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Chapter 5: The Ultimate Power of the Divine Armor!.


The Chapter starts with a quick Resume of the events so far.

Mu is talking with Shaka, he says that Aphrodite, before dying, told him about a way on how to break the the Barrier of Yggdrassil and is sucking their Cosmos.


The way to break it is to destroy those three Giant Roots. When they do that all of the Gold Saints can go on Yggdrassil and attack him directly!.

Shaka also tells him other thing. About something he found that it was next to his armor, a Dagger, but not any Dagger, it was the same Dagger Athena used it in order to end her life and go to the Underworld in order to fight Hades.


Mu then gets revealed an important secret of the Gold Armor.

Litle after that, the Teams of Aioria and Lyfia; Milo; and Dohko and Aldebaran are going to those Three different Roots . Mu told them that in order to destroy them they need to activate their Gold Divine Armor. And the only way to doing it is to burning their Cosmos to the Infinity!. Milo basically says that it is easy pissy then, but Mu it was about to told them about the other condition in order to awaken the Divine Armor until someone is in front of him.


Meanwhile Andreas is looking at the Pisces Armor until is called by Frodi who told him that thei Gold Saints are going to the Roots, And the ebst thing to do is to call some forces to obstaculise them.

Andreas says that there is no need, and that a good show will begin.


Milo and the others are facing some weird people in a big robes. Milo attacks one, but his technique was iced?. That technique only can mean... Hyoga?!, The Swan Bronze Saint?!.

With Aldebaran and Dohko...those Techniques... Andromeda Shun and Dragon Shiryu?!.


And With Aioria is none other than...Seiya!!!, the Bronze Saint of Pegasus!!.


Every Gold Saint basically says of what the Funk are they doing here?!. They should be on Elysion kicking Hades Butt!...Unless... No!. Could it mean that they were defeated by Hades and were Revived here just like them?!. Aioria feels hopeles since that would mean that Athena is dead for sure. But Lyfia relax him saying that those must not be those Guys, but it must be the effect of Fimbulvetr, which is a laberynth who sorrounds Yggdrassil and is habitated by deceiveing Shadows who only mission is to mislead the people who enters.

That was a close one!. So now they can calmily kick those ilusions Butt!. Basically everyone excepts Aioria defeats its opponent easily. But the Aioria one , suddenly transforms to Seiya in another person.


In Shura, the Capricorn Gold Saint, Aioria its having a hard time defeating that Shadow. Andreas says that other efect of Fimbulvetr is that it can make the shadows in the heart of the people and transform them in Ilusions.


Lyfia wonders if Aioria has something against Shura. Mu tells her that Capricorn Shura was the one who killed his Big Brother, Aioros (The Sagitarius Saint), so Aioria must feel some hate towards him.

Mu tells her that some years ago, Aioros was wrongfully branded as a traitor when he escaped with Baby Athena. The , on that Time, “Patriarch” (Who was Saga posing as him) sended Shura in order to kill him. And Shura was succesful.

So yeah, Aioria must feel some hate towards Shura. Aioria says that it isn´t true, that he and Shura are Cool now!. But Andreas (who looks like has a Mic or something that leds him to hear what Mu is saying in telepathy) says that maybe Aioria thinks that, but the true is that in the most deepest and darkest part of his hearth, he still hates Shura.


Aioria attacks but the fake Shura evades and is going to attack Aioria until the True Shura comes in and Saves Him!!...By the way, oh Shura you are so fugly!. What did the animators did to your face?!. Anyway, Shura helps Aioria in order to eliminate that Ilussion which only Aioria can destroy!.


Shura is ready to sacrifice in order to help Aioria and tells him about other part on what happened that fatidic night in the 70´s (BTW The Hades Saga-and this one- occurs on the 80´s , if you were curious).

Shura heard about what Aioros told to his Lil brother before going and die in the outskirts of the place (where Baby Athena would be led on the hands on Mitsumasa Kido and all of that). So Shura made a vow to one day he will sacrifice for that kid in order to repay for the Sin .

After that Aioria Recoginze that maybe he did have some Grudge left against Shura. But now everything of that will be over!. Aioria attacks with his Lightning Plasma!.


The Ilusion is defeated and Shura is left unhamerd, Aioria says that he would do nothing to hurt him.

With that the Fog is gone and the three Teams are already in front of their respective Roots!.


Dohko is saying that he will let Aldebaran to do his thing again and destroy it, with thing i refer to active his Divine Armor.

The Three teams feel how their Cosmos is being dragged more than ever!. They must destoy it now!. Milo wants to activate his Divine Armor, Mu says that he must wait. Since there are other condition that is needed in order to activate it.


The Condition is one related to AThena. It is that the User must have something related to her, the Armors of the ones who died on the Sanctuary Saga, and the armor of Taurus on the Poseidon Saga (which Aldebaran Didn´t died but his Ass was Kicked by a Marine) received the tears of Athena, making them divine in it´s own way.

Aioria has the memento of his Brother, which Athena guarded it by all of those years, so its blessed by her, and the Dagger is the one who has her blood, so yeah, its user can activate the Divine Armor. But in the case of Milo, Dohko, Shaka and Mu, who are the Gold Saints who survived and were unnarmed in those Story Arcs they didn´t have the Athena´s Blessing, so they need that Dagger.

Milo demands that Mu must give him the Dagger, but Mu says that the activation of the Divine Armor also tires the body and Milo, as of how he is right now, would die after that so he must wait for him to come.


Milo says that it doesn´t matter if he dies!, he was death before , right?. So it doesn´t matter who goes first its way back into the grave. Mu sends him the Dagger.


The three of them activates their Divine Armor!. and destroy easily the Roots!.

Milo says that he will let the rest to the others Gold Saints and fells Death, Yggdrassil eats him. Everyone feels how the Cosmo of Milo dissapeared.


Mu Cries the Death of Milo, the Hot Blooded Cancer Gold Saint.

The Credits Roll but is not the end!.


Shaka is trying to contact Athena asking her why they were resurected?. It looks like nothing is happening until... Athena Responds. Shaka Wear his Armor once Again. He is ready to enter in action.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

An...Ok Chapter, if you are forgiving enough. The Animation has its high and lows, more lows than highs thats for sure, i mean look and what they done to Shura´s Face!, he is ugly on this Chapter. Also there was some fan service moments and that was nice but still, it throws some inconsistencies, like , what the hell do Milo,Aldebaran,Dohko and Aioria have Against Hyoga, Shun,Shiryu and Seiya respectively?!. I guess that maybe with Milo is because Hyoga kicked his ass on the Sanctuary Arc, or Aldebaran truly miss his blood that he used it in order to repair Andromeda´s Armor. But what Dohko have against Shiryu?!. Nothing, that´s for sure, also Arioros with Seiya, the only thing is that Seiya took the role of the main Character instead of Aioria?! (When Saint Seiya was on his designing phase, Aioria was going to be the Main Character, but Kurumada decided for Seiya insetad).


Also it looks like that the Telepathy is like some form of Party Chat were everyone can enter and talk, Andreas Included, also how the Funk Andreas could see anything?!. Oh Well. Lets hope that the next Chapter is better anyway.

Also the Milo´s Death lacked the impact of the death of Aphrodite and Helena on the past Chapter, i guess the writers are a Hit and Miss in that regard.

Anyway my two cents. See ya next time!.