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Chapter 10: Showdown! Aioria Vs. Andreas!


The Chapter starts with a quick recap of the events so far.

Now Aioria is in front of Andreas, and boy the Leo Gold Saint is mad! Andreas was making his speech but Aioria just attacks him! Andreas is still left unnarmed.


Andreas keeps speaking and says that the Evil one, Lyfia, has been defeated, so the battle is over. But Aioria begs to differ and says that he keeps believing in Lyfia´s ideals and he is going to beat the crap outa Andreas!

Aioria brings his Divine Armor and is ready to use all of his might!

Aioria attacks using his Lightning Plasma technique! Andreas use Yggdrassil roots to stops him but they get destroyed by the power of the Leo Gold Saint! and goes directly against Andreas!


Meanwhile Frodi is fighting against Utgart, and Utgart reveals that he also comes from a family whiic mission is to protect Asgard, although they do it in the Shadows, like a Ninja!

Frodi is having a hard time fighting against his former God Warrior companion , but Frodi won´t give up, he is decided to avenge Lyfia and goes to Andreas!


Utgard attacks are too much, also he likes to insult Frodi, so much that Frodi noticed it. Utgard sent Frodi away, then while Frodi was falling down, he managed to hear the “Asgard Lament” the one that Lyfia heard and spoke of. Now Frodi has his resolution! he managed to come back and keep fighting!

Utgard says that Frodi is only impulsed by his feelings of Love for Lyfia and his anger! but Frodi respond that he is now following the voice of his heart and soul!

Still Utgard is too strong and manage to hurt Frodi and break his God Armour!

But Then Frodi uses his super light-Speed punches! because he want´s to protect the Asgard that Lyfia believed and attacks!


Ouch! That´s Gotta Hurt!

The Statue is destroyed too so all of the Yggdrassil statues are destroyed now!

Utgard ended death on his feet. Uthard´s Mask fell off and one can see the Enheirar marks in it. Frodi says that Utgard was an Asgard´s protector full and through. Frodi gets to see something shiny inside Utgard´s Body and see that he was the protector of the ultimate Truth.


Th chamber gets destroyed.

Meanwhile with Aioria, he is tired but it looks like he defeated Andreas, but he is unharmed! Aioria can´t believe it.


Andreas said that the attack of Aioria was more full of anger than determination, and that´s why it didn´t hurted him. Aioria and Andreas detect that the last statue was destroyed, so now the fruit will sto-

Scratch that it keeps growing. Andreas then reveals his Gold Armor colelction. Andreas says hat while is true that the Statues helped with the growing of the Fruit...It was too slow, so he needed some boost...The Gold Armors.

Since the Gold Armors are of the constellations and they have the energy of the sun then...Having 12 of those would be event better than some 7 statues!


Andreas reveals that he manipulated Lyfia like a Puppet in order to revive the 12 Gold Saints and thore them apart of their armor!

Now Aioria is truly pissed off!, she didn´t needed to die for!

Andreas attacks him and damages Aioria! Aioria is too weakened after using his Divine Armor and can´t do much!


Now Aioria wonders about what his brother said, that he will find his answer on Asgard.

Then Andreas hears the name “Aioros” and reveals to Aioria that his Brother was th first Gold Saint in revive, and the first one to die! he then shows the Sagittarius Armor!


Andreas atatcks Aioria but Mu comes in to help!

Dohko appears too and attacks Andreas!

Both Gold Saints go to attack Andreas! Dohko then sees in Mu a shade of Shion, the last Aries Gold Saint and the former patriarch before getting killed by Saga.


Both of them do their techniques and attack Andreas! Andreas is not amused but then some other comes in.

Saga has joined the battle and is ready to kick Adreas Arse!


Now the three of them are using their techniques against Andreas! But still Andreas is not amused!

Saga orders to Aioria to rest a litle, Aioria doesn´t want to but Dohko convinces him.

Mu then says that if they defeat Andreas then the Fruit will stop growing.

Now the three of them are being able to damage Andreas! Andreas tries to attack but the wound on his left eye is hurting him, and blocked him to use his powers! The Andreas starts wondering if his wound was not a scratch but in truth the Sagittarius Arrow truly entered his eye, of corse not Fisical...But on Cosmos :P


The Gold Saints detect that and keeps attacking him!

Andreas is very damaged, but still alive!

Then Something starts controlling Andreas...A Purple Aura and an evil Cosmos starts appearing.


The Left hand of Andreas starts going to his left eye and...

takes the Arrow out by force! Ouchies!

The Voice of Andreas changes and says that how the Humans can be such a Nuisance... The True enemy has revealed himself!


Who could it be?!... Odin?!...No.

Is an Evil Deity controlling this Place, the one who is trying not only conquering Asgard, but the world!. And now he has controlled all of Andreas.

The hair of Andreas turns purple.

Now that being is kicking the arse of our Heroes!

He captures Dohko, Mu tries to rescue him and activates his Divine Armor, but Dohko stops him saying that he should not do it since he is not at full 100%!, the same goes for Saga too.


Saga doesn´t want to listen to Dohko since he doesn´t want to withdraw! But Dohko didn´t mean that he only was saying of using their powers in the most wisest way.

Then...The place change to one full of Buddhas, Shaka has appeared!

Shaka says that he was late because he was concentrating his Cosmos in order to defeat that menace!


Shaka will now be the opponent of that evil deity...No, that False God!...The Son of the Ice Jottun!

Loki. Now Shaka brings his Divine Armor!

Shaka attacks him with his technique! Loki is not amused...The Shaka´s technique doesn´t affect him!


Loki atatcks Shaka and embraces him on Yggdrassil Roots! Loki says that Shaka was a fool if he though he would be able to defeat him with tthat level. But Shaka reveals that he was only buying time...Because the true attack is coming next.

Mu, Dohko and Saga are in position to do the Forbidden technique!, one who is so powerful that it has the same energy as the Big Bang that created the Universe!, the Athena Exclamation!

Shaka gets devoured and killed by the Yggdrassil roots.

Mu, Dohko and Saga will attack, they know they will be death after that but is just a litle sacrifice!. They will leave the rest to Aioria.


The Three of them activate their Divine Armor! The Attena Exclamation will be strongher than ever!

They do the technique and Andreas Body is destroyed alongside Yggdrassil!

The Credits Roll but is Not the end!


Aioria awakens in a strange place. Dohko, Shion and Mu are still there. It looks like the body of Andreas was destroyed, so Loki couldn´t reborn!...But then the Yggdrassil roots took them! the battle isn´t over and the fruit keeps growing.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Good Chapter! Full of Action!, still there was some plot holes, but what is the Saint Seiya Anime (and the original Manga) without them?!. I Mean At first Utgard it looked like he was destroying the statues on porpuse, but then he fights Frodi and it doesn´t look like that anymore, also is Lyfia was being controlled by Andreas, then there is nor eason why Andreas would tell the Gold Saints about the thing of destroying the Statues, Since when Lyfia told them, she was being possesed.


But Putting that aside. Now is the time for Aioria to Shine!, also i´m curios to know what was inside Utgard´s Body. The Final part of this Story it´s coming and we are only 3 chapters away from that! so be ready!

Anyway my Two Cents. So See You Next Time!