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Chapter 8: A clash of nightmares! The fist of leo flare up

The chapter starts exactly were the past one left off, Eris has caught Saori´s soul. Before making them leave, he Goddess of strife tells the Equuleus Saintia some words in her ears. After that, Shoko, Milo and Saori where transported at the outskirts of Eris temple.

Milo can feel the presence of the evil god inside, but also another powerful being in there… He will go, Shoko says that she willa company him, but Milo refuses, he says that a Saintia´s duty is stay near Athena, so she must protect her until she wakes up.


Meanwhile Eris, she is alongside Rigel, she is seeing Athena´s soul in the apple and wonders if Athena can feel what she elt when her soul got trapped in that damn apple! Suddenly Pavo Mayura appears, she is angry that Eris took the body of the daughter of her best friend Olivia. Rigel and Mayura starts fighting, the Pavo Silver Saint is disappointed that the Orion Silver Saint has decided to join the enemy. The fight continues and Mayura is having the edge in the fight. Eris decide to interfere by saying (in an obvious bad acting way) that they shouldn´t fight for her, that kind of act pissed of the Pavo Saint who tried to attack her, but her power is not able to touch a Goddes. There fore Eris moves her away…


She tells Rigel that there are other Saints in the temple already, so it´s time for her children to come out and fight!


Back with Shoko, she is guarding Athena until The Dryad Ate has come, she is here to take her head!

Meanwhile at the Sanctuary, the Dryads have started invading sanctuary, they want to use the graves of the deceased Saints. Luckily the Bronze Saints are in there, Unicorn Jabu and his team are on watch and won´t let the enemy accomplish their objective!


In another part of Eris temple, Aioria is defeating as many enemies there are inside, violently making his way towards Eris until he reaches the room where the roots of that evil tree are. The Leo Gold Saint enters and finds a figure known to him, Sagittarius Aioros, who attacks him.


Mii wakes up in a strange garden, the figures of child toys and pastry colors within a gloomy background appears in front of her. Suddenly a giant teddy bear start talking to her and attacks the Saintia! Mii knows who is her enemy now, Malice Emony! The Dryad that she faced some time ago!

The Dryad looks grown up, she has received more power from her Mother and her desire now is vengeance against that Dolphin Maid that defeated her! The battle is hard for Mii and Emony mocks her by saying that Athena is useless and must not really care about her people. Still Mii remembers her time with Saori and how basically both of them grew together, so she know her heart and how much she cares for everyone! So she will not let her spew that kind of nonsense!


Raising her cosmo, Mii is able to defeat a second time the Dryad! Still, she falls unconscious. 


Back with the Leo Gold Saint, he knows the enemy in front of him is not the real Aioros so he attacks him, still he is not able to damage it since the form of his brother still weakens the force he can put upon.

Both warriors fight and the clash breaks the illusion! There the Leo Gold Saint finds the true culprit, his eyes wide open and see that such person is… Gemini Saga.


Aioria can´t believe what he see and soon realize that what Eris resurrected is not the complete Saga, but rather just the evil part that was eliminated by the light of Athena´s shield. Saga says that yes, he was resurrected, but he is not Eris ally, he just wants to destroy everyone and rule this world!


Both combatants start fighting each other.

Meanwhile Shoko, she is fighting Ate, but her attacks doesn´t make a dent on the Dryad who attacks her! The Equuleus Saintia is protected by the crystal wall of Aries Mu who demands answers from Ate, by receiving none he quickly eliminates the Dryad.


Shoko is thankful to Mu, but she tells the Aries Gold Saint that she has to go. She tells what Eris told her, that only her can defeat her… Believing such thing and knowing about Shoko´s sad destiny, he left the Equuleus Saintia go to the temple, where she starts fighting her way through Kyoko and Eris now fused on a single being.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A very Okayish chapter, almost getting into meh territory. It was heavily changed than how it was in the manga, and I don´t think it was for the better. Don´t take me wrong, some changes were good, like the fight between Mayura and Rigel; but beyond that, these changes were for the worse.


Mii´s fight was sort of Ok, but its nothing compared to the source material,e specially because this was a pivotal moment for her since it got her deserved character development and let us understand Emony´s reasons on why she is the way she is. Such finner details were reduced, if not omitted completely.

The same could be said about Shoko´s fight were her fight against Mania (another Dryad different from Ate) was completely cut, severing her moment to shine on this arc and just leaved the impression that indeed she can´t do nothing and is pretty much useless.


In a similar topic, I know that this arc is very gold centered, especially on Milo and Aioria, to the point were in moments it feels like the Saintias are put as the side dish instead of the focal point; now on the anime, this effect has been quite increased to the point where it felt like Soul of Gold chapter at times, and even more because the budget was quite low on this chapter, every scene was very badly drawn plus the cheap animation that the anime has been facing since the beginning makes it a hard pillow to swallow.

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