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Since this is the First time for this Series. Here comes a summary of you may have to known before starting.

Saint Seiya Soul of Gold is a Spinoff of the Anime of Saint Seiya, which is based on the manga of the same name, and its based on the 12 Gold Saints. But first a short summary of the two Story Arcs in which this Anime based its story.

Asgard Saga: An Original Anime Story Arc. Shortly after the fight of the sanctuary, this palce is attacked by the God Warriors, the warriors of Asgard, so now Seiya and his friends will have to fight Asgard and go to Vallhalla to confront their leader Hilda.

After some battles, they come to know that Hilda is being possesed by the Nibelung Ring, and the one possesing her might be Odin.

Some fights later, Seiya reachs Vallhalla, but Odin then talks to him and explains him that he needs to use the Balmung Sword and his armors (Odin´s Armor) in order to destroy the ring, since he is not the one possesing Hilda.

After the battle and the ring destroyed, They come to know that the one who give the ring to Hilda was none other than the Greeck Sea God, Poseidon, but thats another story.

Hades Saga: Shortly after the Battle against Poseidon on Atlantis. Seiya went back to the Sanctuary in order to repair his armor. But is blocked by the Specters, the soldiers of Hades, specifically, Aphrodite Pisces and Death Mask of Cancer. At the same time Shiryu and the others are being attacked by death Saints, now as Specters who has sworn loyalty to Hades.

In the sanctuary, and after the lackluster presentation of Pisces and Cancer, Gemini Saga, Capricorn Shura and Auarius Camus and the last official Patriarch Shion, now as Specters, are in a desperate run for the 12 Zodiac temples in order to reach Athena.

Some fights later, Athena receives a message from Shaka, Arashiki, that message made her took the decision of "kill herself" in order to fight Hades on his own territory. Also that the traitors Saints, weren´t traitors after all, just that they wanted to reach Athena and try to put Hades on a trap.

Hades also has activated his doom clock, the greatest Eclipse, in which all of the galaxy will tap all the light of the earth and the end of te world will come.

Seiya and the others, now with their armor restored thanks to Shion, go to the Underworld. Some fights later and Shun who now is Hades resurection but gets exorcised and some other things, Seiya and the rest of Athena´s Army come to know that the true Hades Body recides in the Elysium Fields and destroying Hades body he will be as good as dead, after the Underworld, but in order to get there they have to destroy the Wailling Wall, but the only ones who can do that are the Gold Saints, so now the 12 Gold Saints, whose souls are on the underworld anyway, use their armor for one last time in order to let Seiya and the others go to the Elysium Fields!.

And after that event, is when this story starts.

So Now withouth further ado. Lets get to the Chapter!.

Chapter 1.


The Chapter starts with the 12 Gold Saints sacrificing their lives in order to destroy the Wailling Wall and letting Seiya and the others to cross to the Elysium Fields and destroy Hades once and for all.

In Another place, shortlya fter that,a Confused Aioria awakens, he is confused and doesn´t know what is happening, he reachs a place guarded by some folks with a truly outdated weapons and cloths. But oh well.


In Another place this Nice girl is talking to the towns people asking them to join her revolution in order to dethrone the Asgard Leader, the townsfolk tell her that even if they wanted, how could they?!. They have weapons! (Truly old, but still!). After that the guardsd caught her an take her to prison.


In That Prison, she gets to know Aioria, which is in the same cell, oh well what could be wrong, am i right?!.

Anyway, Aioria comes to know that he is on Asgard, and decides to elave the place, cracking it down.

The this girl, and the soldiers start suspecting that he is an Athena´s Saint, a Gold Saint. Aioria comes out and see something that make his spin chill.


The Greatest Eclipse is still on the heavens, menacing the life of everything on the Earth. Aioria asks the girl of how long has the sun been like that and she says that maybe a week.

Then Aioria decides to go to the Sanctuary and see what he can do.

The Girl stops him and presents herself as...


Lyfia, and asks him to fight with her, to join her cause that she is Sure that Odin brought him to Asgard in order to help her.

Aioria is still dubbious, but thanks to the growling sound of Lyfia´s Tummy , they go to eat.


After the meal, which Lyfia eated it as it was no tomorrow. She comes to explaining him what happened. That the warriors Aioria fought earlier weren´t the God Warriors, the super duper ultra warriors of Asgard which Seiya and the others had to fight in the past.

