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Chapter 26.


Meanwhile The Saintias, Aioria, alongside Athena are on the Temple of Eris. Litle they did know of what was going on the Sanctuary.

Some Shadows have invaded the sanctuary and defeated the no name/ no Range guards!

The Dryads have decided that they invade the Sanctuary while they are weak for their Civil War they had against Saga!


Others Non Name/ No Range Guards come against them, but The Dryads are way stronger for them, so the Athena´s Soldiers don´t have a chance! (And Athena should give them some Guns and proper armor, but she have them fighting with only a helmet and something for the breast, and a Spear as a weapon...yeesh).

Luckily For them Unicorn Jabu and the rest of the Non Important Bronze Saints Appear! (Hydra, Minor Lion, Wolf and Bear… I Can´t remember their names, yeah :P).


The Bronze Saints defeats quickly the Dryads. Jabu and the others will not let them enter into the Sanctuary!

A Dryad on it´s final moments, before turning into Flowers in the air, says that even if they are defeated, the Seeds of Conflict have already been put on the Sanctuary…It is only a Matter of Time before they take the place.

Jabu Says that they might be right about the looses and the inner conflict that happened a little while ago on the Sanctuary. But for the fallen ones, and for the surviving Saints. These Bronze Saints will protect the Sanctuary with their Lives!


Meanwhile on Another Part of the Sanctuary.

Some Dryads have started trying to enter by the Graveyard, where the Saints are Buried.


One person stops them. That person Is…

Ophiucus Shaina! One of the most Powerful Female Saints in the Whole Army! (Also Someone who Loves Seiya, but that´s another story).

The Dryad Respond saying that those Dead Bodies, Those Souls called for them. They want to revive and fight for Eris.


Shaina laughs at that, saying that those Dryads and the Blabbering...Such Creatures will never understand what is to Sacrifice your body and Soul for something You Believed in.

She Quicly Dispatchs them!

Meanwhile at the Entrance of the Arena, the place where the Warriors who want to be Saints train in order to Gain their Armors battle.


The Dryads have appeared there, trying to invade the Sanctuary. But one persons stands against them.

Taurus Aldebaran is here in order to protect the Sanctuary! The Dryads tells him that they are endless because they keep sprouting without end!


Still Aldebaran says that he made a promise to his Friend (Aries Mu), that he will be out of his House in order to protect this places.

And He quicly Dispatch them!


Meanwhile in the Underground Mortuary of the Sanctuary. A Place where the Saints can be Cried over. The Bodies of the Gold Saints who lost their Lives in the Battle for the Sanctuary against Seiya and the others are resting in there.

A Slightly Different Dryad has appeared. She is in here in order to Revive the Deceased Gold Saints and make them servant of Eris! But she is interrupted for someone.

Virgo Shaka, the Man Closer to God, has appeared. She ask him on why she is doing in here. She explains him her plans on reviving them. And Shaka will join in the Eris Ranks Too!


The Dryad Attacks Shaka, but he blocks the attack easily.

Shaka says that it is bad manners to not present one himself. So he will show her some manners!


And he Quicly Dispatch her!

The Dryad quickly became a flower that flies with the wind.

Shaka says that the Wishes of their former brothers in arms rest in here…Although, in the moment He Died (Saga) some part of himself blew away…And he will not rest in peace until that part of him return. And until that happens he have some mission to carry on.


At the very least until their Young and Naive Athena returns from her first Battle against another deity and faces her true destiny.

And for that.


All of them will protect The Sanctuary!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Too Short Chapter, a little more of 20 pages. Still the draws were good and looking at what were doing the others is interesting, of course, it would have been better if we could seen the story progress. But hey, even Chimaki Kuori (The Mangaka) Said that the chapter was more or less an Extra Chapter, so she knew what she was doing, so there is that! :P


Anyway. My Two Cents. So See ya Next Time and Happy Reading!