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Chapter 7: Confrontation!. Divine Armor Vs. Divine Armor!.


The chapter starts with a quick recap of the events so far.

Aioria is fighting against Frodi and the Leo Gold saint is trying to put some sense into Frodi, but to no avail. Then Frodi says that thanks to the Odin Saphire they are now strongher than ever!. Aioria then do his technique and damages Frodi!. But Frodi is far from beaten!. Their fight is only begining!. A Weird glow is on Frodi´s eyes


Andreas is watching all the fights on his Chess 3D-Thing.

Meanwhile. Aldebaran is fighting Hercules. All the punches that Hercules bring to Aldebara are useless!. Hercules demands to Aldebaran to fight and reveal his Divine armor, but Aldebaran says that there is no sense on fighting someone who he already beated the crap out.


Still Hercules is fighting, and with his fist!, since he is not very fond of his BayBlade weapons. Aldebaran return some punches with his super speed and basically says that hercules is still not on his level.

Hercules keep insisting and fighting. A Weird glow is on his eyes


Now with Mu Vs. Fafner...Well Fafner´s Butt is being kicked... Like always. Mu, the Aries Gold Saint, asks to Fafner to be a Lamb (Get it?) and stay down so he can destroy the statue and continues to the other room. Fafner then rise again and attacks but with more power!. A Weird glowis on his eyes.

Now with Dohko, he is fighting those zombies and ask the mysterious person to reveal himself and if that was the one who brought them back!. Since he had no response Dohko attacked!. And is then when his true oponent appears!. Utgard of Garmr!.


The Dohko wonders who is that mysterious person. A wind comes and is revealed to be...

Lyfia... But she looks in a trance state.


Now Shura is fighting Camus!. Shura won´t ask the Camus Reasoning to do what he is doing. But both of them remember the time when both of them, alongside Saga, were revived by Hades and tricked him in order tor each Athena and warn her.

But that is in the past now!. And both of them will fight for what they believe!.

Their Cosmos Burns to the infinity and parts of their Divine armor are activated!.


Both of them uses their technique and starts facing each other!!.

When all was said and done. On that hall it was only a big crater for their impact.


Shura loks like is unconscious but alive. Surtr comes in with a killing intent. Camus says to him to not to do it. Surtr is impressed by the fact that Camus is still conscious. Camus says that Shura won´t get up again so leave him be. Surtr responds him that he heard that Shura killed a Gold Siant in the past, so he is surprised to see that he didn´t give his all against Camus.

Camus says that Shura gave his all. But he wasn´t the objective. SInce he was aiming to the Statue. Which gets destroyed. Surtr is impressed and flabergasted.


Now back with Hercules and Aldebaran. Aldebaran is wondering what just happened... Could be a Divine armor Vs. Divine Armor?!. Hercules tells him to put atention to him!. Hercules keeps attacking him, but his attack doesn´t damaged him too much.

Hercules wonders if he needs more power. Aldebarans ays that is not a matter of power and proceeds to bitchslaps him!. Thats gotta hurt!.

Hercules uses his technique and demands for the Divine armor!. Aldebaran do what he wants and activates it!. Aldebaran uses his technique the Great Horn!.


Ok. I thin Hercules didn´t knew what was coming for him. Since he gets beaten by Aldebaran´s technique and his God Armor was destroyed.


Now back with Camus, Shura and Surtr. Surtr says that Shura´s sacrifice was in vain since this chamber has another part...a fire part. So what he did was no biggie. Camus tries to stops Surtr since fighting with Shira reminded him how pleasant is to trade some punches with a friend (...) and the sorrow of losing one. So he doesn´t want that!.

Surtr doesn´t hear and attacks Camus!. Now Surtr kills Shura in cold blood.


Camus is angry!. Surtr says that he will remain here and Camus should go to another chamber...But Camus won´t do that!. He will kick his ass!.

Camus remembers how Surtr in the past was an Honorable man who hated any wrongdoing... But that changed when his sister died on that accident provoked by Camus.

Surtr syas that he is not surprised that Camus betrays him, since he is an Athena´s Pawn after all. A weird glows come from his eyes.


Camus says that he made that promise witht he hopes to save Surtr´s Soul... But he was wrong, the more Surtr fights, more and more his soul is eveloped by the darkness.

It is revealed that Surtr didn´t wanted to be a God Warrior...Buth rathe an Athena´s Saint. But all of that was forgotten the moment his sister died since he lost all hope from his future he cut all ties wth friends and families and won a cold fire... And that fire gave him the oportunity to be a God Warrior!.

Camus is being damaged gravily against Surtr Attacks!.

But a light is coming from Camus... Surts wonders why Camus still has so much Cosmo!


Camus says, with tears on his eyes, that he can´t bear the fact to lose more of his friends. Surtr says that he has no friends!. Nor he needs them!.


Camus rise his Cosmos to the infinity and activates his Divine Armor!.With a single attack he defeats Surtr and destroys the Statue.

Now back with Aldebaran and Hercules. The Yggdrassil Roots caught Hercules and the God Warrior say that he already knew that it wasn´t a matter of power... But rather the will power that comes from the desire of protect something and the care for others. He realized that on the Arena.


Aldebaran has that. ALdebaran saves Hercules from thos roots...And Hercules says that sometimes that is his weakness. The Roots comes from both of them!.

So Hercules Victory will come for the fact that Aldebaran wasn´t able to destroy the statue. Still Aldebaran has enough energy to make his Great Horn and destroys the statue!. and litle moments later he gets eaten by the roots alongside Hercules. Hercules wonders why Aldebaran did that instead to go. And that Aldebaran is admirable.


Surtr and Camus... Both of them are going to die. Surtr tries to apologizes, Camus hold his hand and says that he knows...Now Surtr can rest on peace. Surtr cries and both of them die alongside the room.

All of the other Gold Saints and God Warriors feel the tremor. Andreas says that they have destroyed 3 rooms now... That is no good.


The credits roll but is not the end!.

Shaka has come to Alfheim...And his God Warrior protector is Balder of Hraeslvelgr. Andreas says that an interesting fight is going to come... Shaka, the man closer to God against...A God himself.


End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

Good Chapter all around!. The animation was good!. There was a good chunk of action and even some funny parts (That knowing the director, who worked on Mangaka-San-ToAssistant-San-To the-Animation is nothing to be surprised of) it was good!.


The only bad thing was the litle dvelopment of the God Warrior, who are a litle more than a punching bag now. So yeah... it looks like their development will only come on the chapter when they are going to get killed.

Anyway my two cents.

So wish me luck for my examn on July 4 and see you next time!