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Chapter 7: The battle of the twelve temples! The allurement of the terrifying ghost


Saori´s life is in danger, the arrow has entered her body and Seiya and the others have 12 hours to cross the 12 zodiac temples and save her. Shoko can feel that, due to her nature of being born as the natural vessel for the evil goddess, the ghost is entering her and are giving her hindsight of things that happened and are happening right now. She gives the information to her team mates, and they are concerned about her, they try to relax her by saying that Seiya and the others are with her, so she will be fine… Still the invasion of spirits in her body has made her unable to move or do anything, she can only witness what the ghost try to tell her.

Various years ago, Shion, the patriarch and a veteran of the past holy war, is at the end of his life, he has summoned two Gold Saints: Sagittarius Aioros and Gemini Saga, he has look on both of them as suitable to be the next Grand Master. He explains them that Athena has been reborn again and that is a sign that evil deities will come and try to destroy this planet. Still, he is too old so he wants a new Patriarch.


He has chosen Sagittarius Aioros, he will be the new Patriarch and commends Gemini Saga to be his right hand, he knows that if both of them work together they will not only protect Athena, but will bring a world of peace. Both Gold Saints accepts the task given to them.

Later that day, Saga went to see the Grand Master, he has come as far as go to Star Hill where the study of the Patriarch is… Saga wants to know why he choose Aioros and not him? He has more fame and is veneered even as a god for his benevolence! Shion knows all of that and knows that Saga has good fame, still he has always felt there is a strong darkness dwelling inside of him, and for that reason he knows he can´t be the Patriarch.

Saga smiles with malevolence and his hair start changing, he quickly kills the Grand Master and says that from now on he will be the Patriarch! No, not only that, he will be the new god of this planet!


Back in the present, the Bronze Saints are struggling against the Gold Saints who guard the Zodiac temples. Aries Mu repaired their armors; Seiya had to pass the test set by Taurus Aldebaran; the group passed the illusions on the Gemini temple; Shiryu killed Cancer Death Mask; Seiya fought against Leo Aioria and until the blood sacrifice was made he was able to snap out of the hypnosis that the Gold Saint had; Phoenix Ikki faced Virgo Shaka rescuing his brother, he made the ultimate sacrifice by getting the Gold Saint himself on the heaven treasures and passing the different hells; Shiryu and Shun find Hyoga frozen on Ice on the Libra house, the culprit was Aquarius Camus, Shiryu sets him free by using the Libra Gold armor and Shun restores him (in a homoerotic way) with his cosmo; Hyoga faces Scorpio Milo and is able to defeat him and gain the respect of the Gold Saint; The Bronze Saints find the message that Sagittarius Aioros left on his temple commending them to save Athena; Shiryu faces Capricorn Shura and he is able to attain the 7th sense killing Aioro´s murderer, at the cost of being more dead than alive for the Bronze Saint; Hyoga faces his master Aquarius Camus on an emotional battle were the Cygnus Saint attained the 7th sense and kills his master, still he is about to die; Shun face Pisces Aphrodite and is able to kill him at the cost of his life.

Shoko was able to see all of that, now Seiya is in the Patriarch´s chamber and is almost dead, his senses has been erased, even the help of Phoenix Ikki wasn´t enough to defeat the Gemini gold Saint. The Grand Master´s imposter is about to kill the Pegasus Saint.


Saga´s attempt to kill him are blocked by the voice of the good side of Saga, Shoko can’t believe what she is seeing and shares the sentiment of the good side of the Patriarch. That thing give enough time to Seiya to get up again and even if his senses no longer exist, he is able to attain the 7th sense and reach the ultimate cosmo! He uses his technique and defeats the Gold Saint! Still his mission is not done and Saga is not dead yet. Seiya runs towards the shield and grabs it, the light will purify Athena and will make her free of the arrow!

Seiya rises the shield and it´s light showers the whole body of Athena, but also Saga´s who can feel how something is getting out of his body, a great evil raises from within the Patriarch and reaches to the sky. Seiya has made it, no, not only him, but the Bronze Saints were able to make a miracle and save Athena!


