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Chapter 5: Fly! Like Pegasus


Shoko is about to leave the hospitalized, she can hear in the radio the announcement of the upcoming tournament “Galaxian Wars” were the Saints “humans resurrected from the mythical gladiators from Rome” will fight. Still, Shoko remembers the time when Saori and Mii came to visit. They brought flowers and Saori tells her and Kyoko, they were able to defeat Eris once and for all, she will not be coming back; so she must not be sad because the world is safer now… Still, she does not want that the little sister of her dear Saintia and friend be exposed to more danger since a new battle is about to come for her… Therefore she is no longer needed, Shoko will not be a Saint or Saintia, she will keep on living as a normal girl.

Shoko feels depressed and useless, she feels she has failed in both saving her Sister and following her last wish of keep protecting Saori as a Saintia.

Shoko she has returned home and she finds that there are some visitors, she finds out that Mayura´s students are here, they have come to retrieve the Equuleus armor; Shoko gives it to them and they can see that it is heavily damaged, they even say that this damage is too much, the armor is a living being and can heal itself from little cracks, but this is too much!


In any case they take it and leave. Shoko can feel sadness and despair inside her and start crying by the reality that just like her Sister´s life, the end of her life as a Saintia has come to an end so she starts crying in the arms of her Father. 

Meanwhile Athena, she is ready for the upcoming Galaxian Wars, the majority of the participants are here, already, still Mii has some doubts about this plan. Athena says that this is their only chance… The plan is simple, due that a Saint can´t fight for personal reasons inviting Bronze Saints towards personal glory in the form of the Sagittarius armor is absolutely against the rules; so this Galaxian Wars is a charade, a trap to lure the enemy inside the Sanctuary and make present its face. Suddenly they can hear Tatsumi crying, so both girls go to check if he is ok!


There they find a little chinese girl, Xiaolin, she is taking care of the scary guy! It is not until both Mii and Athena explain who he is, Xiaolin apologizes and presents herself. She is Xiaolin, the Ursa Minor Saintia and she is here to protect Athena! So she can rest easy now!

Meanwhile at the Sanctuary, The Patriarch has summoned 2 Silver Saints. Scutum Ewan and Crux Australis Georg, they have the mission to go to Japan and face the person who is doing this “Galaxian Wars” thing, that is making the Saints to fight for personal reasons! Plus that person, Saori Kido, is calling herself Athena!


The Patriarch tells them that they will not go alone, he has someone to accompany them… A Saintia who works directly from Athena herself, Corona Borealis Katya has appeared and she can confirm that the woman called Saori Kido is just a rich brat that is deceiving everyone by calling herself Athena, so they must go and finish her wicked act once and for all! The Saints from the sanctuary leaves in order to fulfill their mission, then a looming shadow appears, Pisces Aphrodite the Gold Saint and the last temple before the Patriarch´s chamber! He says that he could take care of this business swiftly, but the Grand Master tells him to wait until his part comes.

Back with Shoko, she is walking the streets without any direction, she can´t stop feeling sad about what is happening to her, she see the memento of her Sister when a huge vehicle comes making a huge wind that takes it away, she was about to loose such object until a manly hand takes it and saves it… That mans ays that this is a Pegasus, just like his guardian constellation! That man is Seiya, or rather, Pegasus Seiya!


Seiya gives her the necklace and Shoko starts crying, Seiya gets worried and ask her if everything is alright, which she says that yes, she was just, it was nothing…

Shoko tells him about her Sister, and after hearing the story, the Pegasus Saint then tells her that he is also fighting in order to find his own Sister, Seika, that is the reason he is fighting in the Galaxian Wars tournament, for the little chance he can get that maybe her Sister might watch him on Television; whatever the case, he says that both of them must keep going forward and keep fighting so one day they can see again that beloved being theya re searching! Plus if they salck off or give up, their Sisters might laugh at them! Saying that Seiya leaves towards the Kido mansion. Shoko sees him going away and wish the best for the Pegasus Saint in the Galaxian Wars.


