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Chapter 9: The Bond between Brothers! Saga!


The Chapter starts with a quick Recap of the Events so Far.

Now Sigmund is going to fight Saga! Sigmund is eager to fight while Saga is more or less like “Whatever”.


Sigmund fights with all he has, Saga avoid the attacks with certain facility. The Sigmund stops and tells a litle of his Story...About his Brother, the former God Warrior Siegfried (who died on the Asgard Story Arc). How Siegfried died at the hands of Sorrento of Siren, a Poseidon Marine, on the last fight against Athena´s Army.

So for that Sigmund hates Athena, Poseidon and the rest of the Olympian Gods!


Meanwhile Dohko keeps fighting Uthgart and he demands to know who truly Lyfia is. Dohko attacks Uthgart and his mask fells of!. It looks like he is an Enheirar, a resurected warrior, but there is another thing. The statue on his chamber gets destroyed...Quite easily. Dohko says that the Statue still hasn´t received much damage...Unless Uthgart was also destroying it.

Meanwhile Lyfia wanders around Yggdrassil, her mind is confused...Then a Memory comes to her mind...She was the One!...She is the one who resurected the 12 Gold Saints!...But Why?! Her mind´can´t believe it. Andreas then starts talking to her. He says that finally she has remembered she is the one who comitted that gigantic Sin. Lyfia doesn´t want to believe it but Andreas tells her that is the truth. Lyfia leaves to were Aioria is.


Meanwhile Aioria is fighting Frodi. The fight goes more or less even, Frodi says that Aioria has changed, now he is strongher...But Still. Aioria evades the attacks of the God Warrior so now Frodi will fight with his fist! he says that since his family is devoted to protect Odin, he knows how to fight with his fist, like a Saint!

Frodi´s Fist goes to the speed of Light, but Aioria can fight against them since his fight can overcome that speed! Frodi says that he can see why Lyfia trust in him so much. Aioria gets somewhat surprised and the attacks between them stops. Frodi keeps saying that maybe Aioria is concerned for her? Aioria responds saying that yes he is. That She is trying to protect Asgard, even if she doesn´t have anyone who truly trust her.


Frodi reveals to him that he knows Lyfia since they were children. And he wants to protect her, just as much he wants to protect Asgard! so for her own sake, he has to stop her! Aioria says that he believes in her so he will keep going forward with her!

Two mens one road i guess :P


Back with Saga and Sigmund. Saga tells him that he had a Younger Brother (Kanon), and as fellow Big Bro, he knows how he feels, heck he even thinks that what Sigmund is doing is admirable...But. Well Saga atatcks and basically defeats Sigmund, although he didn´t killed him.

Saga tells him that he is too weak, so Sigmund will never defeat him. Sigmund gets up! he is decided to do his all in defeating him!


Sigmund keeps telling him that he needs to settle the Score... He remembers how litle before the first fight against Athena´s Army... He was supposed to be one of the first God Warriors... But that changed when Hilda was touched by the Nibelung Ring and the fight against the Sanctuary started.

When he noticed the change on Hilda, he got attacked and imprisoned on the castle...There he gets to know Andreas, who was at that time the doctor of the castle. Andreas became his eyes on the outside world, he telled him about all what was happening.

Then the God Warriors were chosen...Siegfried on their lines. When the battle against Athena´s Army was over and the Saints went to fight against Poseidon, Sigmund got free...And he sough his brother´s Grave...He cried. He lost his family.


He regrets everythime that he wasn´t able to do anything in order to help Hilda back there.

Saga udnerstands his feeling so he will fight with all he has!

The attack o both of them collide again!... And Sigmund again gets defeated.


It Looks like he will end death but...Something has come to help him... The God Robe of his brother. His brother protected him.

Sigmund believes that his Brother wants him to defeat Saga! But the Gold Saint begs to differ... Siegfried wants taht his older brother lives.

The Full armour appears. Saga tells him that he must liste his brother armour. The Siegfried´s God Robe starts crying.