Saori wakes up and all the living Saints recognize her as the true Athena, the Saint army will give their life for her! Athena is happy, but the pain the bronze saints and the dead of the Gold ones pains her… She starts running, Mu tell his comrades to let her go, this life from now on will be filled with battles and cruel moments, so this time, let her be a normal girl… Saori has reached the temple of Athena after the Patriarch chambers.


There, she finds Saga, he is happy to see that she is fine, still there is one thing he must do, he takes his own life as punishment for his own sins, he knows he is beyond forgiveness, but at the very least he wants Athena to know that deep down he just wanted to do good… Saori understands and let Saga die on her arms, she says that she knows that the real Saga was a man of good and start crying his death and all the other sacrifices made on this bloody battle.

At the same time Shoko has come back to her senses and says the news that Saori is saved; still the ghost are starting to act weird, Mayura calls the Saintias and tells them to go away, their work is done and she can´t protect them anymore…


Our heroines were about to leave until Shoko starts hearing a familiar voice, the voice of her Sister; Mayura says to don´t listen to it, it must be a ghost imitating her Sister. Suddenly the weeds caught Shoko and transport her to a paradisiac eden, a huge tree in a beautiful garden.

There… A familiar face was awaiting for her, Kyoko…

The dawn has come, the Sagittarius armor is pointing its arrow to the horizon, a bad omen, the gold saints know that even if the battle for the Sanctuary is finished, a new battle is coming, the evil deity is returning, was never killed and now is back.


Athena appears and the Gold Saints tell her that she must rest, still she says that her Saintias will fight this battle and she needs to join them. Being that the case, the Gold Saints say that they will accompany her, she is not alone anymore, she not only have Seiya and the Bronze Saints, or the Saintias, she has the whole army of Saints and the Gold Saints are ready to give their life for her… Saori is happy to know that.

Back with Shoko, Kyoko is telling her that she wants to make a picnic with her, she even has brought lots of her favorite food. Shoko doesn´t know what is happening, but Kyoko explains her that she is her dear little sister and she wants to protect her from the massacre that will happen in earth, she can live happy here in eden, alongside Kyoko… Living as sisters and filled with happy and precious moments.


Shoko doesn´t know how to react, but she is sure of something…She is a Saintia, one of Athena´s warrior, Equuleus Shoko!

Athena appears accompanied by Scorpio Milo, Athena explains that Kyoko´s soul has been completely possessed by Eris and has twisted her desire! Kyoko says that is not the case, she just has been free, she is free and happy to do what she wants, and as the new Goddess of discord, she wants to endorse the desire of the people, and that is one filled with fight and violence, she is her goddess and she enjoys viewing confrontations…

Scorpio has enough of that diatribe and ask Athnea for her permission to Attack! Shoko doesn´t wait and attacks Eris!


None of her punches reached the target, Shoko can´t hurt her sister… Still she has made her choice and now she will do her move. She attacks Athena with a golden apple that goes through her, Athena afalls unconscious and then again, her life is in danger… Shoko orders her to stop what she is doing and bring Saori back! Kyoko says that is impossible for her, but she can go were she is now… On this new battle.

In the sky, Eris temple rises, the war against the Goddes of strife has, once again, started.


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A very good chapter! After the infuriating mess that was the chapter 6, this chapter actually delivered in big proportions! While the lack of Erda (and explaining the character) are still missing and it just convinced me that she is going to be a glorified extra at this point in the anime, that is more of a problem with the anime in general and not so much from this chapter in particular.


This chapter gave a lot of powerful images that mixed with the soundtrack hit the right tone, from the whole past of Saga and how he became the Patriarch´s imposter which was amazingly well; the recap of the whole 12 temples battle was quick just as expected, still the fight against Saga was quite well done, following the scene with Saori and the whole suicide of Saga.

The second half didn’t disappointed either and was a perfect introduction of the third story arc and the last one this anime will visit so lets hope the things get quite good since they still have 3 chapters to fill!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!