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Chapter 6: Attack the even Rooms of Yggdrasill!


The Chapter starts with a quick Resume of the events so far.

Now the Gold Saints are surounded by those guards who truly use some outdated weapons and armor. People of Asgard!. We are not on the Midle Ages anymore!. We are on the 80´s so lets all use some blue police officer clothes and some guns, Some mustaches and obscure Glasses and lets all hear some Rick Astley! People!.


Amm... Well.. Yeah, i think that the comedy week is inside me (in a [Non] Sexual way) or something. Anyway let´s continue.

Mu is really angry and is kicking those guards butt!. Dohko and Aldebaran; Milo, Lyfia and Shura are also surounded!. But Andreas interfers and says that they must let them in. Andreas then tells them that not to worry, that Asgard has the God Warriors!. And the Gold Saints has already lost two of them!.

So our Heroes goes in.


Now Andreas is Talking with the God Warriors and is telling them the Harsh Truth. The Horrible truth behind the sudden apeareance of the Gold Saints in Asgard. And that is... That Athena wants to conquer the World!. And she has allied with Hades, the Greek God of the underworld!. The proof of that is the Great Eclipse up on the sky!. Since that thing limits the light, then our beloved tree can´t produce more oxygen and growth or something. The point is Athena is bad and Asgard is Good.

But now Hades and Athena Colition has revived the Gold Saints are coming to destroy Yggdrasil!. So this is the final battle!...Ragnarok!


So now Andreas has gave them the Odin Saphires! (Oh Hey!, i remember those from the original Asgard Saga!). Those Saphires will give them in a more direct way the Power of Yggdrasil!.

The God Warriors goes to their respective chambers, except Frodi who ask Andreas on why he waited to announce a direct attack just now and not before?. Andreas tells him that it was because he wanted to know about the Divine Armor and it´s Secrets. But now that he knows it, he now can make an strategy to defeat the Gold Saints.

Frodi then ask about the othe Gold Saints who still aren´t in Yggdrasil, specifically for the one who still hasn´t appeared yet... The Sagitarius one.


Andreas tells him that he has already meeted him. That he was the first Gold Saint in coming. That person is... Sagitarius Aioros.

Litle before the events of this Anime started. Andreas, as a replacement for Hilda, was visiting her , Andreas asked for how was Hilda, since she was Ill. Hilda doesn´t buy his excuses since he has her trapped here and her Sister Freya is imprisoned on The Valhalla Prison. And if that´s not enough, she has bringed that Horrible Tree, Yggdrasil. A Tree who will feed on the lifes of the ones tricked by him with an ilusion of evergreen pastures and spring. And when the times comes, and evil fruit will come from it.


Andreas leaves and says to his Soldiers to keep having an eye on Hilda.

Andreas goes to Yggdrasil until he stops and asks a man behind him what does he want?. That person wants to know about that Tree. And what truly is Andreas. Andreas attacks him!. That person avoids the attack and since he has no other option, he will fight!.


That person is Sagitarius Aioros!. The Gold Saint who rescued Baby Athena for the evil hands of Evil Saga!.

Now back on the present. Frodi asks about the wereabouts of Aioros, Adreas says that he should not worry about that, but rather he should go to his place and protect his Room.


Andreas activate some weird vision like Chess on every room. He is going to watch everything!.

Back with our Heroes, Shura says that they still doesn´t know who revived them and with what intentions. Aioria says that the best thing right now is to worry about Yggdrasil, since something evil is growing inside it.


Our Heroes are now on the center of Yggdrasil, Mu, Aioria and Aldebaran reach them there too!.

Oh Man!. Aldebaran!. What did they do to your Face!? (Dohko and Mu are also bad, but not to those levels!).

Dohko asks about Lyfia, Aioria says that she is an asistant to Hilda, the former representative of Odin. Dohko and Aldebaran present themselves.