It´s the first fight of Seiya, he is fighting Bear Geki and the Bear Saint is holding him tight! There is not much what Seiya can do to release himself from such embrace! Shoko is looking excited and concerned about Seiya´s wellbeing, still the Pegasus Saint is able to free himself from such embrace!

The phone rings and is Rumi, she tells Shoko that she has 2 tickets for the Galaxian Wars, so she should come with her! Obviously our protagonist accept such offering and the next day she is waiting to enter the coliseum alongside her friend!


They see the fight between Pegasus Seiya and Dragon Shiryu, the battle is intense due that Shiryu has a powerful fist and his armor has a shield that protects him; still the Pegasus Saint uses his head, literally, to trick the opponent and making the Dragon one destroy himself the shield and hurt his hand at the same time!

Still Seiya is about to get unconscious, Rumi says that for acting this show is too violent! Shoko corrects her and tells her that this is not acted, this is a real fight! One were the combatants are putting their life on the line! Rumi apologizes, but Shoko is focused on Seiya, that he must get up!


The Pegasus Saint gets up and prepares his technique! The Pegasus Meteor fist! While doing it, Shoko can feel the passion coming from him. In the end, Seiya is victorious, but just like his rival, very wounded from the fight.

The fight ends and Rumi is remembering the last part, when Seiya was taken to the hospital, were Shoko yells at him and tells him that she won´t give up either! Rumi says that Shoko is so bold, and maybe her heart has been taken by the Pegasus Saint? Shoko doesn´t put too much attention to such things and just keeps walking.

Back at the coliseum, Xiaoling and Mii are waiting for Athena so all of them can depart, the next day there will be more fights. Suddenly an ominous presence appears. 


Katya has appeared and she has come to kill the false Athena! Mii and Xiaoling can´t believe what they see and hear! Katya was the role model for a Saintia back at the Saint Academy! And now she is spewing such words?! Katya says that she is no longer the dumb girl she was back in that brainwashing center known as the Saint Academy, she has seen the light and a noble cosmo coming from the Patriarch in the Sanctuary, and for him she will kill the fake Athena!

Mii and Xiaoling puts their armor and are ready to fight her” Xiaoling attacks first with her technique, but Katya quickly protects herself from such technique while saying that unlike her words, her cosmo is full of doubts. The Corona Borealis Saintia uses her technique and freeze Xiaoling! After that she does similar things to both Saori and Mii, she mocks Saori by saying that if she was really Athena, she would have free herself already with her holy cosmo.


Meanwhile Shoko has detected the light coming from the coliseum and she can feel something in there, she apologizes with Rumi and tells her to go back by herself since she has something to do and starts running towards the place! 

Shoko has reached the place and she is ready to fight that person that is harming her comrades! Katya attacks her, but the burning cosmo of Shoko is melting the ice! Shoko has decided to keep going forward and keep helping Saori as a Saintia! She start using the same movements that Seiya did earlier in the day and uses her technique! The Equuleus Meteor fist!


Katya can recognize the movement and say that she must be Kyoko´s sister! The punches are able to hit the Corona Borealis Saintia and hurts her!

Suddenly new enemies appears, Ewan and Georg; Katya yells at them saying that she told them to not to interfere! Ewan says that he was already bored, plus he didn´t wanted to keep seeing some kittens fighting, Georg just says that he was getting hungry. Mii can recognize them as Silver Saints, the ones bellow the Gold Saints, and there is no way they can defeat them right now!

Ewan uses his technique, but something makes our heroines disappear!


Shoko, Mii, Saori and Xiaoling appear in the middle of the forest, Mirai and Shinato are in there, they explain that Mayura teleported them and now she is going to fight the invaders at the coliseum; Shoko is happy to hear that her master saved them. Still Saori is concerned that Mayura is in a wheelchair, so she must be in danger! Shinato corrects her and tells her that she must not worry, Mayura sealed her senses in order to harvest her cosmo, for the time she must act.

