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Chapter 2: The Secrets of Yggdrasyl Revealed!.


The Chapter starts with a quick summary of what happened on the past Chapter, i´m not going to bother with that since you can read it on the past entrance of this series ;3.

Lyfia and a weakened Aioria are walking in the middle of the night, in a snow storm. Aioria is weak and Lyfia is trying to help him, They enter on an abandoned House and Aioria fells over Lyfia, she blushes , so cute! <3.


Anyway, after struggling a litle because Aioria is heavy, she puts him on the bed and turn on the lights. Aioria says that he will be fine after some rest, still Lyfia is concerned and she notices that there aren´t any food, nor water in there. She goes out to the Village nearby and start knocking the doors to no avail, no one answers, then the cold climate, the storm and everything got the best of her and she fell unconcius. But a Person is nearby to help her...

Mu, Aries Mu.

Lyfia wakes up the next morning after saying the name of Aioria a Kid gave her water and he says that she is in his family Barn, then a person enters.


And its our Boy Mu!. He speaks to her and tells her something intriguing.


That when he came to the village, the placewas a ghost town, but there were traces that the people were living here until recently, but now they were vanished.

The only person he found was that Kid, the Kid explains that one day when he went out to the town for something, and when he came back his parents were gone.

Mu also adds that maybe the cause is for a God Warrior who has been roaming in the place for a while, and that their hideout is on the Temple.


The Kid says that the God Warrior use an Armor that resembles a Dragon. That description rings a bell on Lyfia. That person is...

Fafnir. He is a researcher under Andreas, he is the one who researchs the Yggdrasyl Tree and also he is know for being a ruthless person, and someone who make experiments on Humans.


The Kid scares since there is a chance that their fathers are in there. Lyfia volunteers herself to go, but Mu Stops her and says that she should be taking care of her precious person, the sleeping Lion, No, the Snoozing Lion.

Also Mu reveals himself as a Gold Saint too!.


In Another place, a high and bulky figure, like a Bull, is looking at an esque coliseum in the distance. That Person is Aldebaran, Taurus Aldebaran.

In that Coliseum there is a figure that is kicking everyones´Butt!. And that is.


Libra Dohko!. He gets to see Aldebaran and decides to go for a drink.

Aldebaran, who calls him Master Dohko, says that he is impressed that he is in such a place. Dohko , who tells him that forgget the “Master” just call him Dohko, says that he was doing it because he knew that if he armed a rockus, soemone will come.


Also Aldebaran says that he is suriprised because they were supposed to be death in the Underworld, but also because he is angry since no one should resurected for some strange reasons, if it´s not Athena. Also that the fights for vanity are forbidden for the Saints.

Dohko says that yes, they are being manipulated, but also he notes something, you see Dohko has more than 200 Years and in all of those years he has never felt so alive as now. So yeah, something is strange with their bodies.

Then Someone appears on the coliseum... A God Warrior and wants to fight.


Hercules, who has some fans, wants to fight that Gold Saint who was here before.

Dohko says that he is that Saint, but the one who will fight is the Guy next to him!. Aldebaran!.


He Also remembers him how he losed against a God Warrior in the Past. Ugh!. Ptting salt i to the wound , eh Dohko?.

In Aother palce outside the Temple two soldiers are talking about Fafnir, then he comes out and menace them. But then Mu Appears. Both of them fight a little but Fafner ended knocking Mu!.


Back with Aldebaran, he has put his armor, but is not willing to fight, since he has no received order from Athena or the Sanctuary.

Hercules attacks him but he just doesn´t move.


Now With Mu, he has been captured by Fafnir and is being tortured by him, telling him how his enormous Cosmo willf eed Yggdrasil and make him stronger and bigger.

Now With Aldebaran Again, since the Hercules attempts to start a Fight ahs failed, Hercules decides to attack the public, the same one who were cheering for him!. Aldebaran intervenes and use his body to stop the attack.


Meanwhile with Mu, Fafnir keeps spilling the Beans and tells him all of his plans...Yeah he is a James Bond Villain, telling the plan while his enemy is alive.

Now With Aioria and his new Girlfriend, i mean Lyfia, Aioria has finally woke up, Lyfia embraces him in relief that he is now well and good. She then proceed to tells him about Mu and where he was going.


Now Back with Aldebaran, Hercules though he was death, but no, Aldebaran is too cool for that!. And then he realizes something. He is not a man who thinks the things a lot, he just goes along with his emotions.


At The same time with Mu, Fafnir was telling him all the plans, thinking that Mu was unconscious, but wrong!. Mu tells him that he is a man of thoughs, that before jumping in to the action, he needs to know the reason. And now he has one.

And Now is the time for Both Mu and Aldebaran to make their moves!.


Mu Make his Attack which hurts Fafnir!.

And Aldebaran does the same against Hercules!. Hercules has been hurt!...Also a new horn on his armos has been built :P.


Fafnir while damaged, says that big part of Mu´s Cosmos ahs been given to Yggdrassil, Mu says he knows that, but he is not alone, since the Lion has awaken. And just like that Aioria comes to save the day!.

Both Fafnir and Hercules says that this isn´t over and leave!.


Mu and Aldebarana re somewhat tired, but still not so much to fall unconscious.

Anyway, Mu says something interesting, that Yggdrasil is using people´s Cosmo to flourish, and that maybe Aioros (Aiora´s Brother) must be revived too!.

Anyway, the people on the village is now free!.


And, while they may not know, the four saints and Lyfia are going to the same destiny... To Ydddrasil.

The Credits Roll.

But is not the end!. In the post Credits scene, a figure is torturing some warrior, taht warrior says that he knows about other Gold Saints... The Mysterious figure is not other but...


Scorpio Milo.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

A Good Chapter all around!. It wasn´t so slow as the first one, but that is understandable since that chapter served to put the basis of the story.


It was nice to see Aldebaran kicking some asses, since he was somewhat the “Vegueta” of the series (Someone who is strong but always has his Butt kicked, and the only time he won a fight on scene he gets killed too!). So yeah, it was a nice touch.

Also i found funny how Fafnir keeped spilling the Beans to Mu, and one would think that the Bond´s Villains were fool to do that!.

Also I sort of Ship the Lyfia X Aioria, they look good toguether!. Too bad that i think their relationship will not go anywhere than pure tease and platonic.


On Aother note i´m curious as how they will tackle an elephant in the room, Since on the Hade´s Saga, when Seiya and his friends are fighting against Hypnos and Thanatos, their armors gets shattered to pieces, and then the Sagitarius, Virgo, Libra, Leo and Acquarius comes to help them!. I´m saying that because in the first chapter it was stated that the fight against Hades still was going on, since the Greatest Eclipse is still going.

Oh Also Chimaki Kuori, the Mangaka of Saintia Sho, made some Fanarts of SOul of Gold, here they are:


Anyway My two cents. See ya Next time!