ideology.

Also that Mayura was looking for a light, a light that might have found in Shoko, so in order to protect that light of hope for Mayura, she is prepared to sacrifice herself.

She gives her blood to the armor until she fall unconscious, Mu takes her and heal her wounds.


Later she is out with the restored armor, the truly male disciple apologizes to her for not being too useful on this situation, also he apologizes for not recognize that she was a woman. She says it´s ok, and that pretending to be male had it´s advantages, specially with him.

On any case the male student says that Shoko might not want to fight, since she is a girl and all…But even though Shoko will go to the fight. And he will ask something to Mayura again…


The female student tells him that is ok for now…They now can go home and give the armor…Since they have to grow up soon too.

End of the Extra Chapter.

Chapter 32


The chapter starts where the past one left off. Eris has appeared, and Aison, Rigel and Athe (who isn´t death, only very weakened) are seeing the scene.

Eris/Kyoko is happy that Shoko has finally reach her, also Shoko is stronger than before; but… She is still naïve… She still has hope for her, to make that Kyoko “Do the right thing”

And for that she shows how Eris/Kyoko burns Athena´s Head…

Kyoko´s resolve is to fully becomes on Eris and fill the Earth with strife, she will truly kill Athena, the Goddess she swore to protect in the past…


Still, Shoko is her Sister, so she has a proposal for her.

Shoko can choose if she becomes Eris´s Sister and live happily on the Eden that will born and feed on the Scorching Earth…


Or keep being a Saintia, a part of Athena´s Army, be her enemy and get eventually killed either by the Strife or for the Dryads.

Shoko , before responding, she has a request for her Sister…

To let Saori´s Soul go. She would even sacrifice her life for it.

Eris says, in her own way, that is inadmissible; But Shoko continues saying that she has hope that Athena can resolve the situation, that she can help Kyoko to separate her from Eris! She doesn´t want to loose her Sister, but also she doesn´t want to sacrifice Athena! Shoko knows of her sister´s suffering and wants Kyoko to join her and fight Eris together!


Kyoko, with that sweet and hearth warming smile, tells her even though she loves her Sister, even though she will do anything for her… But the Kyoko that Shoko knew is in fact…


Shoko, with tears in her eyes says that she never wanted her Sister to die!! That she is sure that her hearth is still alive!!


Kyoko…No. Eris, interrupts her and tells her to make her choice already!

Eris Attacks Shoko but doesn´t kill her!

Eris demands to Shoko to fight back at her! To attack her! But Shoko doesn´t wanna do that! Besides… Eris´s attack is the proof that Kyoko is still alive deep within her. Because…The Equuleus Saintia is still alive, that is proof that Kyoko won´t let Eris to kill her.


Shoko remembers those times when they where kids, when even they fought, like kids do, Kyoko always came back in order to see if her little sister was okay, and thanks to that, both of them are so close.


Eris makes a confession…

She sees in Shoko the sign of her defeat. She knows quite well that Kyoko won´t let her kill her…But at the same time she knows full well that Shoko won´t aim at her and kill her…

They have come at an impasse…

Eris says that nonetheless she has a mission, and even if she can´t kill Shoko, she will fill the world with Strife! Kyoko commends Shoko with a mission…


To become stronger … Because she no longer needs to be her sister anymore…

Eris attacks her again.


In another part, Erda is running on her back, she is escaping those roots, she destroys them, but those things got crazy already and are out of control!

Suddenly an Ice wall appears behind her, blocking the roots.

Katya has appeared and is helping her fellow Saintia!


Erda jumps while the roots break the ice and devours her bike! Erda informs to Katya about what happened with Shoko.

The whole temple is heavily damaged, and everything starts falling apart! From the destruction, both Saintias see Xiaoling, who is unconscious and trapped between the roots. They try to save her, but the destruction is too much!

The three Saintias are going to fall!


But something suspend them in plain air.

Scutum Juan has come to the rescue!!


Southern Cross Georg, who has Xiaoling on his arms, tells the Saintias that the situation has come too far and it´s now something that the Saintias can control…Specially Xiaoling, who By the way was scared by seeing the face of Georg (My Ship sense is tingling :P)

Katya ask them what is happening? Since it looked like the destruction of the core was successful; but then an immense Cosmo appeared…a Cosmo that didn´t came from Eris. Georg says that while he doesn´t know all the facts, it looks like something powerful has been born; Juan adds saying that thing must have devour the energy from the Core.

Suddenly everyone sees something elevating to the sky…


Saga, with an armor that resembles the Gemni Divine armor rises from the sky and flyes where Eris is.

Everyone sees it…Including Mu and Mii, who woke up and went to where Athena is off camera.

Saga reaches where Eris is… Both of them looks at each other with certain and mutual disdain And…


Saga kneels before her…

All of that happens while Aioria and Milo rescues an unconscious Shoko, both Gold Saints have a defeated face.


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Holy Mother of God!! This Chapter was awesome!! Lot´s of answers and development!


Also Called it! I knew that the Mangaka would pull a “Lost Canvas: Hades Castle Arc” and will make the Heroes lose this time! Specially for certain similarities…But I won´t spoil things :P

We finally see what was of Katya, Mii and Xiaoling, also what would be the participation of Juan and Georg on this Arc.

Now we have a new Arc that will begin on the next chapter. Ad I believe we will see Shoko going for another training...But also this new story arc can open the door to more development for the other girls, and more fights. Since now I can see that the enemy will go after Shoko, the Saintias, and the rest of the sanctuary. So our heroines will have to step up their game and show to everyone of what they are made of!!


On any case, I am excited to see this new arc that is coming!

Anyway, my two cents, See ya next time and happy reading!