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Chapter 11: Loki, The False God Resurection!


The Chapter starts with a quick recap of the events so far.

Fan service time ladies! Aioria is falling naked (of course with proper censorship in the parts that matter) until Ghost Lyfia or Lyfia´s Spirit or whatever. Comes in and helps him.


Aioria awakens in the same place, he doesn´t have his armor he is back on Asgard. Aioria is the only Gold Saint who has survived, then he sees the 12 Gold Armors around the Yggdrassil´s Fruit. Their pretty Shiny Gold has vanished and now they are completely Gray.

The fruit is about to come out! Aioria rise up in order to stop it. But an spectral voice tells him that it is no use. That voice comes from the Loki´s Armor who has appeared in front of him! Loki tells him that the fruit has absorbed all the energy from the gold armors and from Asgard and is ready to come out.


Meanwhile in all of Asgard, the frost and cold has come back harder than ever! all the crops are dying and everything is worse than ever before. The people is asking themselves what is happening and what Andreas is doing?

Loki reveals himself and says that he will be the new God of Asgard and will dominate over it instead of Odin! Aioria says that that can´t be possible since his Host, Andreas, was destroyed by the Athena Exclamation!

Loki responds to him that Andreas was not his only Host, that his spirit is also on his armor, so he can return even without Andreas.


Uh-Oh. Loki has revived now! Loki is only waiting for the fruit to come out, but Aioria is here to prevent it! Aioria attacks him but his attacks are useless against Loki!

Loki returns with an attack from his eyes that goes to Aioria´s Iris. The attack is quite painfully since Aioria´s Body got quite hurted...Also he fall on his head...Ouch...Saints must have truly hard heads! (withouth double meaning).


Loki recomends to Aioria to stop trying to attack him, since he useless, that he should run since if he continues doing that, he will surely loose his new life. Aioria is also pretty beaten up.

Suddenly a Golden Cosmo is appearing! The Gold Armors are crying. Aioria says taht theyr are crying for a worthless soul like him. Loki basically responds saying that the things that Aioria is saying are nonsense, that the armors can´t cry, they aren´t alive. Duh! (Well i added some of it :P).


Aioria rise up again! he is burning his Cosmo. Loki says that the humans are so naive that will rise up again even when they are already defeated and that they have that illusion called Hope.

Loki... Punny Human... Hulk... I see what you did there Toei!

Loki Attacks Aioria but a Gold Arrow saves him!

Could it be?!


Yes it is!


Aioros is alive! Aioros tells him that Aioria did well, and that he has grown up, and he has fought well... But now he doesn´t need to fight alone no more. Aioros is here and both of them will kick his arse!

Loki wonders how Aioros survived.

Aioros reveals that after he fought against Andreas, he left his armor behind and ended being discovered by some Valhalla Palace Maids. They treated his wounds and Hilda, the Odin Representative, talked to him about everything.


That Andreas was being possesed by Loki!

Then Hilda speaks from far away using things...Or cosmos or whatever.


Hilda says that she knew all about what was happening on Asgard, that when Loki went free he possesed Andreas Riise, who was the Court Doctor at the time. And when Hades awaken from his slumber and the Saints went to war against him. That was the time when Loki made his move in order to conquer Asgard and the whole world!

Of course, Loki knew that Odin would try to stop him, so he revived the 12 Gold Saints in order to speed up the process to take out their fruit.

What that fruit contains is a great power that only brings doom... The ultimate sacred treasure of Asgard.


The Gungnir Spear!

Loki knew that if he had that weapon he would be able to defeat Odin and then goes and take all of the world!

Aioria is truly mad, but Aioros stops him and calms him telling him that the only thing they need to do is defeat Loki before the fruit comes out... Simple.


Loki is confident since first. They are humans, and two. They don´t have their Gold Armors anymore!

Aioros says that the Armor doesn´t make the Saint but backwards! That the important is how much Cosmos does you have inside your body, and how can you make it boast!


