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Chapter 8: Balder, The Man Chosen by God.


The Chapter starts with a quick recap of the events so far.

Shaka will face Balder. Shaka uses his technique and send Balder to the Six Kingdoms. It looks like Balder is in trouble, but he is calm and easily destroy the attack!... Or so he thinks since he was just doing circles around Budha´s Palm… Just like certain Monkey whose name is shared to certain Main Character of another Shounen made by Toei…


Balder is not amuzed… Altohough he says that Shaka is Good on what he does, and that the surname of the “Man who is Closer to God” it holds true to him… But… Balder destroy the Shaka´s Attack and reveals another form of paradise, Valkyries and Warriors are in there. And Balder is surrounded by them.

All of that is because Balder is…


Shaka is surprised but Makes another attack! Balder uses his technique and destroy the Attack made by the Gold Saint and counter attack!

Shaka defends himself. It Looks like Shaka has finally realized that his enemy is someone who comes from the Divine Realm… A God.


Meanwhile Dohko is fighting against both Lyfia and Garm (I Think?) Dohko then realizes that Lyfia is no longer Lyfia right now… But someone is using her body, in a [Not] Sexual Way.

A Weird Voice call for Lyfia, since it´s time for her “Final Mission”. She just agrees and leaves.


Meanwhile Mu is fighting against Fafner and is having a tough time, this is because the Odin Saphire give more than 10 times the power they receive from Yggdrassyl. Although he needed in order to do it several human bodies. Mu realizes that the experiments he was doing, all the people he kidnapped was for that purpose only.

Mu is pissed off and ready to fight!... But someone stops him… There is someone who despise Fafner more than anything…


DeathMask. DeathMask do his Infernal Waves and sends both Fafner and himself to the Yomotsu Mountain!, the Yomotsu Mountain is the place were all of the dead souls go in order tor each their final destination. DeathMask plan on end Fafner Life on this place. He promises to Mu that he will destroy the statue and will catch up with him later.

Back with Shaka Vs. Balder, Shaka is still surprised by the fact that Balder is a God. Balder attacks Shaka and then gets to narrate his story:

Balder was born in one of the poorest town on all of Asgard, still he helped everybody in there… But still a little kid in a poor town full of ill and old people has truly not much hope of change the situation… And that happened, every person in that town felt death eventually…With the exception of Balder.


Balder then prayed to Odin , lamenting his weaknesses and his inability to do something, Before he fell unconscious, just waiting for his inminent Death, he asks to the God of why he did this?.

Then… A Voice responded him… The God told him that Balder was born with a gentle hearth and a pure soul. Balder said that what does is that good for?; if he can´t save anyone thanks to his weak body, he desires for a stronger body. The God then decided to gave him a Stronger Body, one who will never fade, nor get any weaker.

And so… The Human Balder was no more… The God Balder existed from now on. Balder showed the power of his body ehn he cutted his troath with his sword, but nothing happened, he wasn´t damaged in any way.


Balder again says that Shaka is indeed worthy of the title of the “Man who is Closer to God”, but he is a God…Also Andreas is watching the fight on his Tv or something.

Shaka still doesn´t believe him. Balder attacks him, Shaka then asks to Balder that if he is a God, then why he doesn´t do what the Gods are supposed to do…Which is Helping the people in need; Why he choose to fight the fight of another Human?; Why he put himself in Danger?. Balder responds in the most cliché/ JRPG way: You´re not a God so you wouldn´t Understand… Yeah Right.

Anyway. Balder Says that A God should not worry about the pity Humans. Balder keeps telling his story. That after he became a God, he stoped caring from others. And just Decided to wander in search of a place for him… Even he lost the only being that keep acompaning him, his Dog.


He Found then his place… The Battle Grounds, a place were the Violence and Killing was Common. He never lamented the death of his opponents, since Mercy is useless and only limits you. His fame was so much that he was called the Strongest Warrior of Asgard!, so much that when Andreas, the new Odin representative on Earth appeared, he made it a God Warrior.

Balder says that now he can use his Divine power to it´s fullest. After hearing his Story and Motivations, Shaka has only one thing to say:


“You are not a God.”

Balder wonders why Sahaka says what he is saying. The Gold Saint responds saying that it´s the truth that Balder obtained his powers from a Divinity… But there is something that he lacks, something that every God in the world has: Empathy, Love and Care for the other people, including Humans.


