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Chapter 30


The Chapter starts with the Silver Saints: Scutum Juan and Cruz Georg are watching how quickly the Eris Temple is approaching.

Both of them are remembering the words of Elda, the Cassiopeia Saintia, she warned them about his actions when they fought against Athena in the name of the already deceased Patriarch… But even still, they are loyal now…And as loyal Saints of Athena, they have to go and help her on this moment of need!


Juan is angered because it makes him Sick looking at someone go directly to the wolfs mouth and put it´s life on danger…He is talking about Elda BTW.

Suddenly, they see a Bike going at full speed to that place! That was the signal for these Silver Saints, who goes to Eris Temple too!

Meanwhile. Shoko is running at full speed! She is remembering both Saori/Athena and her Sister Kyoko! She is remembering her weakness, that she couldn´t do anything…She couldn´t save her Sister before, she couldn´t protect Athena…She only had fear…


Fighting while being protected by Eris and Supported by Saori… Feeling like she was a powerful warrior, when in truth she was just a naive girl who didn´t knew what was doing in that place…And what was her place…

…But she is done with that now!

Random Dryads Enemies comes for her and Shoko quickly dispatch them with her Equuleus Ryuseiken!


Shoko is decided to save now Both Kyoko and Saori, to save their souls!!

Suddenly Shoko felt an enormous Cosmos around her!...Could it be Kyoko´s?! Strange weeds start surrounding her legs. Someone tells Shoko to moves quickly!


Elda has come to the rescue! She says to Shoko to get up and both girls goes on that awesome bike! Shoko asks who is her, which Elda presents herself and ask if she is Equuleus “Choko”, which Shoko corrects her, Elda just says like if it wasn´t a big deal.

Shoko wonders if she is a Saintia…Obviously she is (and a very beautiful one! <3)

Elda use her Bike at full speed! An remember that good girls shouldn´t act like her…I disagree (because she rocks!) Suddenly they stop, in front of them there are the roots of Eris´s Tree and…Those roots are growing and a huge Cosmos is growing behind them.


Suddenly someone comes. Orion Rigel has appeared and offers himself to take Shoko to where Eris is. Elda obviously is dubious about Rigel Intentions. And attacks him! The Orion Saint dispels the technique without even moving.


Shoko asks if she knows who is Rigel. Which Elda responds saying that Rigel was a Silver Saint and one of the few males that could go to where the Saint Academy (Since only girls could go there) and he was part of the faction who was against the Patriarch… But suddenly he just betrayed the Saint army (both pro and against the patriarch) and out of the blue he just joined Eris Army…Rumors said that he died back when Eris originally tried to reborn on the world… But as one can see he is alive.

Elda demands to know where Athena´s Soul is! Rigel responds saying that Athena´s Soul is with Eris, and it´s fine if she wants to ask her directly to give it to her…But only Shoko can go where she is.

Rigel says that he doesn´t want to hurt her…But she must come with her quickly. Shoko asks if he is truly going to take her to where Kyoko is, which Rigel says that yes…And that´s a promise.


Still Elda doesn´t truth in him and warns Shoko to not to trust him, that he will kill her and make her an evil spirit!

Rigel insist saying that she won´t be killed, he promises to protect her until they are with Eris. Still Elda is dead set in a negative.


…But Shoko decides to go, she argues that Eris still has the mind of Kyoko…And maybe if she goes, Shoko will be able to save both Kyoko and Athena.

Meanwhile Milo and Aioria decides to team up against Evil Saga. Aioria warns the Scorpio Gold Saint about the power that this new Saga has…He is not a human anymore!

Milo is fine with that and says that he prefers to fight non humans, since he doesn´t need to have mercy like that!


Both Gold Saints decides to do a strategy in order to face Saga. Milo will attack first and when Saga is distracted Aioria will attack!

