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Chapter 29.


The Chapter starts with Orion Rigel, who has noticed a presence near Eris`s Chamber, he warns that person that unless Eris has summoned him there, he must not be on this place!

The Shadowy figures says that Rigel´s Voice has become bossy; But he is not the only Special Snowflake in here!

The Person reveals itself and Rigel is astonished.


Aison, another Phantom Saint?!

Rigel is impressed, and he also calls him “Aison-Sama” so he has great respect for this man. Rigel asks why is he here, which Aison responds saying that the Dryadds take the form of what their Goddess Wants…So is no wonder that his Soul was Chosen.

Rigel continues saying that if Eris…No, Kyoko, Chose him then…

Aison suddenly stops him and tells him to be quiet, since words can become Curses…and the only thing they can do now is to Guard Eris.


Suddenly a burst of Cosmo is coming from that Door! Eris´s Power is increasing exponentially!

Aison says that only means one thing…They have little time left. They have to bring Shoko Here!


Meanwhile. Athe is fighting Mu. Athe Attacks the Aries Saint, but he uses his Psycho-Kinesis and stops the attack. Athe asks how much Mu will last?...But Mu, as a Gentleman, decides to ignore such question and asks her that since she is the Leader of the Dryadds, then she must know what Eris did to Athena.

Athe responds saying that she doesn´t know, but the power of her Goddess is soaring at a high speed, so it´s not impossible that Eris could strip Athena´s Soul from her Body.


With that response, Mu says that he has had enough and attacks Athe!, the Aries Gold Saint says that he has no time to deal with Wooden Dolls. Since he knows that Athe, the leader of the Dryadds is one of high power and cautious nature, so it is obvious that the real Athe wouldn´t be here, but inside the Temple. Athe is impress; but before disappearing, she says that he must remember something… None of the Dryadds is the same as the last time they fought, specially her! And that she will be the one who gain the Divine power!

Sho decides to Speak and gives her thanks to Mu. The Aries Gold Saint says that it is nothing, he looks at Shoko and tells her that it is supposed that the User of the Equuleus Armor was someone who had the ability to counter the power of Eris…But sadly it looks like he is wrong.

Mu checks Saori´s Body and he sees the mark of Eris, it looks like Athena is in a very serious condition…And also her power is decreasing, and if that happens, the barrier will be destroyed and the Eris´s Influence will spread to the whole world.


Shoko then says that she will go where Kyoko-No, Eris is and she will make her undone the Seal on Saori´s Body!

Mu is reluctant to let her go, and says that inside the Temple there are already 2 Gold Saints fightning the Eris´s Forces. And that it is more prudent for a Saintia to be at Athena´s Side and guard her…Although he will stay since he doesn´t trust her too much…Auch!

Shoko´s Resolve is big and says that she is done with guarding! And if she is going to risk her life, she wants to do it by fighting for Saori… For Athena as her Saintia!!


Mu then asks her the next question…What is Eris to Shoko? An Evil Goddess tha they must defeat?...Or her Blood Related Sister?

<<<It´s Both>>> Shoko responds…


Mu warns her telling her that maybe she is living on her own fantasy… That Eris is in true an Evil Goddess who is not only trying to kill Athena, but to fill the world with Strife and suffering. Still Shoko is decided and she still remembers the promise she made with Athena… That both will defeat Eris and will bring Kyoko back, the Equuleus Saintia continues saying that maybe she is lacking the power to do that a Reality on this moment, but… She still believes that, that there is a way to defeat Eris and bring Kyoko back.

<<<To Believe and to Keep your promise with Athena…So that is the will of the “Saintias”>>> Says Mu to the Equuleus Saintia. Mu has understood Shoko´s Position and he decides to give her one final advice.

That the Reality of the Battles is not Sweet, and Shoko will soon find a moment harsh Decision will come. Shoko understands.


