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Chapter 27.


The Chapter starts with Aldebaran, who is chatting via Telepathy with Shaka, it looks like they managed to put the Dryads at bay, they are talking about what could be happening on Eris Sanctuary right now. Specially because the Eris Temple it looks like it´s approaching.

Then Shaka says what Aldebaran was thinking… Eris wants to crash her temple against the Sanctuary!

Aldbaran says that still the Sanctuary is protected by a Barrier, but Shaka then says that might be right, but Eris´s Cosmo is soaring at an incredibly speed! So it is only a matter of time that her powers break the barrier.


Shaka also says that as of right now, both Athena and Eris aren´t still full Goddesses, but on this battle it looks like both of them will wake her full powers and their full Goddess status… Also he believes that the Equuleus Saintia, the original Girl who was supposed to be Eris´s Vessel, might take an important role on all of this.

Meanwhile Aioria and Evil Saga keep fighting one another. The 1000 days battle and all of that. It looks like that their battle is feeding an Apple…The Golden Apple, the instrument of Chaos that Eris use.


At the same Time Kyoko/Eris is awaiting on her throne that Shoko reaches her, she is contemplating the Apple…Everything is going according to the Keikaku (TL. Note: Keikaku means plan).


On another part of Eris Temple, Ate, the leader of the Dryads, it´s talking with another Dryad who responds to the name of Dysnomia, the Dryad who went to the sanctuary and lost against Shaka.

Ate Scolds her for going to the Sanctuary without permission. Dysnomia said that she used a clone body ,so she is okay…And besides, she was bored and wanted to have a little fun.

Ate responds her that she hast that disgusting Saint Scent all over her body, Dysnomia responds her that she finds that Aroma quite delightful, and besides, it looks like she found her Hasubando <3 (On the creepy way, not on the romantic one).


Still Ate is Angry and tells her that Eris Orders were that the Dryads must remain on the Temple and be ready for when Eris make an order.

Then they start talking about Emony, and how she died…Still it is weird that she went to attack by herself, since she don´t act like that, so Ate wonders who gave her that order.

Still Dysnomia says that her death was not in vain, since she served as nutrients for the womb Garden.


Still, Ate tells her that she don´t trust a lot on this new Eris they have, yes she resurrected them, and gave them more power…But she is trusting way too much on the Phantom Saints and…She hasn´t presented itself to them.


Suddenly Orion´s Phantom Saint Rigel appears, the former Silver Saint who was as strong as any Gold one…and someone that it looks like was in love with Kyoko, Eris Actual Vessel.

He says that he will not tolerate any kind of insult or suspicious towards Eris. Ate was very surprised with his appearance and it looks like she fears him.

Rigel starts telling to the Dryads that As of right now, she is getting used to her new body, so it is obvious that she wants to spend some time for herself.


Ate says that she trust Eris with all her hearth, but she mistruth Rigel and the others Phantom Saints, that she fears that they might do something to her!

Rigel keeps explaining that Eris still has some memories from her Human Body, but those things will soon go away when she reborn as a full Goddess… And that’s why he is here. He has some orders to deliver to the Dryads.


That in Order to create Eris Garden, an Eden where the Dryads can live happy and free sucking from the blood and conflict that occurs on the Earth, they need to destroy the Saints of the Sanctuary… But, there is another mission more important than that.

To hunt Down and kill the Equuleus Saintia, Shoko, the Sister of the actual Eris´s Human Body! The one who brings her head will get the Golden Apple, that harbors divine power!...Sweet deal, huh?


That angers Ate, because the Head they should be aiming for is Athena´s not of some random Maid- I mean, Saintia! She says that this have confirmed her fears. The Phantom Saints are messing with her Goddess Head!

Still Rigel says that if Eris wants Shoko´s Head, it is because some part of her is still Human… And for Humans , another Human person can be as precious as the head of any god.

Rigel Leaves and Ate is left angry and Speechless.

From the shadows a Dryad comes in and says that if Eris wants Shoko dead, then that means that she wants to get rid of her Human side as soon as possible.


So She will took care of it by herself!

Meanwhile Shoko is with Saori/Athena, guarding her… Looking at the sky she starts feeling something…


The Suddenly Saori/Athena fell, she is unconscious, Shoko doesn´t know how that happened, and on the enxt moment she is attacked!

Who is the attacker?! Who did that to Saori!?

The Voice of her Enemy starts sounding, it says that Her mission was so easy, guarding someone and she failed…But on the positive, wasn´t that Gilr just a Drag?


The Dryad shows herself! It has taken the form of Shoko with Civil Clothes (and those Short Shorts that shows her pretty legs…Err yeah forget what I said).

The Dryad ask if she is in truth Equuleus Shoko, the Saintia who refused the Goodwill and salvation of her Goddess.


Shoko demands to know what did she do to Athena?! And why she look like her?!

The Dryad says that Athena will never wake again, so don´t mind her…And for the appearance, she chose it in order to gain Eris preference. And because of that…She has come to kill her!

The Dryad attacks Shoko with her own technique! Shoko can´t defend herself and the Dryad mocks her saying that she is pathetic, no wonder why Eris has already given up on her and has decided that she wants her Dead!


Shoko can´t believe the words of the Dryad.

The Dryad prepares her next attack and says that when Shoko gets killed she will be Eris new Sister!


The Dryad do her technique and envelopes Shoko in a profound Darkness. She can´t move. The Dryad says that she should take it with the Positive side. She will die alongside her Goddess…Although she must know that her death was in vain.

The Dryad prepares to attack and kill Shoko!


Suddenly an enormous Cosmo starts irradiating from Shoko´s Body! It Didn´t felt like Athena´s Cosmo or a Saint´s Cosmo… It was more akin to the one Eris Has.

Shoko starts talking and says that if Kyoko wants her Dead…the now her resolve is stronger now... She has decided that she is going to that Temple, will reach were her Sister is and will talk with her! Also… That thing of becoming a new Sister for Kyoko truly Pissed her off!


Shoko Attacks and with a single hit Destroys the Dryad!

Meanwhile…Eris is watching everything of what is happening, her plan is going like she wanted to go.


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

A Good chapter all around! We had lots and lots of Action, a lot of answers and a foundation on why on this story arc Shoko is important. It was also a good fight that Chimaki kuori showed to us now, with that weird Dryad against Shoko, and maybe the first time since the first Story Arc that we see Shoko properly fighting an enemy!


Also we get to see the objective of Eris, which is basically kill all of humanity in order to bring her Eden were she and the Dryads can live in peace, like in the age of myths.

Other interesting connotation it is that there are some grudge between the Eris forces, coming from the Dryads and the Phantom Saints. It wouldn´t surprise me if in one moment or the other the Dryads , specially Ate, decided to revolt against Eris and her “Human Hearth”.

On that same aspect, a little theory that it has occurred me is that Eris is just messing with everyone, Athena, The Saints, The Dryads and The Phantom Saints, because she only wants to spread the conflict and separation in the world, and that includes her own forces. Although it is just a theory as of right now.


Also I will say it loudly!... I found Shoko and her sister Kyoko quite attractive…Good thing that I put that out of my chest :P

In Short, this chapter was well made and it gave us some more progression, since with the past chapters (The ones with the fight of Mii and the past one) truly didn´t felt like the story was moving forward and gave a feel of stagnation, which with this chapter was putted away!

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time and Happy Reading!