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First a Quick Summary (only this time I Promise!):

Santia Sho is a Spinoff of Saint Seiya that occur alongside the events of the first story arc of said manga and follows the characther of Shoko, a Normal Girl who after encounter her long lost sister, Kyoko, who now is a Saintia (the personal maidens of Athena). After a short reunion the army of the Goddess Eris , the Dryads, comes in order to capture Shoko (because she is supposedly the perfect body for said Goddess in order to reborn) but ended capturing Kyoko instead.

Now Shoko, invested withe her Sister Armor, the Equuleus Cloth (or Minor Horse), will be going in a desperate race alongside Dolphin Mii (another Saintia), with the mission of defeating the Dryads and saver Kyoko.

On Their way they encounter some Dryads -and a Renegade SIlver Saint- that they faced and after receiving the help of one of the Gold Saints, Scorpion Milo, they reach to the place were Kyoko/Eris is now. Unfortunately it´s too late now and Eris has gained full control of Kyoko´s Body. And the only way to destroy Eris is sacrificing Kyoko, which she does by herself.

Shoko ends with a Shock and quite damaged.

Some time after Shoko is tinking in what to do, because Saori Kidko (or Athena Reincarnation) has signed her off to be a Saintia in order so she can live a normal life. At the same time the Galaxian Wars (a Tournament made by Saori Kido which gathers the Bronze Saints in fights) is about to begin.

When Shoko was distraught she gets to know Seiya (the Main characther of Saint Seiya) and after some chat , about how both of them loose their respectively Sisters and that they need to do their best in whatever they do and hoping to see them again, She decides to go and see some matches in the Galaxian Wars alongside a Friend.

At the same time, the Sanctuary have decided to make a move and send two Silver Saints , Georg of the Northen Cross and Juan of Scutum, alongside a Saintia traitor, Katya of Corona Borealis, in order to kill Saori, the "Athena´s Imposter".

Back in Japan Shoko watch the fight between Pegasus Seiya and Dragon Shiryu, and how, even against the odds, Seiya makes a comeback and defeat his opponent. That will of never give up is what convinces Shoko to follow her own way.

Later that Night in the instalations of the Galaxyan Wars, Saori, Mii, and Xiaoling (another Saintia, of the Ursa Minor constellation) are attacked by Georg, Juan and Katya. Katya resulted in a big challenge for our Saintias, Gladly Shoko perceived their presence and came to help , even if she doesn´t have her armor anymore. Any way, the Female Saint (distinct from the Saintias, the female saints cover their faces and feminity with a Mask) Mayura of Pavo comes to help them and gives them enough time to Shoko and the other to take Saori to a safe place.

Mayura quickly defeats the three saints , but not killed them.

In Other place. Shoko and the others are finally in a safe place, but by surprise a Gold Saint has come to retrieve Saori, Apfrodite of Pisces. He quickly put them to , literally, sleep the Saintias and Takes Saori to the Patriarch Presence.

And Now to The Newest Chapter!.

Chapter 16!.

Ok. Now is the time of the Newest Chapter!.


Saori finally gets to see The Patriarch, which (if you are a Saint Seiya Fan) we all know is Gemini Saga, who, with tears on his eyes, beg for forgiveness for his actions and that she has to kill him.


A Confused Saori refuses, but in that moment the Evil Side of Saga tries to come out and kill her.


Luckily for her, the Good part of Saga do his tecnique and sends her to another dimension (...) so she can be safe.


Elsewhere a defeated Katya Ask for forgiveness to Mayura and ask both Juan and Georg (who in the latest chapter acted like true and real friends to Katya) if they believe if Saori is in fact Athena.


After that she tries to kill herself with her own technique, but Mayura enters and avoid such thing.


After that Mayura tells to Juan and Georg to go back to the Sanctuary and tell tha Katya was Killed and also asked them to think in what Katya told them (if they believed if Saori was indeed Athena or not) and then both ladies left.


Juan and georg are both left alone and somewhat confused and angry to be left like that but both are wondering about what is indeed happening in the sanctuary.


Meanwhile Saori is wandering that another dimension until is rescated by Aphrodite (by orders of the Patriarch) and guides her to her Home. He asked her why she didn´t kill the Patriarch when she has the chance?. The Explanation that Saori gives her left Aphrodite thinking that Saori is too soft and someone like that cannot be trusted to be the one who will bring the Peace to the Earth, so he decides to side with the Patriarch. But he has hopes that in the future she becomes the True Goddess of War.


Meanwhile Shoko finally wakes up and is attended by Xiaoling. They are interumpted by the Female Saint Marin of Aquila. Marin told them that Aphrodite didn´t fighted seriously because if he does both Xiaoling and Shoko would be Dead right now.


She also told them that the Sacred Academy of Saintias is being Attacked.

End of the Chapter.

All the credits for the photos goes to their respectively Owners

My thoughts

Well it looks like we finally are back on track to the Story. I mean, it has been nice watching Seiya, Saga, and a bunch of others Key characthers to the original Manga, but their aparission are (especially with Saga) only Fan Service if anything more, and even contradicts in some way what the original Manga has been.


At the same time so many fanservices distracts the views to another characthers like Mii, Shoko , and the other Saintias, who are supposedly to be the Stars of this Manga.

But anyway, i think this is a good chapter mostly because it revealed us another side of Aphrodite, whom in the original Manga was (alongside Death Mask) a Generic Bad Guy who is kindoff a Metro Sexual. Now Kuori gives us a reason to see why Aphrodite, knowing the secret that the Patriarch is an Imposter, decides to side with him instead of Athena. And that´s because none of the 12 Gold Saints is an enemy of the Mankind, but they have diferent reasoning in why they do what the do.


Another thing is that is nice to see Marin in this Manga, because she was heavily under utilized in the original One.

Now let´s hope that in the Next chapter, we see Shoko again with her armor, and luckily repaired, and she learns her technique finally (Equuleus meteor punch or Equuleus Ryuseiken or Meteoros del Caballo Menor!).


Anyway. Those are my two cents. So, see you next time and happy reading!

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