Milo uses his Scarlet Needle technique but such attack doesn´t give any damage to Saga! Saga basically says that it´s a cute technique…But that won´t hurt him…Besides Aioria is incapacitated. Strange weeds are covering the body of the Leo Gold Saint!


Milo tries to attack again but Saga is quicker and attacks him, damaging the Scorpio Gold Saint. Saga continues saying that not even 2 Gold Saints can damage him and he will soon destroy them with his Galaxian Explosion!

…Still the leg of the armor of Saga has been destroyed. Saga is impressed. Milo says that when he attacked, he aimed at the same spot every time!


…Milo continues saying that if he learned something from the attack of those Bronze Saints at the sanctuary was the use of strategy…Oh Hi Hyoga memory!...Anyway. Milo adds that the fact that his armor was broken it means that what Saga is using isn´t a Gold Armor…Since I it where the true one, that attack couldn´t have damaged it.

Milo orders Aioria to Attack! Which the Leo Gold Saint do! The Lightning Bolt of Aioria goes to his objective…Not Saga, but the mechanism that was sucking the power that was being liberated!

Back with Shoko, she is going up with Rigel. She feels that something huge happened. Rigel says that the Gold Saints that have invaded the Temple must have destroyed the core of the Tree. Shoko asks if the Tree will keep growing, but the Orion Phantom Saint decides to not to answer. Shoko wonders what are the intentions of this man since back in the day, Rigel did everything to protect Kyoko and he doesn´t look like someone that it´s being used by Eris…What does he feel or wants with his Sister? (I know!...Woove! <3)


Finally Rigel and Shoko reaches to the entrance of Eris Room. Aison is in there and tells her that Eris, Kyoko and Athena are in there already…Shoko must choose with which she wants to come back.

<<< Both>>> Shoko responds with decision.

Aison warns her again and tells her that most likely only two people will be able to come back from that door… Still Shoko is decided to do a miracle and save everyone!


Finally, Aison tells her that now that the Core of the Tree has been destroyed, the Eris Temple will collapse now…So there is not much time. Shoko goes to where Eris, Kyoko and Athena are…

The Destiny of Shoko awaits behind that Door!

End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

Holy Mother of Rushes! On this chapter happened a lot of things…Which it could be that Chimaki (the Mangaka) is rushing herself now… I hope that is because the end of the Story Arc and not of the Manga …Because I like this manga a lot!


On any case, now we could see that Evil Saga is not invincible, since the leg of his armor has been broken. Still, I believe that one of the Saintias will be the one who will defeat him. My bet is a union between Katya (Since on the beginning she was a Patriarch/Saga Fan Girl), Xiao Ling and Elda.

…Talking about Elda, man, she is gorgeous and I love everything about her! Her hair, her design on civil clothes, her design on armor, her attitude, the fact that she has a Bike. Everything!

Continuing. Now we will soon see what are the true intentions of Rigel and Aison, the Phantom Saints, since it looks like they truly wants to save Kyoko and not so much about Eris. On the same note, we have Athe, who is the leader of the Dryads and is high over heels about Eris.


The fact that there are still lots of answers, a lot of development for our Main Gals here (only Shoko and Mii have received some character development…Leaving Xiaoling, Katya and Elda behind on that front) are what makes me believe that the Manga still has some time left. Since my Crystal Ball tells me that Shoko will indeed save Saori Athena and Maybe Kyoko. This will make Athe a very angry person swearing for revenge and then some time of peace will come where the Saintias will get to know each other more and maybe get some more development. Heck I wouldn´t get angry if they are left guarding the Sanctuary (alongside the other Saintia Sho´s Original characters) while Seiya and company goes to fight Poseidon and all of that!...I won´t say much about Rigel and Aison, but I feel that they will fight either on this arc or the next!

Also here are two images made by Chimaki Kuori on her twitter. One is Hyoga on his God Warrior Attire, and the other are the Saintias as Gold Saints! Enjoy!


Anyway. My two cents and Happy Reading!