Shaka tells him that in the moment The God granted his Wish, he took something from him… Those things. Balder doesn´t want to believe him. Shaka says that the Gods sometimes give, and sometimes take. Balder asks if Odin has taken something from him in exchange.

Shaka then tells him that the God who gave him that power was not Odin. Shaka tells him that when he revived he has been trying to communicate with Athena to no avail, he tried countless of times… Until he asked the correct question: Is it the Will of Lord Odin That´s Leading Asgard Now?.

The Answer was short and simple:


Balder then wonders who gave him that power then?!. Who is Using Andreas as his Representative?!. Shaka says that is an evil being that ahs finally revived on the Earth.


Meanwhile with DeathMask Vs. Fafner. It Looks like that Fafner is against the ropes, but he has a card under his sleeve!, the God Warrior shows to the Gold Saint that the little children, the siblings of Helena are in the Yomotsu mountain too! They aren´t 100% dead but if Fafner dies, so will they.

That is because he captured the Kids too since they are useful, just like their Sister… Fafner then attacks Death Mask!

Back with Shaka Vs. Balder. Balder don´t wants to believe that and his eye color changes! He insist that the power he has is thanks to Odin. He attacks Shaka but his attacks doesn´t damage the Gold Saint!.


Balder is once again making circles on Budha´s Palm. Shaka tells that Balder´s Soul will not be saved unless he is free from that curse. The Shaka speaks to whatever entity is the one in Asgard and says that the Gold Saints Serve the Justice and will not let him do whatever he wants!


DeathMask is damaged by Fafner Attacks, since he doesn´t want to kill him, because that will kill Helena´s Siblings! Fafner is using the souls of the death in order to obtain more power. Fafner attacks and It looks like he will defeat DeathMask! He demands to go back to the earth.

The Souls of the Kids then Speak with DeathMask and say that he must not Give up, that he has to kick Fafner´s Butt!. DeathMask says that if he do that they will get Killed. The Kids responds him that he must not worry about that and he needs to avenge their Sister! DeathMask says that Helena made him realize something… That even a man like himself can encounter someone to whom he has the bursting desire to protect... Something so precious that he even can sacrifice his own Soul in order to protect it.

DeathMask Cosmo starts Burning, so much that was hurting Fafner´s Feet. The Gold Saint has raised again. He won´t let Fafner Die!, but he will kick his ass!.


Both of them Burn their Cosmo to the infinity and activate their Divine Armor!. Although I don´t know when Shaka got tears or blood from Athena but Whatever.

Before continuing…Let´s Look how awesome both of them Look.




Balder attacks with all he has!. But Shaka demands to that evil being to disappear in the name of God! (Any Dejavu with the Exorcist or any other movie that implies demon Possesing is mere coincidence :P).

Shaka Attacks and Balder is defeated!


DeathMask now is ready to kick Fafner arse! Fafner is afraid and remembers him that if he gets Killed the Kids will die too, But DeathMask has a plan. DeathMask attacks Fafner!

Fafner awakes with his body buried on the land, he won´t die, but he will not go back to the earth, he will live all of the eternity on this transitional space between life and death, being steped by the souls of the Death without doing anything to avoid it. The Soul of the Kids disappear now.


Both Statues are now destroyed.

Balder asks Shaka what was the thing that he was missing. Shaka responds that they were the Compassion for every Life on the earth and the Mercy for everyone, even his opponents.

The Influence of That entity ends and Balders´s body starts feeling the pain and the wounds his body had to suffer all this time. Shaka removes his sense of touch so he won´t feel pain anymore. Balder say thanks to him before dying. Shaka tells him that he should not worry, because the Death is not the end of his existence.


Meanwhile with DeathMask. The Gold Saint is too weakened for his battle and using the Divine Armour, so he apologizes with Mu because he won´t be able to catch with him and fells.

There are only 3 rooms left. Andreas looks frustrated

The Credits roll but is not the end!.


Sigurd is waiting patiently…Until a Gold Saint has come… The famed strongest Saint in Athena´s Army… Gemini Saga.

End of the chapter

My Impressions.

An Excellent Chapter!!, the battles were good, and they truly managed at 100% the time they gave in order to develop the fights and the characters! The drawing was better and I truly liked how they developed the character of Balder.


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