Th Aioros´s Cosmo is resonating with Aioria.

Now both of them are ready to fight!


meanwhile all of the Valhalla Palace is invaded by Zombi Warriors. The Guards can´t do much and asks to Hilda to flee! But Sigmund has come to the rescue!

Aioros and Aioria are attacked by Zombi Warriors too, but they are dealt with ease thanks to the powers of our Gold Saints!

Now the true battle against Loki begins!

Loki Attacks and Aioros says to Aioria that he must flee! But Aioria does the contrary of it and intercepts the attack!


Our Heroes are sent flying away.

Meanwhile Frodi has reach the Odin´s Statue. He lefts a litle emblem/statue and asks to Odin for help. The Statue/emblem starts radiating and...


The Odin´s Armor appears! But more importantly...Lyfia does it too! She is not dead! Frodi is surprised and kneels before her. Everything makes sense for him now.

Aioros and Aioria are on the Yggdrassil tree, now all dried up and dead.

Aioros tells him that it doesn´t matter if you fall in an enemy´s Trap, or if you are branded as a traitor or as a disgrace... Those things don´t measure their worth as Saints. Aioros remembers the time when he rescued Baby Athena... When he was branded as a Traitor and a disgrace.


But... He saved Athena, he saved his Faith

Now it is the same...They are fighting for the ones who are facing Hades on the underworld, and for the new generation of Saints that will come afterwards... That´s why they can´t loose here!


Aioros understand that now. That this new life must be used in order to secure the future Saints Life!

Then a gold knuckle duster is shining. Aioros had it with him. That knuckle is Draupnir...A Sacred weapon made in order to defeat and seal Loki!

Aioros tells him that Hilda gave it to him. And why they didn´t used it long time ago you ask? That is because Draupnir must resonate with someone...And it looks like the weapon has finally chosen his User: Aioria.


Meanwhile Loki is waiting for the Gungnir Spear until Aioria comes in!

Loki attacks him, but Aioria avoid the attacks and hits him!

Loki blocks the first punch, but the next, now with Draupnir, truly hurts the False God!


Loki is angry and attacks him again! Aioria avoids the attack and do his Lightning Plasma technique with Draupnir!

But it is to no use and Loki says that unless he has physical contact with Drauonir, it´s useless!

Aioria keeps avoiding and attacking! Then an energy ball goes against Aioria and hits him!


But Aioria is fine...

A White Cosmo is in his whole body. The Odin´s Armor saved him! The spirit of Lyfia appears and talks to him and Aioros.


Sigmund is also surprised for that amazing Cosmo... Hilda says that she finally has awoken.

Hilda says that Lyfia is in truth...Odin´s Reincarnation and the true representative of Odin on the planet.

Loki is surprised too!

Frodi speaks and says that Utgard knew all along about Loki and his scheme, so he was like a double agent. But also he sacrifized himself in order to make time so the Odin´s power on Lyfia could be awaken. So he ended his life and reborn as a Enheirar, he then hides the Odin´s armor on his body.


Frodi also says that Odin has chosenAioria to use his armor and defeat Loki! Now he is Asgard´s Champion!... Also that it is a shame that no Asgardian was chosen for that, but that´s not he time for that now.

Aioria then takes the armor , which becomes in a Gold color.


Now Loki your end is near!

The Credits Roll But... Ah what? Oh it is the end :P

My Impressions.

Amazing Chapter! and truly the staff needs an ovation for this! The action was great! the animation and the drawing most of them were good! and more importantly...They make that the story made sense! since the previous 10 chapters, yeah they were fun, but the story was a mess that it wasn´t well explained. But now everything is on it´s place and is good!, no more Plot holes as of right now. So Yea this was an amazing chapter! Now the next will be the final battle against Loki, and we are 4 weeks away from the big ending!


Anyway, my two cents. So See you next time!