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Chapter 31


The Chapter starts with he destruction of the Utterus, ergo, the Eris Temple Core. Milo and Aioria believes they have won since now Eris Plans to spread the Seeds of conflict and to destroy Athena´s temple by clashing it with her own are stopped.

But Evil Saga is laughing…

Saga gives his thanks to both Gold Saints and they are confused about what is happening.


Meanwhile Aries Mu is guarding Athena´s Body and he can see how the Seeds of conflict have stopped to emerge…But Still…The enormous energy deposited in that place… Mu sees Athena and he fears for the worst.

Back with Evil Saga and the Gold Saints.

Saga reveals to them that he doesn´t care for the Tree…Nor does he a servant of Eris. He only knows that when he got resurrected, the Gods spoke to his ear and told him:

<<<Follow your own ambitions!!>>>

The Cosmo of the former Gemini Gold Saints is soaring exponentially. Saga is sucking the energy of the Tree!


Saga disposes of his armor and he will fight on his Undies!!—I mean he is naked and he is going to become a new Divinity!!

Meanwhile Athe, the leader of the Dryads, who is naked for a reason (Surprise! Fan service for all!) is laughing, since that “Puppet” AKA Evil Saga, has shown his true intentions…But no matter. She will be the demise for such a creature like Saga!


Also…This has shown something worrisome for the Dryad…Her Eris, her Goddess…Is not complete, she hasn´t fully resurrected yet… So she will be in charge of resurrecting her now!

Meanwhile, Shoko is going to her Sister…But she is stopped by Athe. She congratulates the effort of both Rigel and Aison. But now she will bring Shoko´s head to Eris!


Athe Attacks but her attack is blocked by Rigel! Athe now has figured the real motivations of the Phantom Saints! Buncha traitors! The three of them! Saga for doing what he Pleases. And Rigel plus Aison for trying to separate her Goddess from her vessel!

Athe yells at them telling them that their plan about saving Kyoko by appealing her love to her Sister is foolishness at it´s finest! But…Eris sama will awake as a full Goddess when the head of the Equuleus Saintia is brought to her! And that´s why Shoko must be assassinated!

Orion Rigel is ready to fight Athe…But…


Shoko puts aside the Phantom Saint… She has enough of Athe!

Shoko says that Athe doesn´t even know her Sister…So she can´t even say anything! Athe responds saying that if she loves Kyoko so much, why she doesn´t sacrifice herself?

Shoko responds saying that she willing to sacrifice herself for her Sister…But no one will do it for someone like Athe!..Auch!


Shoko Attacks!

Athe says that while Shoko Attacks wasn´t bad…She is still miles above her! Athe is ready to attack!...


A White light comes and engulfs the whole body of the Dryad…Athe wonders why her Goddes did it?

Athe Dissapears…

<<<You Took A Bit More Time Than I Expected…Shoko>>>

The Goddess has appeared… Who will be? The Goddess of Conflict? The caring Saintia?


Etiher way…The Climax has reached us.

Eris/Kyoko holding Athena´s Head has appeared!

My Impressions.

A very short episode in truth. I think it is because it was a chapter to just fulfill the pages requirement for the Volume...Or that in the volume this or another chapter will have more pages, like it had happened with this manga in the past.


Still the eternal battle against Evil Saga has reached a new ground…Since he got rid of his armor and now is fighting naked and all of that…Which BTW I think that Kuori (the Mangaka) truly likes Saga. Since she likes to draw him naked!

Speaking of naked characters on this chapter. I truly hope that Athe isn´t dead!...Yet. I mean I don´t like the character, since well she is bossy and a royal pain to anyone (and props to that to Kuori. Athe is a character I love to hate!) and if she is killed that way, so fast and without a proper fight… Although if you ask me, I don´t think she is dead yet. I mean she was defeated by Mu, but that was a fake body… SO chances are that she did the same this time too!

Now on the last point of the chapter. We are just a mere chapter away to see what side of the New Eris is superior… Will Kyoko resonate to Shoko? Or will Eris Hate to Athena prevail?? Maybe this new Divinity is a mix of both Kyoko and Eris…Someone whose whishes ended uo twisted or growth exponentially thanks to her new powers. Similar to Alone in Lost Canvas when he got the power of Hades.


Now talking in the manga in general…I have a feeling that this Story Arc is coming to an end and a new one is coming. Since the Temple has already stopped and Shoko has found Eris/Kyoko finally. Also because there are still a lot of unanswered questions like: What exactly are the Dryads? What are Aison and Rigel Intentions? Will Rigel have a chance to be with his Waifu Kyoko? What are going to do Juan and Georg? Will Milo and Aioria defeat Evil Saga? What Happened to Xiaoling of Ursa Minor? Will Xiaoling, Erda and Kathya have an opportunity to Shine, since as of right now they have lost all of their fights? Is Mii unconscious or plain Dead?

Those are a lot of questions…And looking how we are going to the Climax of this arc. I believe that a new Story Arc is coming… Surely against Eris Again… Since I don´t believe what others fans say that a new enemy divinity is coming…Specially the one who believed that it was going to be Phebo Abel of that old Movie (since a background environment had a Cameo some chapters ago).

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya next time and Happy Reading!