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Chapter 9: A Spiral of Conflict! The Golden Apple and Orion´s Devotion

The chapter starts with a quick recap of the events that happened in the past. Still, there is one thing certain, Eris temple is moving. Mu wonders what is Eris planning, he soon connect the dots and is able to realize that what Eris wants is to crash her Temple against Athena! The collision will not only destroy both places, but any area surrounding them!

Meanwhile Aldebaran is destroying the Dryads thata re trying to enter Sanctuary. After such things, Mu and Aldebaran start talking; Shaka joins them, he is guarding the bodies of the deceased Gold Saints. In any case, the Virgo Gold Saint tells their peers that Eris still hasn´t fully awakened as a complete Goddess yet, although the same thing can be said about Athena…So on this fight both girls will most likely awaken as true divinities…


Meanwhile… Saori´s soul is resting, there she finds a (naked) Eris, who start telling her what she told her the last time they meet, that Athena´s presence on Earth is not blessing, but a curse, because it’s a sign that a lot of evil deities will come and attack the Earth. Still Saori won´t budge, although she accepts that Kyoko is no more, just Eris pretending to be her…


Still Eris is ready to go to war, and even mocks her that she prays for peace, but her soldiers fight and spill blood for her! And even more, the more her warriors fight, the stronger she gets! Such thing is funny to Eris who is ready to eliminate her at any given time.


In another part, Aioria is fighting Evil Saga, it is said that when 2 Gold Saints fight each other a 1000 days battle is held, since their power are so equal. Saga then tells the Leo Gold Saint that this is not the case, his powers are actually bigger than when he was a Gold Saint! Saga then forces his hand and do the Galaxian Explosion! Damaging Aioria, letting him barely alive; The evil Saga says that he didn´t used all of his power…

Saga grabs Aioria and tells him that there is a way he can be of help to him to when he conquers the world; becoming food for him, he will absorb all his powers… Roots start capturing the Leo Gold Saint; still Aiori won´t give up! Saga then decides to attack him again! 


Back at Eris temple, Xiaoling is running until she got captured. There the 5th Saintia, Cassiopeia Erda, comes in her bike… She rescue her and the Ursa Minor Saintia is happy that she is Ok, she thought she was dead. Erda says to don´t sweat it, better she would tell her where Athena is! Which Xiaoling will do happily.


In another part, Katya has come to help Mii, both girls will go where Athena is.

Meanwhile Shoko has reached the door, there Orion Rigel is awaiting for her…


The Equuleus Saintia is able to recognize Rigel, as the man who wanted to protect her Sister, someone who actually loved her…Shoko ask him why he joined Eris? What is his deal with her Sister? Rigel says that he has his own reasons, he is not on the side of Eris, but Kyoko and now that both are one and the same… This is his resolution. Rigel attacks Shoko! The Equuleus Saintia can feel the sadness in Rigel, still she won´t back down! She is ready to give her life for Athena!

The conversation is interrupted by Mayura who, wherever she is, gives courage to give her life, but not to die, to cling to life and keep advancing! Shoko is ready and starts attacking Rigel! The power of both warriors collide and The Equuleus Saintia hurts the Orion one!, Rigel smiles, even if he is sad of his fate he feels that maybe Shoko can do what he is not able to do, to bring back Kyoko or to make her rest in peace.


The door is open and she finds Eris, holding Athena´s head. The last battle is about to begin.


In another part, Saga has discovered that someone came and saved the Leo Gold Saint, Scorpio Milo. Two Gold Saints will face the former Gemini one!

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A very good chapter! It changed some of the things from the manga, but it ultimately was able to have a good landing independent if it went its own way rather than following the route of its source material


First, we finally had a proper (more or less) apparition of Erda! And… It´s something, not much, but at this point of the game its going to be the only thing we will get from her, no fighting or to get to actually know her, just a cameo or an extra that will be filling the background, and I can live with that since the manga exist and that is the place where she has a proper participation.

Now the fight between Saga and Aioria was actually good! I liked it a lot, but the big surprise was the one between Rigen and Shoko, this doesn´t exist in the manga, but it was good! And a good way to replace the fight that Shoko had that should have appeared in the past chapter! So props to that!


Also that fan service scene was… Was something, Im not complaining though, but it just show that Araki style does nothing for me, if it would have been one more a kin to the manga, I think the effect would have been opposite, but its just that in such regard. Now, the whole aura of that scene was one of dread, truly props to the director and MAO´s voice as Eris, they did an excellent job!

Also it seems that the next chapter will be the last one, so we are near the end! But I strongly suggest you to get the manga…It is better.


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Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!

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