Mu says that the first thing they need to know is to locate the Evil inside Yggdrasil and destroy it!.

Lyfia tells them about Hilda told to Andreas, that about Yggdrasil and deceiveing people and all that jazz.


But now Lyfia knows a way to destroy that fruit. She tells about the Seven Rooms on Yggdrasil: Svartalfheim the Chamber of Wisdom; Jotunheim the chamber of Giants; Alfheim the Chamber of Light; Helheim the chamber of Death; Vanaheim the chamber of the Brave; Niflheim the chamber of mist; Jaheim the chamber of Ice.

Unless those towers in those Rooms aren´t destroyed they won´t be able to destroy the Evil Fruit.

Also Lyfia is changing to Evil-Lyfia but Mu and Aioria snaps her out of it. Lyfia aplogize herself and says that her head just feel a litle daze. Dohko asks on if they should trusth on what she said, Mu says that yeah, since Lyfia is sincere and she doesn´t Lie.


Dohko still has doubts but decides to trust in her and apologizes, Lyfia says that it´s Ok.

So now our Heroes will divide again. Aioria tells to Lyfia that she should go back. Mu says that he is right since no one knows what could happen. Aioria then finalize sayng to her that she must rest asure since they will win!.

When our Heroes are gone, Lyfia decides to stay and check one of those Rooms...


Lyfia is searching for Aioria (<3) But she ended up on Helheim. She looks at the Statue and have a vision. A Pentagram surounded by the 12 Zodiac symbols...And a weird Lyfia in front of it.

Aioria ended up on Vanaheim, and his oponent is none other than Frodi!.


Aldebaran ended up on Jotunheim and his oponent is Hercules!.

Mu ended up on Svartalfheim and his oponent is Fafnir...Who just can´t catch a break. Since Mu is not leting him talk or anything!.


Shura ended up on Jaheim and his oponent is Camus!.


Dohko ended up on Helheim and his oponent is a mysterious person who revives the Death and those Zombies attack Dohko!.

Andreas is watching everything from his chamber. He says that everything is According to the Keikaku (Translator Note: Keikaku Means Plan) and is also watching that Sura, Saga and Death mask (Who is now Shaved) are going to Yggdrasil.

Andreas says that it´s just a matter of time for the remaining Gold Saints to come...Including that Man.


Then a wound on his face starts hurting. Andreas goes to were the Gold Armors of Pisces and Scorpio are and starts remembering.

When Andreas was fighting against Aioria. Aioria felt a resurgence in the Cosmo, the other Gold Saints has been revived!. Aioria asks if this is all Andreas doing!.


Andreas responds that since Aioros is gonna die, there is no point in telling him the truth!.

Aioria atatcks but the Yggdrasil Roots Protect Andreas and Andreas attacks and damages Aioros!.

Aioros realizes that his Cosmo is being drained, Andreas tells him that is too late to noticed it that the Gigantic Cosmo of the Gold Saint is nothing but manure to Yggdrasil.


Andreas is about to kill Aioros!. Aioros defends himself and burn his Cosmo!. Part of his armor transform into a Divine Armor!.

The Arrow defeats the power beam of Andreas and the Roots of Yggdrasil that protect him!. Aioros fell to an abyss.

The arrow damage the Left eye of Andreas and goes to Yggdrasil!.

Now on the present (Well the 80´s anyway) Andreas says that there is no way that the arrow has damaged Yggdrasil.


And now the fights are going to begin!.

The Credits Roll and... Is the end?!. Two weeks in a row huh?. Oh well.

My Impressions.

An enjoyable chapter. The animation has it´s lows (Aldebaran) but luckily the faces , when they were close, it was nice detailed, also they showed Aioros!. Lyfia looked quite cut in most shots and the fight between Aioros and Andreas was good also!.


Other thing. I´m starting to feel that maybe Andreas and Lyfia are closer that we know.

Anyway, my two cents. See ya next Time!