Siegmund understands now... He has admited defeat and starts crying since he feels he is alright with his brother now. But then his eyes turn black...Something is moving his body!

Andreas says about the legend of those warriors who can´t stop fighting until they fall dead...The Berserk.


Sigmund yells to Andreas as to why he is doing that to him!?.

Sigmund, now as a Berserk, fights against Saga and is stronger now! Saga can barely avoid the attacks!


Sigmund begs to Saga to kill him... He doesn´t want that. Saga understand and says that maybe they pray to diferent Gods but Sigmund has the pride and honor of a Gold Saint!

The Cosmos of Saga starts burning...Also Kanon image appears behind him :P...Poor Kanon didn´t get revived even though he was for a short time the Gemini Gold Saint.


Saga bring his Divine Armour and attacks Sigmund! The full armour of Sigmund gets destroyed! But Sigmund is still alive...Saga wants him to be alive and live a full life...For his brother Siegfried who can´t do it now.

Saga destroys the tower and leaves.


Now Back With Frodi Vs. Aioria! Frodi feels that his Statue is the last one. The Odin Saphire tries to took over him but he stops it! he wants tod efeat Aioria by his own.

Frodi says that he will make any sacrifice in the name of Asgard.

A Wild Lyfia appears!

Lyfia tells Aioria that she is the one responsible that the Gold Saints have come back.


Frodi and Aioria doesn´t want to believe that but Andreas spoke to them and tells them that is the truth.

Lyfia is the true enemy and she wanted the Power of the Gold Saints in Order to Conquer Asgard and all the world!

Andreas then orders Frodi to go and Kill her!.


Frodi remembers the time when Lyfia, the woman he loves, left his side in order to help Hilda. She was a maid on Frodi´s House until she decided to work for Hilda. Frodi wanted to tell his feelings to her but decided against it since she will be helping the representative of Odin on Asgard.

Then when Frodi became a God Warrior. He wanted to protect Asgard...But more importantly he wanted to protect her.

Frodi tries to atatck her but he just can´t and says that Killing her is a thing he just couldn´t do! Frodi apologizes to Andreas for that.


Lyfia then grab´s Frodi swords and tries to kill herself, since the Sin she commited is too big.

Aioria stops her. Lyfia says that if she is still alive the people of the Asgard will suffer! Frodi then grab his sword.

Andreas asks to Frodi if he is betraying him and Asgard?. Frodi says that his loyalty is with him but...He wants to know the truth...He Knows taht Lyfia intentions on protecting Asgard are true! But he needs to know the truth! what is truly happening in here! What path he should follow?


Then Andreas tries to make Frodi a Berserk. But Frodi destroys his Odin Saphire.

Frodi is angry with Andreas, but still!


Then A Scythe comes and takes Lyfia´s Life...Aioria and Frodi are speechless.

Uthgard appears...He is Lyfia´s Killer. Aioria grabs Lyfia... Lyfia begs for his forgiveness and tries to tell him something...It looks like Lyfia was in love with Aioria. But she can´t complete her words and dies.

Both Aioria and Frodi yells and cry for her death.

Both Dohko and Mu felts her Cosmo vanishing. Andreas tells them that Lyfia, who complotted in order to conquer the world, is now dead.


The Credits Roll but is not the end!

Frodi tells to Aioria to keep going and reach Andreas...He will stay and defeat Uthgard...He can´t forgive the person who assasinated her. Aioria says what Lyfia used to say “That the only thing one can do is to follow their hearth”


Aioria keeps his way in order tor each Andreas.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

A Good chapter! How sad taht Lyfia has to die ;_; I hope that she appears by the end in some form.


Also i liked the background of Sigmund, and the fact that the clasic God Warriors appeared!. Now the things goes for the final 4 chapters. So we are 2 months affar from the big finish!.

Also i hope taht both Frodi and Siegmund survives and helps rebuild Asgard.

Anyway, my two cents. So See Ya next time!