At the same Time a true God Warrior of Asgard, Frodi, is telling them to the guards that how come they let escape a Girl and a some nobody person. Then the guards explain that that person could be an Athena´s Gold Saint.


Those word putted a smile on Frodi´s Face.

Back with Lyfia and Aioria, she explains him that Hilda has been the leader of Asgard , and the messenger of Odin, until she mysteriously fell Ill.


And Now a person called Mattias has come to replace her, this Mattas has given the Yggdrassil Tree, which shouldn´t grow on Asgard, but he with pretty lies has deceived the townsfolk.


She Suspects that he, alongside his Sven God Warriors try to have total control of Asgard.

Lyfia then asks Aioria to help her, that Asgard needs him.

Aioria then explains to her that on this very moment the Athena´s Army is fighting against Hades on th Underworld, and that he died in Battle, also show his confussion that why is he alive?, he isn´t a Ghost since he can feel the power, pain and taste the food he eat. But then why!?, why is he alive, and on Asgard?.


Lyfia with that understands and let Aioria be, she wishes him good luck and that she hopes that he makes good use of his new life. She also explains him that Hilda gave her the Mission to Destroy Yggdrasil and Andreas Scheme over Asgard. That she is the Savior of this land.

Aioria leaves. Lyfia is somewhat sad but, what can she do?.


Aiosia is on his way now, but he suddenly feels a strong Cosmo.

Lyfia was at the inn, but the Inn keeper told her to run, that Andreas guards have come for her, and they are not alone. Since The God Warrior Frodi is with them.


They capture her easily, and Frodi mocks the Saints that come, Lyfia defends Aioria and say tha he is not weak, nor a coward, but he has his own fight now. Frodi keeps mocking until...

Yep, you guessed it, Aioria comes to save the day!. Aioria has decided to help Lyfia, since it can´t take much time, i mean the past God Warriors were defeated by a bunch of Bronze Saints, so what can they do against a Gold one?.


So Now is time for his armor to come, and represent himself as Aioria Leo!!.


Frodi Presents himself as Frodi of Gullinbursti, also his sword has a name, which i won´t even try to write or say. :P.

It´s Fight time!. Both of them are neck to neck, but Frodi has a card under his sleave, his Sword can separate and attack from another point at the Frodi´s Will. The Sword is very fast, and Aioria punches, thata re faster than Light, cannot reach him, Why is that happening?!.


Frodi then explains that a God Warrior, on the land of Asgard and on the presence of Yggdrassil will become stronger. He also say that there is nothing wrong on having advantage, hey Home team and all.

Aioria is about to be defeated and some marks appears on his body. Frodi says that he suspected that, that Aioria was already death (Insert Fist of the north Star reference here).


That in Asgard there is the legend of the Einherjar, Death Warriors that come to life. and that Aioria is now one of them.

Suddenly the Aioria´s Memento of his Brother Aiolos, the Gold Saint of Sagitarius, start glowing and give him, and the others Resurected Gold Saints, a Message, that they need to go to Yggdrassil and find the rason why they have been resurected.


Aioria then remembers thelast time he talked to his Brother, when Aiolos tried to rescue some baby form a cruel destiny. The time when Aiolos died.

Aioria then says that his Brother always had been like that never saying the important things, that if he only would have said something he would have helped him that time!. And now he is doing it again. But he will do this mission, a mission so important to even sacrifice his own Soul.


Then His armor start Glowing and transforms!. Frodi doesn´t know what is happening, but Aioria with a single attack defeats him, although no killed him, after that the armor returns to its original form and Aioria fall unconscious.


Lyfia comes to him with a strange look, she grabs him and say something that God has been resurected. Frodi says that the person is there is not Lyfia, not anymore, the guard then take a wounded Frodi to a safe place.

Then "Evil Lyfia" looks at Aioros with a strange look on her face.

Credits rolls but is not the ending:P


Arius Mu is also at Asgard, he is walking but he hears some feet, he covers himself and watch that another God Warrior is near.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Good Chapter all around!, it was somewhat slow, but still it cimented the bases for this series quite well, also the fights are a litle more agil this time, since a Saint Seiya at worst can become a Pokémon fight.


In short, a solid chapter with some litle nuisances, like the slow it may becomes, but still the thing is Looking good.

Anyway, my two cents. So see you next time!