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Chapter 24:


The Chapter starts with the confrontation of “Aioros” , the Sagitarius Gold Saint, against his Brother Aioria. Aioria attacks him but his attack are subconsciently weak. He just can´t truly hurt someone he loves! “Aioros” know this and is using it to enrage Aioria, whose Cosmos is disturbed, Aioria Attacks!


The Attack is too weak. Then that figure starts changing his form. Now it took the form of Aioria and tells to the true Leo Gold Saint that even if he is a Gold Saint, his mind can´t resist what he want the most. He is Human after all. And sometimes Humans get devoured by their own fangs...

The Fake Aioria attacks the true Aioria!

Meanwhile Shoko is alongside with Saori. The Equuleus Saintia says that she felt two gigantic Cosmos collide, might be two Gold Saints Fighting. Saori says that it might be Aioria, and he must have found a great Enemy.


Shoko see that Saori is like getting out of breath, she might get weak since she hasn´t rested after the Battle against the Patriarch balongside the fact that she is doing a barrier with he Cosmo... So her stamina is running out!


Meanwhile Dolphin Mii just woke up (She looked quite pretty asleep though). She doesn´t know where she is, nor how she gets there. The only thing she remembers is that She was fighting those evil spirits alongside Sho and Xiaoling until she was struck by that light.

She is hurt on her right shoulder.

When she looks at the place, she noticed that everything is filled with girly things: Magical Castles, Raibows, Roses, big and comfty beds. Those things. She doesn´t know what is happening anymore, could it be a dream? She wondered...Until someone started laughing.


A Creepy Teddy Bear was talking to her... Ok, that is somewhat creepy and it looks like an Acid dream.


The Bear gave her the welcome and tells her that she is lonely and pityful...And a Maid.

Mii feels the Cosmos that comes from that Bear... is Evil, and there is a Flower Aroma...It Might Be...No! that one was Killed by Mii way on the first story Arc!


The Bear Keep talking and says that her Goddess, Athena, is also Pitiful and since they were born as Humans they suffer so much.

Mii felt the Saori´s Cosmos ad wonder if she went right over here after the Sanctuary Battle.


That Bear keeps talking until Mii tells it to drop the act. That she knows who is behind all of that.

That Person Is...




........... More suspense Points....


Malice Emony!! A Dryad that Mii Defeated the first time Eris tried to invade the world!

Although Malice looks somewhat different, she was a litle child back then and now she looks older by some years.


Emony says that her new form is the representation of the new power she got from her “New Mother”. Mii asks her about what she means with “New Mother”. Emony talks that Mii certainly doesn´t know anything and that she won´t say anything to her!


Since this has anything to do with her and she is gonna die anyway.

Also Emony starts with the Psychological attacks and says that a Saintia, like her, can´t do anything at the critical moments.


Mii tells her that she is sorry to dissapoint her butshe has no time to waste on Kids like her so she will defeat her and will return to Saori´s Side!

Emony says that she will make her pay a hundred times for what she did to her in the past.


Mii uses her Technique!, Emony evades the attack and tells her that now there is no way she can´t defeat her... That the new powers given by her New Mother has made that the Saintias are no longer a treat for them!


Now Emony Attacks!


A Butterfly get incrusted on Mii´s Chest That technique is the Lunatic Butterfly. A echnique were a Butterfly gets inserted on the Human Hearth and the more sad emotions have that hearth, the more pain it gives.

Emony is looking at Mii´s Hearth and what she is seeing is that she has a lot of Pain. She might look to be though, but it´s all looks.


She Privated herself to a lot of things: To Make friends, to have a normal education, to meet Boys and Girls, to be a Women, to have a Life. She sacrificed everything in order to protect Athena, even when she was litle. She has given her Best...And Still...

She Is Useless... When the time is critic she can´t do anything. Even less Now that Athena has her Army back. She have all the Bronze , Silver and Gold Saints protecting her now! The Saintias are Obsolete to her.


Then Mii Responds... That Emony should shut up. That the only one who could tell them that they are Useless or not is Saori, and none other. That they are Saintias, who serves Athena, and they do not seek anything in return.

Emony doesn´t believe what she is saying. That the Humans aren´t creatures that can´t live for someone else.


Mii says that is Wrong. And Mii Swear to live like this!.

The Lunatic Butterfly infling more pain to her hearth. Emony says that the more she tries to act tough, the more will hurt!


Now Emony is ready to make another attack!


After that Attack It looks like Mii is defeated.

Now that Mii is defeated Emony will try to put a Seed in her and make her a Dryad so she can lure Athena inside the temple!.


But SOme bubbles avoid that from happening. Mii is not dead, those bubbles avoided her from that.

Then those Bubbles become ice...


Another female voice comes in... That voice is saying that even a single ray of light can make a jewel Shine...And as long Athena is with them their pride will never lose it´s Shine!

Katya, the Saintia, has come to the rescue!

Meanwhile with Aioria.

Aioria was fighting the fake Aioria until everything were he was dissapear and it looks like he is back to our dimension. He sees the place and then he seessomeone familiar, someone who litle to no long ago was supposed to be death.


Gemini Saga!!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Good Chapter! we see a litle more on how the Psychology of Mii is, and if what Emony says is true, then yes...Maybe Mii holds a lot of sadness on her hearth. Still Katya is Here! and she will kick Emony´s Arse!...I Hope so. Anyway, on the other side we have Aioria who will confront Evil Saga, and if you ask me Aioria will fail against the Patriarch Imposter since Saga is Supposed to be one of the stronghest Saints on Athena´s Army. Also i would like to see more of Shoko.


Well it´s all for now so See ya next time and Happy reading!