Shoko is involved in a warm light and the Aries Gold Saint says that he will take care of Athena while she goes on her mission. Shoko says thanks and disappears.

Mayura, the Pavo Silver Female Saint (different from the Saintias) comes in and gives her thanks for helping her Disciple. Mu responds saying that she doesn´t need to thank him, and that maybe he has Hastened her Death. But Mayura tells him that is not true…That being at the verge of Death has always been the way of the Saints, like those 5 Bronze Saints who fought against the Sanctuary and the Patriarch (AKA Seiya and his friends).


Mu says that she is right…Shoko is just like them…And maybe he wants to believe in that kind of people with strong beliefs in their Hearths.

The Light ends for Shoko and she is in front of Eris´s Temple. Shoko , now motivated, starts running inside the Temple of Eris, where her Sister and the Evil Goddess is waiting for her!

Meanwhile Athe (who is naked) is holding a normal Apple. She now knows that Shoko has come in She says that she will get her Head and will get the Divine power! No one but her is Suitable for the Devotion of Eris! That she wants to crush her and those filthy Gold Saints with her Hands! But not yet!...Then she says that those two must keep fighting! Keep nurturing with power!


Meanwhile Leo Aioria Keep fighting against Evil Saga! Aioria says that they are on an impass, he doesn´t want to get in a 1000 days battle with Saga but any wrong movement will result in an opening for the other!


Saga then starts increasing his Cosmos exponentially and tells to the Leo Gold Saint that his new life has been granted by the gods…And with that new life there is new powers that surpasses Aioria´s Imagination!

The Power of Evil Saga is so big that he can moves Aiorias Arm and makes and X Symbol crossing his arms! That Pose is… Evil Saga will perform his technique…!



Aioria is heavily damaged! The Patriarch´s Impersonator tells Aioria that he only used half of his power and still Aioria is barely alive; but still Saga wants to Aioria to see all of his power.


The former Gemini Gold Saint grabs the Leo One by his head and tells him that weaklings like him aren´t suitable to protect the Earth, and that the persons can only live through Imposition…But there is a way in where the Weaklings can be of use…

…To become a part of him!! Strange sprouts starts growing and goes to Aioria!

Aioria refuse that and Saga says that then he should be killed!

An Explosion comes! Saga looks at the Sphere taking their energy…He smiles. He then looks at a Shadow… His next opponent has come.


Scorpio Milo has rescued Aioria and is coming to fight him!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Interesting chapter! There it wasn´t a lot of actions, but we got some info about what is going on with Eris.


Also. I called it! I said on the past entry that Mu will be left guarding Athena while Shoko goes to face Eris! Haha! Crystal Ball, you never fail me!...Except when you do. Also dat throwback to Seiya and friends was a little unnecessary, but nice!

Anyway, we got a new Phantom Saint, Aison!..Who I don´t know which Constellation he represents, but he is an acquaintance with both Rigel and Kyoko…Also it looks like that both of them in truth aren´t on Eris Side but on the Kyoko one and either they want that Shoko comes and saves Kyoko or to exchange her body with Shoko, so in that way Kyoko will be free of Eris´s Possession…On any case, they both want Kyoko back!

On the other part we have a conclusion for the match between Aioria and Saga…and just after that it looks like Milo will be the next to face the former Gemini Gold Saint!...Or he decides to run away with Aioria… On any case, I have a little feeling that tells me that neither Aioria or Milo will be defeating Evil Saga, but rather a Saintia Sho´s Original Character. Either a Saintia, a Dryadd or a Phantom Saint. I mean a Saintia would be the obvious Choice, but also I can see Athe or other Dryadd getting rid of him when he is useless to them (and because he is not a Eris´s Follower) but for the same reasons also I can see a Phantom Saint doing it.


Also I think that on the next chapter we will see another Saintia, maybe Xiaoling or Erda…Since some time now that we haven´t seen them.

Anyway, my two cents. See ya Next time and Happy Reading!