Back at the coliseum, Mayura see the 3 invaders and calls them hatchlings that have gone too far from the nest they were in. Georg recognizes her as Mayura, the female Saint most powerful at the Sanctuary, who recently decided to disappear… The Pavo Saint start insulting Katya as a disgrace, and one who hides behind a man!

The Silver Saints tells Mayura to knock it off! And if she wants to prove something let her cosmo and fist do the technique! Mayura says that there are no genres in scum, everyone is the same… Georg makes a strategy, Ewan will attack while Georg makes his technique, they aren´t aiming to defeat Pavo Mayura, but to buy time so Katya can escape! Mayura says that they won´t be able to do anything and uses her technique!


With a single attack she has defeated the invaders from the Sanctuary.

In Sanctuary, the Grand Master is taking a bath, he has already a plan in motion, to finally kill that wretched girl! Athena! He is a traitor to the Sanctuary and has decided to get rid of that pest in order to him to become a new divinity! Suddenly a voice inside his head start talking to him, that his charade won´t last and soon Athena will come and put judgement to him, in the stars, as a Patriarch he can read them, there it is already written the sign of his defeat. The Grand Master is able to see the Pegasus constellation, but no matter he says that he will crush those starts too!


Back with Shoko and the others, Mirai and Shinato are impressed to know that Saori Kido is actually Athena! They tough that Athena was at the Sanctuary praying 24/7. So if they, who aren´t Saints, believed that…Then the Saints, must be even more oblivious of such fact, so Saori must convince a lot of people. Shoko says that it won´t be big deal when they feel Saori´s cosmo they will understand she is Athena!

Suddenly everyone is falling asleep, Shoko can detect a sweet aroma, like roses…She then see a warrior in gold, Pisces Aphrodite, he has come to retrieve Athena, calling her by that name… He will took her to Sanctuary and can´t do much to protect her…


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

An Amazing chapter! While it was rushed in stuff like all the other chapters, this time around, they knew the key parts of every chapter and used them in a good way, making a compelling chapter that puts up every key scene and develops it in a very good way.


For starters we had Shoko with depression due to the fact that she has lost her Sister, being a Saintia and her training, and yeah, she was just a Saintia for a short time, but still it was the legacy of her now gone Sister, so obviously a lot of huge hits to her made her feel depressed and useless, that is until she got to know the Pegasus Saint, Seiya, who helped her in realizing that maybe being a little obnoxious towards your goal can help you and do something…I mean Seiya is fighting for her Sister, and he has faith that both he and Shoko will finally meet with their respective sibling if the keep going forward.

Next we have the whole deal with Seiya, which it was a good trip to memory lane towards the fights that Seiya had at the Galaxian Wars tournament, which was amazing, plus hearing a new version of Pegasus Ryuseiken was amazing and made me hyped about what was happening on the screen!

Now Katya…Man she was so freaking beautiful in almost every shot she was! I mean she is not my favorite Saintia (that title goes to Erda, which she still hasn´t appeared yet) , but one thing is certain in ehre and the manga… She is someone extremely attractive. Now, I liked how well she was represented in such a short time, although I would have liked to see her talking with Ewan and Georg, since it makes us see how the Saints see the things (Like just a job, they are dedicated to the sanctuary, but is still a job so when they can they do some tourism in the country they are going) and how is the point of view with the Saintias (more uptight, just go and do the job, then leave), plus some form of respect/ friendship they got. Especially because in the manga the Silver Saints were prepared to give their life if that meant protecting Katya from any danger…Especially Mayura.


We also got Xiaolin, and she was cool, she is fun to see.

Finally. Even if the anime is rushed, if they go this route with the upcoming chapters, focusing and giving proper time to the key scenes, this will be an amazing ride!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!